Who is Steve Cook?

Steve Cook was born on 10 December 1984, in Boise, Idaho, USA. He is a bodybuilder, personal trainer, fitness model, YouTube personality, and television personality, probably best known for his work in the reality television series “The Biggest Loser”, in which he appears as one of the show’s trainers. He also manages a YouTube channel that focuses on fitness and lifestyle.

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The Net Worth of Steve Cook

As of early-2020, Steve Cook’s net worth is estimated to be close to $2 million, earned through success in his various endeavors, mostly centered on fitness. He’s won big prizes in bodybuilding events, worked on fitness shows, written for fitness magazines, among other endeavours.

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When I got the call that I was to be a Biggest loser trainer I was Excited and somewhat nervous to be in the role of a full-time trainer again. I knew that these people would be trusting me with their weight loss and health! It was something I didn’t take lightly. I knew it was going to be an experience unlike any other I’ve had before. Every single day was tough. On set for 10+ hours, Seven days a week, to say it was exhausting would be an understatement. Watching the finale last I got emotional reliving the experience. Seeing the look on the faces of the contestants loved ones was priceless and in that moment everything was worth it. The weight loss is such a small piece of what went on. The mental, emotional, spiritual growth and healing was equally if not more impressive. I am forever grateful for the experience and for the people I met along the way. #biggestloser! Big thanks to @ericafitlove and @bobharper along with @georgiehurfordjones for helping make it possible.

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He also earns significantly from the advertising revenue of his YouTube channel.

Early Life and Fitness Beginnings

Steve grew up the middle child of seven, and got the fitness bug at a young age thanks to his father, who worked as an athletic director of a school. His father encouraged and trained him to stay fit at a young age. Eventually he began enjoying the fitness routines, and wanted to see how far he would go. He was especially motivated to pursue bodybuilding when he met former professional bodybuilder and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At high school, he was already lifting heavy, and his athletic capabilities led him to join his school’s American Football team.

He helped his team tremendously, and this earned him a scholarship to Dixie State College, where he would meet his future first wife. While he enjoyed playing college football, he didn’t aspire to a professional career in the sport, still preferring bodybuilding and fitness without the risk of injury that football was so closely associated with.

Downturn and Return to Form

He eventually married just short of completing his degree, but his first marriage soon spiraled downwards, leading to a divorce; he had lost everything, no prospects in baseball, no degree, and no plans for the future. He returned home as an angry and depressed man, but it was during this period that he rediscovered his love for bodybuilding.

Steve Cook

He returned to school to complete a college education, this time a degree in biology and psychology, adding more knowledge to his passion.

Afterwards he saw YouTube as a potential avenue for a successful career in the fitness world. He began establishing his name and personal brand through his channel, and started to do workout and instructional videos, diets, tips, and other fitness-related content. His popularity grew over the years, and his expertise was eventually sought out by many, not just his online viewers. He also competed in several bodybuilding competitions, winning a few in the early-to-mid 2010s. Eventually, he stayed away from the competitive part of bodybuilding due to the intense demands required to keep up with the competition.

He was also featured by many bodybuilding magazines, finding work as a fitness model in the process.

Training and The Biggest Loser

Cook believes that consistency coupled with minor variations or changes in training is the key to maximize workout output. A strictly consistent workout routine can result in muscles getting too used to the movements, leading to lesser effectiveness, while too many variations can lead to muscles not gaining the right amount of development needed. He advises his followers to stick to a goal and then implement changes in repetitions, variations, volume, and other aspects to help reach that goal.

While he isn’t very strict on diet, he aims to maintain a competition or modeling-ready body, to easily adjust to any sudden work.

With his training and experience, he was eventually hired to become one of the fitness experts and trainers in the show “The Biggest Loser”. The show is a reality competition series in which overweight contestants compete against one another to see who can lose the most weight in a season. The person who achieves the most wins a cash prize and the title of The Biggest Loser. The show has proven popular not only in the US, but in several other countries where adaptations of the show have also been created.

Recent Endeavors

Apart from his television work, Steve has been a consistent feature online, in online publications in which he showcases his workouts, his body, and shares his knowledge with the public. One of the sites he has been consistently a part of for around a decade is Bodybuilding.com. The site is an online retailer that sells various supplements, but has attracted a huge crowd due to its focus on delivering content focused on fitness. He has served as a contributor to the site since rising to fame, and has written on various topics of bodybuilding and fitness.

In recent years, he’s been more focused on developing his YouTube channel, consistently uploading around two to three videos a week. He focuses on workout routines, diet videos, and video blogs (vlogs), on which he showcases some of the things he’s been doing in life. In recent months, like many other fitness content creators, he’s been more focused on creating workouts that benefit people staying at home, or those without equipment. This is because recent quarantines and lockdowns due to the coronavirus have left a lot of people homebound, which means they can’t regularly go to the gym for the foreseeable future.

Personal Life

Steve was once in a relationship with fitness model and bodybuilder Courtney Alexis King, who like him, had made a name for herself in the bodybuilding circuit, winning numerous competitions. They eventually broke up and she later married another. He then started a relationship with gymnast and bodybuilder Morgan Rose Moroney, who also works as a fitness model. and manages online content through accounts on social media and a YouTube channel. She’s been a constant feature on his channel as they live together and often collaborate with each other’s content. The couple loves traveling but hasn’t traveled lately due to restrictions in international travel to prevent the spread of the virus.

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