• Teresa Terry was born in 1971 in South Carolina, USA, and is the ex-wife of actor, producer and businessman, Michael Todd Chrisley.
• She has two children with Todd, Lindsie, and Kyle, and a granddaughter, Chloe Chrisley.
• Her career and education is unknown, and her net worth is estimated at $5 million with her current husband.
• She filed a complaint against Todd for domestic violence in 1994, and the court granted them joint custody of the children.
• She has blonde hair, blue eyes, is 5ft 4in (1.63m) tall and weighs 130lbs (59kg).


Early life, family, educational background

Teresa Terry was born in 1971 in South Carolina, USA, where she was raised and went to school – it’s not known if she went to university or college. She is best known to the public from being the ex-wife of actor, producer and businessman, Michael Todd Chrisley, with whom she has two kids.

Family’s personal life

Teresa’s daughter, Lindsie, runs the blog “Living Like Lindsie.” She eloped in 2012 with Will Campbell and is a mother to her son, Jackson. Teresa and Lindsie have a rocky relationship, but Lindsie has appeared several times on her father’s show, “Chrisley Knows Best,”. Teresa also has a granddaughter from her son, Kyle. Chloe Chrisley was born in 2012 to Kyle and his former girlfriend, Angela Victoria Johnson. He is currently married to Alexus Whilby.

In May 2019, Kyle was arrested for drug possession while in Oklahoma – TMZ reported that he was taken to Okmulgee County Jail for possession of methamphetamine. Later that year in September, he was hospitalized following a suicide attempt, allegedly caused by Kyle’s medication for his mental health, which were said to have had an adverse effect on him and pushed him to have thoughts and actions of a suicidal nature. During his time in the hospital, Kyle’s family stood by his side to support him. However, Teresa’s ex-husband and Kyle’s father Todd, fought for custody over Chloe, claiming that Kyle had been struggling with his drug addiction for many years already. In a 2014 interview Todd said, ‘Kyle is bipolar, and normally, people that are bipolar, they seek out a way to self-medicate, which is what Kyle has done since he’s been young.’

Kyle disputed his father’s claims when RadarOnline interviewed him. In the interview, he shared that he has been sober for four years; and he had gone to rehabilitation when he was 19. In 2013, during a crack binge, Kyle threatened Todd when the two were arguing about payment. Todd publicly bragged about helping his son financially by paying for his rehab, but he actually never paid for any of Kyle’s rehabilitation bills, and the rehab centre ended up suing the family because they only paid $18,000 of Kyle’s total rehabilitation bill. Ultimately, Kyle had to pay an additional $24,000, including court fees. Teresa is vocal about siding with her son over her ex-husband, and has expressed her concern for Kyle, stating that she knows he needs protecting.


Teresa has kept all details regarding her occupation hidden. She has never revealed her education or profession.

Who is Todd Chrisley?

Michael Todd Chrisley was born on 6 April 1969. He is a Georgian actor, producer and businessman. His mother, Faye Chrisley, often appears on his reality television show. Todd lives with his second wife, former beauty queen Julie Chrisley in Georgia – they have two sons and a daughter together, Chase Chrisley was born in 1997, 1998 brought Savannah Chrisley, and in 2006 Julie gave birth to Grayson Chrisley. His wife is his fellow business partner and another frequent in the “Chrisley Knows Best” television series, which follows Todd as a Georgian real estate magnate and in his family life. He has appeared in various reality series and shows, but only gained popularity from his own hugely successful reality series.

He ran into legal trouble when he was accused of tax fraud and loans. His real estate firm is allegedly involved in fraudulent activities, including that in 2014 his son Chase didn’t pay $16,000 in tax.

Todd’s net worth is estimated at $46 million as of early 2020. His mansion in Roswell, Georgia, is valued at $2 million, and he has an extensive collection of luxurious cars including a Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and Audi. In an interview, he disclosed that he spends more than $300,000 on clothing. In August 2017, the production for “Chrisley Knows Best” was estimated around $75 million.

