Who is Scooby1961?

Scooby Werkstatt was born in 1963, in the United States of America, and is a YouTube personality as well as a fitness enthusiast, best known for his YouTube channel Scooby1961, which focuses on easy to digest free fit,ness tips. He has extensive bodybuilding experience, having been lifting weights consistently for decades.

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The Wealth of Scooby1961

As of early-2020, Scooby1961’s net worth is estimated to be over $30,000, earned through success in his various endeavors. This wealth may not be reflective of his true status, as he only earns a bit of income from his YouTube channel which he only launched later in life, which means that he probably has other sources of income.

Early Life and Fitness Beginnings

Scooby was not the type to engage in sports or any physical fitness activities during his youth. He was awkward, clumsy and lanky even as he reached the age of 21. However, he desired to have a body worthy of being displayed at the beach, but he was an introvert and didn’t want to go to a gym where lots of people gathered. To compromise, he began buying simple weightlifting equipment for use at home.

Eventually, as he learned more about bodybuilding, he became confident about the small results he was seeing in his body.

This marked a change for him as he began to look for other physical activities. He enjoyed working out and doing physical activities, only taking a few breaks in a year. His self-esteem grew, and soon he was participating in various sports, including surfing, swimming, skating, volleyball, hiking, running, and many other activities. His passion only grew, and he realized that a gym membership wasn’t necessary to fulfill one’s fitness goals.

Training Style and Scooby Workshop

With decades of experience under his belt, Scooby has created various home gym programs that mostly focus on bodyweight exercises, which are versatile and most of the movements can be done anywhere, making them very flexible even for busy people.


When it comes to equipment, he mostly promotes the use of dumbbells and barbells. He believes that minimal equipment as the most that you need, as the fitness industry has become money-hungry, offering various products that people don’t need to build a good body.

Apart from that, good muscle mass is directly related to a good nutritional diet. Since learning more about diet and exercise, Scooby boasts in maintaining a body he’s had since he was 20 years old. Wanting to share his progress and knowledge, he then created the website ScoobyWorkshop in 2004, which was created out of frustration the fitness industry in dealing with money.

To this end, all of his videos, articles, and advice is free, as he wants to help those who don’t have a lot of money to achieve their fitness goals. Eventually, he started to get a bit more fame thanks to his website.

YouTube and Adjusting to Age

Scooby also saw the opportunity to increase his online presence, reaching out to more people through the website YouTube. The online platform has been a very popular option among fitness enthusiasts, and professionals wanting to share their expertise. It is a way to promote products or to earn additional income through Google’s advertising revenue, that pays them for the number of people viewing ads on their channel.

Much like his website, his YouTube channel began gaining followers quickly, eventually reaching over 500,000 in a short period. Many of his fans call him YouTube’s “Father of Fitness’, being one of the earliest to get established on the site, and because of his age.

At 50 years old, Scooby has toned down on lifting weights, as he feels it is no longer possible for him to gain muscle mass. Instead, he’s adjusted his training to focus more on sports-related workouts, and exercises that would improve his endurance. This led to another avenue as he began competing in cycling competitions, which then to triathlons.

These competitions are mainly centered on endurance, and well-trained cardiovascular fitness. He enjoys this new direction in his fitness life, and has since incorporated his new knowledge and experiences to his online content.

Favored Exercises and Diet

In Scooby’s experience, getting into shape takes a lot of time and fitness. Even as the fitness industry develops ways to quicken the pace of a person getting into shape, he believes these are mere quick-fixes. In terms of core workouts, he believes in using bodyweight and working out the overall abdominal muscles as opposed to focusing on exercises that help create aesthetically pleasing abs. While he does a lot of weightlifting,

the most important exercises for him are the push-up and pull-up. He also believes that tricep training is most important for bigger arms, and that leg exercises are very important to prevent any injury especially if one is active in sports.

While there is a solid focus on exercises, Scooby prioritizes diet as the most important part of his lifestyle. He tracks his calories, and most of the meals he prepares are easy to make. He offers cooking and food tips in his online accounts, and doesn’t use supplements, believing that many of them are too good to be true.

Personal Life

Scooby is gay and is married. He has posted photos of himself with his partner on social media. This initially attracted some bullying and trolls online who started throwing harsh remarks at him for being gay. He felt discouraged after that, and even shut down his social media accounts for some time, and left his YouTube account dormant. He still communicated with some of his fans who sent messages to him directly. Eventually, with the support of his followers, he returned online having recovered from all the negativity. While he still receives a few hate mails from time to time, he receives more support that counteracts it.

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