If you’re a fan of “Street Outlaws” on Discovery Channel, then you’ve definitely heard of Shelby Lynn. She’s the fastest female driver in the show, and certainly serious when it comes to driving. From the moment she first appeared on the show, it was clear that she had what it takes to be one of the best drivers in the country. Fans couldn’t take their eyes off of her as she drove around in her Ford Mustang, competing with some of the top drag racers out there. Since then she’s become a fan favorite, and a true inspiration for anyone out there who wants to pursue their dream of becoming a professional driver. In this article, we’ll take a look at Shelby Lynn and explore how she got to where she is today, as one of the most skilled drivers in “Street Outlaws”.

Who is Shelby Lynn?

Her early life, family and educational background

Shelby Lynn was born in 2003, in Memphis, Tennessee USA, to Richard Morris Kendrick Jr. and Pan Cramer; she had an older brother, Steven Nicholas, who tragically passed away in 2019. Her father grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and was a former crew chief in the US Air Force, and is currently an aircraft maintenance manager at both TN Air National Guard and FedEx. Her mother was a professional racer from 1986, holding positions at Dover Motorsports, Memphis Motorsports Park, and Memphis International Raceway as Vice President then as President.

Shelby had begun driving go-karts at the age of five, and by the time she was 16, she was out on the street, racing her own car. Little did anyone know then, but not only would Shelby Lynn become an integral part of one of the most popular street racing shows, but would also turn out to be one of the most skilled racers on the circuit.

Beginnings on “Street Outlaws”

“Street Outlaws” is a reality television series that premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2013. The show follows a group of street racers in Oklahoma City, who compete against each other in supposedly illegal drag races on public roads – the original cast of the show includes Big Chief, Murder Nova, Doc, Monza, and others. Over the years, “Street Outlaws” has spawned several spin-off series, including “Street Outlaws: New Orleans,” “Street Outlaws: Memphis,” “Street Outlaws: Fastest in America,” and “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.” Each of these shows follows a similar format to the original series, but focuses on a group of street racers in different locations.

One such spin-off, “Street Outlaws: Memphis” premiered in 2018, and focuses on the street racing scene in Memphis, Tennessee, featuring a group of racers known as the “Outlaw Street Car Association” (OSCA). Some of the cast in this show includes JJ Da Boss, leader of the OSCA and one of the most well-known figures in the Memphis street racing scene, his wife and fellow skilled racer, Tricia Day, their daughter Chelsea Day, and right-hand man Doughboy.

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Shelby, aka Da Baby, was recruited on the show in October 2022, and began racing in events such as the OKC No Prep Kings, Big Chief’s Memorial Day Classic, and the Texas Outlaw Challenge. She races a mighty 1969 Camaro, built by her and affectionately named Cuda. In the short time that she’s been on the show, she’s succeeded in winning tough challenges against rivals and fellow castmates. She won JJ’s Armdrop Challenge twice, even defeating veteran racer, Tricia Wayne at JJ’s Armdrop Gulfport Dragway. From being one of the few women featured on “Street Outlaws”, to consistently outperforming expectations on the track, Shelby has solidified her place in street racing history.

What Makes Shelby Unique in the Street Racing Scene?

When it comes to street racing, Shelby Lynn stands out from the crowd. People often think street racing is all about having a fast car and pushing its limits, but Shelby makes it her mission to focus on the details that make her an exceptional driver.

She has an uncanny ability to handle her vehicle with precision and finesse, regardless of conditions or environment. She knows her vehicle inside and out, and has perfected a technique that gives her a leg up on the competition. She believes that practice makes perfect, so uses trial and error to hone her skills. Shelby also takes risks when she needs to, in order to stay ahead of the pack. From drifting on icy roads to burning tires at night races, Shelby Lynn masters every skill required for success on the track. Shelby loves the thrill of the race and the challenge of pushing herself to be better on the track.

Shelby has extensive knowledge of mechanics, which allows her to make smart decisions when driving. Before she even gets into the driver’s seat, she takes time to assess her car’s condition, making sure everything is in order before taking it out on course. This allows her to troubleshoot any problems she may have while driving, and make adjustments without having to worry about a breakdown or other mechanical issues.