Personal life

Teresa met Todd while they were attending the same high school in Westminster, South Carolina – Teresa was 17 and Todd two years her senior. Once the pair started dating, Todd began spending his afternoons and weekends with Teresa, either just hanging out or going to see movies together.

Teresa Terry and Todd Chrisley

When Teresa was 19, she fell pregnant with their first child. He felt that it was most responsible to get married, regarding which Teresa has said, ‘most likely we wouldn’t have married if I hadn’t been pregnant, but we did, and it was a big deal. There were six attendants on both sides and even though the town where we lived wasn’t big, the church was full.’ Their marriage initially proved to be an excellent choice their relationship – Teresa felt that Todd became a very considerate husband, as shortly after their marriage, Teresa was forced into bed rest from her fourth month of pregnancy, and during this time, Todd did everything in his power to support her. Todd wisely used his money to invest in real estate, to where they would end up moving. On 17 September 1989, Lindsie Chrisley was welcomed into the world, and 15 months later on 19 August 1991, Kyle Chrisley was born.

However, the birth of their son had the reverse effect on their marriage as opposed to the happiness Lindsie brought, and their relationship began to fall apart. Teresa filed for divorce in November 1994, and it was finalized in 1996. During an exclusive interview in March 2016 with mail online, Teresa said that she divorced Todd after he abused her several times. She added that he would argue with her over small, unnecessary things, describing him as a perfectionist and authoritarian, and that he was like a thorn in her side throughout their marriage: ‘He had a mindset that everything had to be in place at all times. He applied that to people as well.’ She elaborated that she would like to leave the house with her hair in a ponytail or a cap on, but Todd felt that her hair should always be neat, and she must always be ‘dressed to the tens.’ She eventually grew tired of Todd trying to control her, and their constant fighting.

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On more than one occasion, she describes their marriage as ‘turbulent.’ She filed a complaint against Todd for domestic violence, and then moved out of their home. In the claim, she recalls the December of 1992, when Todd – under the influence of alcohol – hit both Teresa and his mother, and damaged Teresa’s personal property. Another incident happened on 21 October 1994, when Todd hit Teresa while she was driving, so she pulled over to the side of the road, and ran away from him. When she returned to their home, Todd had taken all of her jewellery and kicked her out of their house. He allegedly threatened to murder her with a knife on 2 November 1994. She stayed at a neighbor’s house for three days until she felt safe enough to return home. Upon her return, Teresa said that Todd ‘tore all her clothes, including her undergarments, from her body and battered her using his closed fist.’

She tried to phone the police, but Todd threatened to kill her if she ever reported the incident. All events were recorded and used in court documents. When Teresa moved out of their house, she took their three-year-old son, Kyle with her. She also wanted to take Lindsie, but the five-year-old was at Todd’s parents’ house at the time. Todd refused to allow Teresa to take Lindsie with her, so she filed a criminal complaint, accusing Todd of unlawful abduction. She won her case and got her daughter back after two months apart.

Upon finalization of their divorce, they were given joint physical and legal custody of Lindsie and Kyle. Teresa moved to South Carolina so that the joint custody arrangements could be easier on the children and herself. In 2000 she moved to Atlanta, which sparked a new custody battle, lasting for just short of two years. In 2002, both parents were granted legal custody of the children – the court ruled that the children would attend school in Atlanta and Todd’s Atlanta home would be their primary residence.

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Teresa would get the children for three weekends a month, as well as for public holidays and vacations every even year. However, the arrangement was never implemented because, within a few months, Todd moved to California. Lindsie wanted to live with Todd and Kyle wanted to stay with his mother, but Todd and Teresa did not want to separate the children, so both Lindsie and Kyle lived with Todd. Teresa currently lives in Oklahoma Village with her (unnamed) husband. They have two children and four grandchildren together.


She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5ft 4in (1.63m) tall and weighs 130lbs (59kg).

Net worth and salary

As of early 2020, Teresa reportedly shares an estimated $5 million with her current husband.

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