• Robert Bruce Clotworthy was born on 24 October 1955 in Los Angeles, California USA.
• Started in voice acting at the age of 15 in 1970, and his first recorded job was an uncredited role in “Emergency!” in 197•
• Appeared in some of the most iconic TV series and shows, and has lent his voice to some of the most iconic video game characters.
• Received awards for the versatility and ability of his voice, and has a net worth estimated at close to $19 million.
• Practices Kung Fu San Soo and enjoys the joy of the work.


Robert Clotworthy is the name behind that familiar voice which you take for granted – an American actor and voice artist, Clotworthy has been a narrator for everyone from George Lucas’ documentaries to the voice of Nick Fury’s car in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His voice has won him awards and recognition across the board, becoming so iconic that it can be heard in video games, films and documentaries. Robert compares it to being ‘The voice of G-d” – that disembodies voice of narration on History Chanel staples such as “The Curse of Oak Island”. Robert has a colorful personality, with a love for Chinese martial arts, particularly Kung Fu San Soo.

Early Life and Family

Robert Bruce Clotworthy was born on 24 October 1955, in Los Angeles, California USA. This proved to be an opportune position for Clotworthy, as it exposed him to the thriving culture of Hollywood and the media. Clotworthy’s father was a radio commercial producer, who would allow Robert to accompany him to recording sessions, which inspired Robert, and helped him define his dream career, which he began at the age of 15.



Although Robert started in voice acting at the age of 15 in 1970, his first recorded job was an uncredited role in “Emergency!” in 1973, in which he portrayed a teenager eating a hamburger.

From 1974 he started landing credited TV roles, starting with “The Waltons”, and from there his success only grew. He subsequently appeared in some of the most iconic TV series and shows, including “Columbo” (1974), “Criminal Minds” (2006), and most recently in “The Big Bang Theory” in multiple episodes in minor roles.

Video Games

Robert has lent his voice to some of the most iconic video characters too, including Jim Raynor, who served as an inspiration to an entire generation of video gamers. He started his career in video game voicing with that exact character in “Starcraft” in 1988. As time has progressed, video games have become a greater art form, the voicing of which is equally as important as film casting.

Robert Clotworthy

Clotworthy has continued a prolific career in the gaming industry, voicing characters and narrating in games such as “Xenoblade Chronicles X” (2015), “The Last of Us: Part II” (2020), and “Alpha Protocol” (2010). Despite having a foot in multiple areas of the entertainment industry, seldom a year passes when he has only one project in the making.


If there is a familiar baritone voice in movies, it is most probably Robert Clotworthy. He has provided the voices of minor characters, but his intonation and skill give those characters an amazing personality and presence that contribute deeply to the movie. His first film was in 1984 – “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”.

He has since been involved in well-recognized films such as “Charlie’s Angels” (2019), “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (2014), and (amusingly) the yelling sounds of “Tarzan”.

History Channel

Robert Clotworthy is the voice behind some of History Channel’s most loved shows, such as “Ancient Aliens”. Even more noteworthy is that he narrates “The Curse of Oak Island”, History Channel’s highest-rated docuseries, which exposes the everyday person to treasure hunting, to simply wander and uncover incredible historical artifacts. Of course, the process is slightly more complicated, but the show has the ability to allow anyone to relate to it.

“The Curse of Oak Island” set out to document the journey of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina on Oak Island, which is rumored to have fathoms of treasure and gold as yet undiscovered. Armed with metal detectors and a lot of patience, the extensive crew of the show explores the island in the hope of uncovering the treasure.


Robert has received awards for the versatility and ability of his voice, as well as various nominations. His website provides any listener with a portion of samples of his range, from the narration, animation, and imaging. Clotworthy received a prestigious SAVOS award at the Lincoln Centre for his Outstanding Narration of “Ancient Aliens”, nominated for Best Male Vocal Performer in a Video Game in a Supporting Role for his first, and enduring role, of Jim Raynor.

Members of the video game, including Clotworthy, Rachel Robinson, Claudia Christian and Patrick Seitz, were also nominated for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game.

Personal Life

Despite spending decades in the industry, Robert Clotworthy has not allowed an iota of his personal family life and relationships into the public eye. There is no record of any past or present relationships that he has been involved in, although he has been photographed several times with a lady who is described as ‘very close to him’.

Robert is an avid practitioner of Kung Fu San Soo, and somewhat of a master in the Chinese Martial Art.

Clotworthy cites the dedication, exactness and commitment the art requires of him, giving him the ability to create and voice characters of depth and emotion. His voice acting is an integral part of his life, and truly provides him with genuine joy and satisfaction. Clotworthy explains that “I don’t get goosebumps when I open my pay envelope, it’s about the joy of the work”.


Although Robert is approaching his late 60s, he can easily be mistaken for a much younger man.

He keeps his hair a pale brown, reddish color, and maintains a thin layer of stubble. He has bright blue eyes that are clear through his glasses. He has a slim build, but a presence whenever he enters a room. Clotworthy is 6ft (1.83m) tall, but weight unknown.

Net Worth and Salary

Robert has over 180 credits and an impressive reputation in the industry. With stakes in the television, video game and film industry, he has multiple sources of income and various opportunities to advance his fame. Although his roles may seem small and insignificant, his talent brings so much more than just a voice to the part. As of mid-2020, he has an impressive net worth estimated at close to $19 million.

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