Another unique skill that sets Shelby apart is her attention to detail. She pays close attention not just to the condition of her car, but also to track conditions, weather patterns, and any other elements that could affect performance on the day of the race. Along with being aware of potential risks and obstacles, this ensures that she’s better prepared for any situation. She’s also a master at tuning and building engines – she’s been known to spend hours tweaking and adjusting her engines to get the most power possible, so that when it comes to race day, her attention to detail pays off.

Finally, Shelby’s strategic thinking skills set her apart from other street racers. She has an impressive ability to read the track, and think outside of the box when it comes to finding ways around potential obstacles or shortcuts for faster running times. This ability not only helps her win races but also helps keep everyone else safe on course by avoiding dangerous situations or unexpected crashes.

Shelby’s Performance on the Track & in the Pit

When it comes to Shelby, you can’t ignore her performance on the track and in the pits. The best word to describe it? Impressive.

Her Racing Stats

She’s got some pretty spectacular stats—from quarter miles runs with ETs of 6.93 seconds at over 97mph, and her fastest speed of 207 mph—she’s earned every nod of respect from fans and fellow racers alike.

Her Pit Skills

Not only can Shelby do her stuff on the track, but she also knows her way around a car in the pit. She explains, ‘I can take apart an engine, put it back together and check my own tune-ups, from changing spark plugs to checking my tire pressure’. With that kind of knowledge, she knows just how to keep her car running smoothly so she can get the best performance possible on race day. Shelby’s truly impressive skillset gives her that extra advantage when it comes to competing against some of the most talented drag racers out there today.

How she keeps up with the latest technology

She’s highly skilled when it comes to keeping up with the latest technology to boost the performance of her cars. That means things like adding a custom turbocharger and engine intercoolers, which helps regulate engine temperature and increase power. It’s not just Shelby who’s adding technology to her cars though — other drivers are too, and that means every driver has to stay on top of their game when it comes to adapting the latest technology available, and using it wisely. Shelby does this by:

  • Conducting research on different types of aftermarket parts and systems
  • Analyzing the performance potential of each type of upgrade
  • Constantly monitoring the performance levels of her car, even during races
  • Asking experienced mechanics for advice on tuning and other aspects of using aftermarket parts.
  • Shelby also takes time off from racing to attend tech schools and courses, so she can stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in car modification. By being so knowledgeable about the latest technology, she consistently outperforms other drivers on and off screen.

What she has planned for the future

Off the track, Shelby is just as impressive. She’s a fierce advocate for women in motorsports, and is always looking for ways to encourage more women to become involved. While her private life and her plans for the future haven’t been exposed to the public, we can only assume this young and talented racer has great things planned for her future. In the mean time, fans and car enthusiasts alike can tune in to the show to witness her impressive skills. She was so impressive that her boss, JJ, surprised her with her dream car!

Where can you find her?

Unfortunately, Shelby doen’t appear to have either Instagram or Twitter accounts at the moment. Other than tuning in to the show, fans can find her at her Facebook page, where she regularly posts updates on her life, activities and all things racing.


When it comes to street racing, one name stands out among the rest: Shelby Lynn of “Street Outlaws” fame. Not only is she a fierce competitor on the track, but she’s also seriously skilled behind the wheel. When it’s time to race, Shelby puts everything else aside and focuses on the task at hand. Whether she’s competing on the show, or at a local drag strip, she’s always ready to give it her all and show off her seriously impressive skills. So, if you’re a fan of street racing and you haven’t checked out Shelby Lynn’s skills, it’s time to tune in and see what she can do. With her impressive driving abilities and her dedication to the sport, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Shelby Lynn is a force to be reckoned with in the world of “Street Outlaws”. Not only does she have a fast, reliable car and a wealth of racing experience, but she has an unparalleled dedication to the sport, and a passion for pushing herself to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the show or a car enthusiast, Shelby’s made it clear that she’s one of the most talented drivers out on the streets. Her enthusiasm and commitment to continuously up her game is inspiring and it goes to show that hard work and determination pays off. She’s racked up an impressive list of wins and earned respect from her competitors with her skilful driving and friendly attitude. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours!

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