• Aneta Corsaut was an American writer and TV actress
• She was one of the pioneers of method acting in America
• She starred in The Andy Griffith Show, The Blob, and other iconic films
• She made around $3 million throughout her career
• She passed away in 1995 due to cancer


Aneta Corsaut was a well-known American writer and TV actress, who is most famous for playing in “The Andy Griffith Show” as Helen Crump. She was one of the pioneers of method acting in America.

Aneta Corsaut Age, Early Life, Education Background

Aneta was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign on 3 November 1933 in Hutchinson, Kansas, to Opal J. (widely known as nee Swarens) Corsaut and Jesse Harrison.

Corsaut was driven by her intense passion for acting to join Northwestern University, Illinois where she majored in drama, and studied acting with one of the most famous American method acting founders, Lee Strasberg. Aneta dropped out during her junior year to start her career as a professional actor; she had gained enough formal training and was fully prepared to start featuring in TV programs. However, she maintained her urge to earn a degree, which drove her to take courses at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

 Aneta’s Professional Career and Rise to Stardom

1955 marked Aneta’s official debut in her career, when she was selected to guest-star in two TV shows: “Robert Montgomery Presents” (1955) which was an R. Montgomery-hosted drama series, and “Producers’ Showcase,” a live program that aired from 1954.

Later that year she made a movie appearance together with Steve McQueen (this was his debut film) in “The Blob”, which was reputedly one of the best sci-fi horror movies produced in the 50s – they acted as lovers in the movie.

The movie, which was directed by Irvin Yeaworth, came in as a mega success having been produced on a $110,000 budget and earned $ 4 million – she featured as Jane Martin. According to Suzanne Murdico’s book “Meet the Blob,” the two actors were dating in real life before they played their roles in the film. Corsaut’s next appearance was the most significant in her career, in the role of Helen Crump” in the renowned American situation comedy “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Her character was that of a school teacher, the girlfriend of the show’s starring Sheriff Andy Taylor; she appeared in 65 episodes (1963-1968.) She would later feature in the drama series, “Emergency!” (1974-1975) and many more others.

Besides her heroine role in “The Blob,” Corsaut regrettably did not feature in a lot of feature films, however, she had roles in some of the most iconic movies ever created, such as “The Toolbox Murders” (1978), “A Rage to Live” (1965), “Blazing Saddles” (1974) and an uncredited appearance in “Good Neighbor Sam” (1964).

Aneta Corsaut

In addition, she has made an appearance in many TV shows, such as 1968’s “Adam-12,” “The Blue Knight” of 1975, 1979’s “House Calls,” “The General Hospital” of 1963, and “Matlock” in 1986 – her last appearance – and a dozen other guest appearances. Interesting fact: Aneta and Ken Berry, the “Mayberry RFD” star, share the same birthday (3 November 1933). During her career, she returned to her role as Helen Crump twice in reunion shows, one of which was 1986’s “Return to Mayberry.”

Over her career as a writer, she will be remembered for co-authoring the “Mystery Reader’s Quiz Book”

Aneta Corsaut Personal Life, Husband, and Children

There is no information about Corsaut’s husband or children; she may not have been married. There were some rumors that she had a romantic relationship with Andy Griffith, documented in the book “The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American Show” by Daniel de Vise, but the actor was married when the show was shot.

Aneta Corsaut Net Worth

Aneta made her living largely as an actress, plus as a co-author.

Her profession earned her about $3 million before she passed away.

Aneta’s Body Measurements and Features

Aneta was an American-born artist and writer of the white ethnicity. She was 5ft 5ins tall (165cm) and weighed around 120lbs (55kgs). Other body measurements, such as her shoe and dress size, have not been shared on the internet. She had auburn hair.

Aneta Corsaut’s Death

Corsaut was diagnosed with cancer which she battled in her later years; she sadly succumbed to the illness on 6 November 1995, in Studio City, California, three days after she celebrated her 62nd birthday.

She was laid to rest in Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood. She will always be remembered for her crucial roles such as Helen Crump. Corsaut’s death was a tragedy for the cinema world -she is listed as one of the most talented serial actors in history, with her role in “The Andy Griffith Show” being ranked as one of the most skillful impersonations of all time. She didn’t have the privilege of learning the joys of married life and motherhood, but was a relentless super-skilled actress of impeccable beauty, charisma, and charm.

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