Who is Inka Williams?

Inka Williams was born on 9 September 1999, in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, and is a professional model, best known for gaining fame through posting a photoblog on Instagram about her life living in Bali, Indonesia. Her taste for passion and online fame led her to professional modeling opportunities, and she’s since modeled for various high profile brands including H&M and Swarovski.

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The Net Worth of Inka Williams

As of early-2020, Inka Williams has a net worth estimated to be over $2 million, earned through a successful career as a model. She’s been on various advertisements, publication features, photoshoots, and big catwalk events. Her work has led her to model all around the world.

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Early Life

While Inka was born in Melbourne, her family decided to move and settle in Bali, Indonesia. The province of Indonesia is known to be a tropical getaway, making it one of the top international tourist destinations in the country. The area itself promotes the arts industry, including dance, visual arts, music, and more. It’s been noted for its pristine beaches, and very diverse marine life.

Inka grew up having a very relaxed lifestyle, and she didn’t have a hard time fitting in as there was a huge community of expatriates in the area, so growing-up she became friends with children of various nationalities and cultures, and he also attended an international school in Bali, so she certainly wasn’t left out.

Living mostly in a tropical environment, she learned how to dress comfortably or as she describes it – as if she had just woken up.

Developing Style

Her first modeling experience was as a baby, though she didn’t remember a lot about it. Her interest in fashion started thanks to her mother who is a big fan of fashion herself. She discovered her magazines, and became interested in various kinds of styles and designs. As she got older, she became interested in the streetwear style that was being popularized by the teenagers in her area, and started wearing brands such as Adidas and Champion.

Inka Williams

Bali also had a local thrift market, where one could find the occasional high fashion brand, since most of the markets sourced their goods from factories in Asia. These were mostly surplus products, but were all original.

While she mainly wore beachwear or streetwear while out and about, parties became a time for her to dress up. She started experimenting with her clothing style, wearing jewelry, or heeled boots, though she always ended up barefoot as it was hard walking on Bali’s uneven pavements. She felt no judgment from her friends or the locals as the culture there encouraged freedom of expression. Eventually, she began posting online about her life in paradise, through an account on Instagram.

Her account served more as a photo blog, with her posting photos of Bali while talking about various topics.

Modeling Beginnings

A lot of people quickly turned their attention toward Inka, who despite her smaller stature, had all the qualities of a model. She had symmetry, beauty, and the body to flaunt various types of clothes. Her interest in fashion and her natural confidence also helped. As her following grew online, she began a business alongside her younger sister – the two designed and began making crochet bikinis. With the help of their mother, their business became retail, and she started promoting these types of bikinis online.

She quickly grew to over a million subscribers on Instagram, and she was eventually contacted by IMG Models who invited her to audition. She was nervous during her first opportunity, but the photoshoot was successful, and she signed with the company, which soon started sending her to various professional projects around the world, doing photo shoots in Italy, the US, UK, and many other locations, modeling for brands such as BeBe, Supre, Ripcord, Red Earth, and H&M. She completed her education in Canggu Community School and then fully dedicated her path towards a career in modeling.

Rise to Fame

Williams also caught the attention of various publications, and “Elle Magazine” in Australia invited her to do a feature; the lifestyle magazine is known for its features on fashion, beauty, and health. She was also featured by “Vogue” on their website, and many people started comparing her to Gigi Hadid, with Vogue even calling her the Balinese Gigi Hadid, due to her physical qualities and her natural ability as a model. Two years into her work, she decided to take her career further by moving to London to work there full-time.

She loves how more fashion options opened up for her after the move, but she also claims that it has been difficult to adjust since life in Bali is very different to life in London.

She’s also surprised by the number of people who recognize her on the streets, though she still going to parties, shopping, and out with friends, most normally things in life. Her next goal would likely be to go to New York and work with some of the biggest fashion brands in the industry. One of her dreams is to be able to participate in a campaign for Chanel or Victoria’s Secret, but it may be a stretch due to these companies’ preference for taller models.

Personal Life

Inka was previously in a relationship with Zak Henry who was featured on her Instagram early on, before the two called it quits in 2014. It was later confirmed that she’d begun dating professional surfer Kayu Vianna.

She is an animal lover, and back home at Bali owns seven cats along with four dogs. She considers Bali her home, having spent most of her life there despite being Australian by blood. She maintains a vegan diet. She can speak five languages. She knows how to speak Balinese, Bahasa-Indonesian, Spanish, French and English. Her biggest influences are supermodels such as Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner, and she’s also a big fan of Candice Swanepoel, and tries to emulate their style when she can. She is a big believer in wearing what you want to wear, that fits your personality instead of going with the current fad.

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