• Sue Kalergi is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer, born on 7 March 1993 in California, USA.
• She is best known as The Sphere Hunter and sometimes as Sue Lightning, for her gaming videos and reviews.
• She is a former trans pornstar who retired from the porn industry in 2017.
• She has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.
• She has criticized censorship and disregard of trans characters in video games and media.


Sue Kalergi is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer, born on 7 March 1993 in California, USA. As The Sphere Hunter – also sometimes as Sue Lightning – she’s known on the internet for her gaming videos and reviews. She is currently 27 years old.

Early Life

Details about Suzi The Sphere Hunter’s education and hobbies are unknown. though she’s. The identity of Suzi’s family hasn’t been disclosed, as well as information about her childhood.



Suzi The Sphere Hunter started her YouTube channel in February 2016. However, she apparently deleted her earliest content, so the first video found on her channel “Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age A Good Remaster?” dates back to September 2017.

Although at first she focused on posting content related to “Final Fantasy”, she slowly added more variety to her channel, and uploaded videos of other video games such as “Resident Evil”, “Parasite Eve” and “Devil May Cry”,

In June 2019 she attended E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), where various people told her she looked like Motoko Kusanagi, the protagonist of the video game “Ghost in the Shell”. She later posted a video of the event, commenting her experience on it.

In only three years Suzi’s channel has steadily grown, gaining over 280,000 subscribers and millions of views.


Suzi The Sphere Hunter also has over 270,000 views on her Twitch channel, on which she often streams video game plays.

Personal Life

Is The Sphere Hunter Trans?

Although Suzi The Sphere Hunter doesn’t talk about her personal life on her YouTube channel, it’s a known fact that she is Sue Lightning, a former trans pornstar.

Suzi opened up about her past in a live stream, stating the reason that she left the porn industry was because she wasn’t comfortable working in it anymore. She also confessed that her involvement with a man named Cristian – who was allegedly also involved in the porn industry – was a drain on her self confidence, as he often told her she wasn’t ‘good for anything’.

The reason which led Sue Lightning to enter the porn industry is unknown, though it’s rumored she was in a relationship with Natalie Mars, who allegedly convinced Sue to become an actress in adult movies.

Suzi has confessed that she wasn’t happy in that industry and is more comfortable with her YouTube channel, posting videos of her passion for video games instead: ‘it feels great not having to get naked to get money’. She officially retired from the porn industry in 2017.

Controversy – Anthony Cumia

In 2018 various pictures of Suzi The Sphere Hunter – at the time still known as Sue Lightning – in Anthony Cumia’s house while holding one of his guns was posted on the internet.

This caused an uproar as people speculated that the pair was romantically involved. At first Cumia denied he knew Sue, though he later contradicted his words, admitting that Sue visited his house, but insisting that he and Sue were only friends on Twitter: ‘Sue was really fun and a good person to hang out with.’ he affirmed, also discarding the speculation that he had a sexual relationship with Sue.

Cumia is a former radio MC and comedian, who rose to fame with the show “Opie and Anthony”. He has faced various controversies regarding his political views and allegedly racist Tweets.

The Sphere Hunter

Net Worth

Suzi The Sphere Hunter has an estimated net worth of around $1 million, which is a result of her work as a YouTube and Twitch content creator, including sponsorships resulting from it.

Physical Appearance

Suzi The Sphere Hunter often dyes her hair black and styles it shoulder length. She weighs approximately 145lbs (65kgs) and is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall.

Interesting Facts

Although the caption of her videos often shows a fanart of her instead of her real picture, she has revealed her face several times. She often posts pictures on her Instagram account as well.

Suzi The Sphere Hunter has cosplayed various video games characters. However, she has confessed that she doesn’t dress-up as often as she would like, as it’s very expensive to buy custom-made outfits, and it takes too long to make those clothes herself.

Although she likes horror-themed video games, she doesn’t like “Slenderman” and prefers survival-type stories.

As a kid, she liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers video for the song “Califonication”, as she commented on a Tweet: ‘I used to get excited as a kid when this video played on MTV because I thought it was going to be a real videogame.’

It’s rumored that Anthony Cumia paid for her breasts implants.

The Art on Suzi The Sphere Hunter’s media accounts and channels is made by the artist DrossDrawings on Twitter.

Suzi currently has a Patreon page, on which her fans can subscribe to obtain special rewards of her content.

The artist Jessica Luna and Suzi have released two packs of collectible stickers. The illustrator has also made various fanarts of Suzi.

Suzi has criticized the censorship and the disregard of trans characters in video games and media. On a Tweet, she answered a fan’s comment regarding this issue while picturing a future setting similar to a futuristic game: ‘I imagine being a trans person in 2077 would probably mean next to nothing when people are walking around with chainsaw arms and big bug eyes.’

Although Suzi is relatively active on her Instagram account, she has deactivated the comments on her posts.

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