• Nathan Schwandt is an Instagram model and entrepreneur
• His early life and family background is largely unknown
• He met Jeffree Star online in 2015 and the two went on to create Jeffree Star Cosmetics
• Nathan is an enthusiastic skateboarder and musician with a love for animals
• His net worth is estimated to be around $500,000


Nathan Schwandt is an Instagram model who rose to fame for his controversial relationship with the make-up guru and YouTube star, Jeffree Star. He is also an aspiring entrepreneur with interests in his own marijuana company, as well as Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a company that he helped establish with his ex-lover. With plenty of controversy concerning his relationship with Jeffree Star, wouldn’t it be nice to know a little more truth about Nathan?

Early life and family

Nathan’s earliest life is shrouded in secrecy, as nothing much is known about his upbringing.

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He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, on 18 August 1993 where he has spent the greatest part of his life. He has a younger brother, Zachary Schwandt, who has followed in his brother’s footsteps to claim similar fame on Instagram and has also appeared with Nathan on Jeffree’s YouTube vlogs. Information on Nathan’s childhood is hard to find, as is any knowledge on his parents.

Despite the secrecy, Nathan’s parents have made appearances on Jeffree’s channel during a family visit to Michigan. From a young age, Nathan had displayed an interest in music and skateboarding, and has always been fond of pets.

Educational background

Information on Nathan’s educational background is not widely known, as no reports on wikis and any other sites have any citations or conclusive confirmation about any factual evidence. Nathan has never reported or let out about his education, nor does he speak much about his upbringing. Nathan has only reported that he has close contact with his parents, and that they have a healthy relationship.


Nathan’s career as an Instagram model and entrepreneur only started in 2015, when he met Jeffree Star and began dating the now-famous YouTube personality.

Despite many claims about Nathan faking his sexual orientations to line his pockets with Jeffree’s fortune, it is reported that Nathan inspired and encouraged Jeffree to begin his YouTube channel.

Following the success of his partner’s vlogs, the two co-founded Jeffree’s ongoing cosmetics company, and at this time Nathan began his Instagram modelling career. He frequently modelled products for Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but prior to this, had no experience or knowledge about beauty products or practices. Nathan has also been placed in charge of Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ logistics department, since he did have prior experience working in that field.

Nathan has continued to influence Jeffree’s cosmetic business, with responsibilities that include creative consulting in designs. Nathan also started his own business that involves cannabis distribution, with the support of Jeffree, who reported that he enjoys the recreational use of marijuana.

In January of 2020, Jeffree officially announced his break-up with Nathan. However, the two continue to work together to ensure the profitable operations of their joint ventures. Nathan had an estimated 2.1 million followers on Instagram before the deletion of his account in late 2019.

Nathan Schwandt

He stated that he wanted to ‘detach’ from social media, but he has since opened a new account, on which Nathan has shared skateboarding videos and a few selfies.

Hobbies, favourite things and interesting facts

Nathan has been reported for being an enthusiastic skateboarder, and has an insatiable obsession for pinball. It is said that he has an entire room dedicated to the collection of pinball machines, and loves spending time beating his own personal records. It is known that he grew fond of skateboarding from a young age, and has shared his passion with his Instagram followers.

Nathan is also a skilled musician. He was enthusiastic about learning how to play the guitar at a young age, and continues to pursue a profession in the musical arts.

He also has a love for animals and owns several dogs, some of which he had adopted while in a relationship with Jeffree. The couple referred to their pets as their children, and Nathan still spends time caring for their pups, despite their recent split. They owned in total five dogs, but two of their pups passed away. Their pomeranian pooches are named Diva, Diamond, Daddy, Delicious and Drama, of which Diamond and Daddy passed on.

Relationship with

Nathan’s personal life and relationships prior to dating Jeffree are not openly known – it is said though that Nathan had previously only been involved with women. Most of the controversy concerning his relationship with Star had been based on these rumours, and afforded him accusations of being a gold digger.

Nathan has spoken out against allegations, stating that love should not be based on gender or race, but instead should focus on the bond between the people involved. Nathan has never confirmed nor denied being either bisexual or homosexual, and said that his sexuality does not require any labelling.

Nathan met Jeffree on Instagram, with them first texting each other and later advancing to video calls. In March 2015, Nathan flew down to California and the couple had their first date at Santa Monica Pier. The two started dating, and Nathan moved in with Jeffree shortly after. They dated for nearly five years, with the official break-up announced by Jeffree in an emotional YouTube video in January 2020.

Recent reports claim that Nathan has a new girlfriend, and many speculate that Nathan broke off his relationship with Jeffree to be with a woman. This has not yet been confirmed, and Jeffree has denied all allegations.

Physical characteristics

  • Hair colour: Light Brown (but is often dyed)
  • Eye colour: Green
  • Height: 5 feet 9inches (1.75 m)
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Shoe Size: Unknown
  • Star Sign: Leo

Net worth

Nathan’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, as of early 2020.

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