• Ellen Rose is an English YouTube personality, TV host, and video game player.
• She has acquired more than 100,000 subscribers.
• She has hosted “Outside Xtra” (2016-2020).
• She has collaborated with multiple other YouTubers, including Marc Straight and Laura Kate.
• Her net worth is estimated at $500,000 as of early 2020.


Who is Ellen Rose?

Ellen Rose is an English YouTube personality, TV host, and video game player, who rose to stardom with her YouTube videos, which consist of gameplays of various small games, challenges, and vlogs. She has acquired more than 100,000 subscribers. Her main work on TV has been hosting “Outside Xtra” (2016-2020).

Ellen Rose Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Ellen Rose was born on the 29th November 1988 in Fulham, London UK; her father’s name is Andrew, while she hasn’t revealed the name of her mother. She is a single child, and spent her childhood in her hometown.

Ellen developed an interest in the world of gaming and fantasy at an early age thanks to her father, and her first love was the “Harry Potter” series. She started exploring more on films, series and books but also became a comedy fan, developing her own comedy style, using sarcastic and self-deprecating jokes. Following high school, Ellen enrolled at a university where she became the president of the university’s comedy society. In no time she started attending stand-up shows, developing her own routine, and thinking about starting her own YouTube channel, however, her boyfriend dissuaded her.

Career Beginning

However, after a few months of working as an accountant and a saleswoman, her desire to become a comedian and a YouTuber became overpowering, and in early 2010 she launched her channel, Icklenllierose. Her first video was uploaded in January 2010, entitled “Hey Internetz- The New Kid in Town”, which now has over 14,000 views. She uploaded another video, entitled “Amanda Holden to host new Crystal Maze?!?!”, in which she gave her opinion on the subject, however, this video didn’t become very popular. Nevertheless, Ellen continued with making funnier videos, and also began uploading gameplay videos onto her channel, gradually becoming more popular.

Rise to Prominence

Ellen has become one of the most prominent YouTube personalities from England, and though she doesn’t have a massive followingon YouTube, she is still a star with her 100,000 subscribers. She has become very popular in her own country, but also throughout the world, and her videos have reached 5.2 million views, and the number is constantly increasing. Some of her most popular videos include “Why I Left Xbox On”, with around 520,000 views, then “Fake Girl Gamers” (280,000 times), and “Dear Reply Girls…” (over 240,000 views), among numerous others, all of which that have contributed to her wealth.

Although most of her videos are opinion pieces on various topics, she has also done videos on the gameplay of such as “Bioshock”, “Tomb Raider”, “Dead Space 2”, then “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”, among others. She is also still producing comedy videos, and has also talked about her life.

Television Work

With her popularity on YouTube rising and her ever-growing knowledge of video games and the YouTube community, Ellen was invited to be the host of several high-profile video game shows.

Ellen Rose

In 2016, she made her first appearance on television in the documentary show “Outside Box”, for the “Xbox On” channel, but she soon quit as she wanted to focus on other projects. After this, she was made the co-editor of the show “Outside Xtra”, and has been on the show from 2016 until the present day. Most recently she portrayed Merliwen in the short video “The Oxvenurers Guild: Literally Everyone Else in the World” (2019).

Ellen Rose Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Ellen Rose is an internet star and has also dabbled in the television world, among other projects, all of which have contributed to her wealth.

According to authoritative sources, Ellen’s net worth has been estimated at around $500,000 as of early 2020. Ellen Rose hasn’t revealed her height and weight, but has often said that she is very short, although she has a slim figure, and has often joked about her looks in her YouTube videos. Ellen has brown hair and brown eyes.

Ellen Rose Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Is She Single?

Ellen Rose has done a great job hiding information about her personal life. According to some of her tweets and other social media posts, Ellen is currently single and focused on her professional career.

She has never been linked to anyone, a celebrity or not . Hopefully, she starts sharing more information about herself.

Ellen Rose, Facts, News, Influence

Ellen is still active in the YouTube community, and her newest video was a retrospective on her career on YouTube entitled “10 Years on YouTube (Despite Everything)”, which already has over 80,000 views since being posted in early 2020. Her previous one “I Got Pneumonia (spoiler: it sucks)” was uploaded 11 months ago, and everyone was worried about her YouTube career, but she was just more focused on her work on television.

Since entering show business, Ellen has become popular on other social media platforms and has influenced a lot of young girls to pursue a career on YouTube, often saying that she is very satisfied with her accomplishments.

She can be seen at various comic con and games con events, such as MCM London Comic Con and E3, among others. Ellen has collaborated with numerous other YouTubers, including Marc Straight with whom she worked on his 2018 album, contributing the song “Let You In”, then Laura Kate, Gavin Dunne, and Jim Sterling, as she appeared in their show “Podquisition” in September 2019.

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