• Laura and Dan Dotson are the voices behind the auctions in 'Storage Wars'
• Laura is a multilingual, smart businesswoman and the driving force behind the couple's business, American Auctioneers
• Laura has made various appearances on game and talk shows, including 'The Price is Right' and 'Let's Make a Deal'
• Laura and her husband are active in giving back to the community, including fundraising and charity events
• Laura has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million as of mid-2020

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Date Of BirthMay 13, 1968
SpouseDan Dotson
MarkPerky, cheerful demeanor

Laura and her husband Dan are the voices behind the auctions in the popular TV show ‘Storage Wars’. The Dotson couple is purportedly the inspiration behind the show, as reported by examiner.com in 2015, saying “Thom Beers came up with the idea for storage wars, but said that Dan and Laura Dotson inspired it.” She plays ring woman to her auctioneer husband, providing the series with a game show presentation flavor. She is a multilingual and smart businesswoman who knows how to drive a deal, and can hold her own in the business world.

Despite the cut-throat nature of the industry, Dotson is renowned for having a charitable and generous nature. She and her husband even struck luck when they purchased a 60-acre piece of land in Kentucky, which turned out to be an untapped oil field. Laura may not receive the most airtime, but is the driving force behind her husband’s business, American Auctioneers.

Early Life and Family

Laura Dotson only stepped into the spotlight due to her husband’s success in the auctioneering industry.

Laura Christine Payton was born 13 May 1968, in California, USA where she would go on to meet and marry her husband with whom she would build an empire. She was an active member of the girl scouts, a fact that would later save her husband’s life.


Not much is known about Laura’s school education – she likely learned how to manage an auction on the job. Her husband, Dan Dotson, comes from a line of farmers who were active in the cattle industry, and this is where Dan learned his hereditary auctioneer chant. He taught this to his wife Laura, who occasionally gets to flaunt her skills in the workplace.

Laura Dotson



Laura Dotson began her forays into the auctioning industry in 1988, two years after meeting her husband. She works at American Auctioneers, where on average they run two auctions a day, six days a week. Due to the popularity of the show, they have almost doubled their activity from 1,500 auctions a year to near 3,000.

In 2010, Laura and her husband appeared on the show they had inspired, “Storage Wars”, on which they were tasked with auctioning-off lockers. The show explores the experiences of bidders who go in search of luck in default storage spaces. Where the show takes place, in California, storage spaces whose renters are three months behind in rent are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The auctions are fraught with tension, as while the bidders are there and ready, cash in hand or pocket, they are permitted only a limited time and viewpoint of the content of the lockers they will be battling for. One of the most iconic moments for the couple in the show’s history, was when they auctioned off a unit for $500. To the shock of the winning bidder, the storage space contained a safe holding $7 million; when the original owners of the safe reached out to repurchase it for the sum of $1.2 million, the bidder was eager to comply, suspecting that the money had its roots in the mafia.

Laura enjoyed the fame and glory that came with the show until the two were forced to leave in 2015 because of budget cuts.

This did not dampen her spirits for long, as the couple still had a successful business, including an estate turned oil field, to subsist off.

TV Appearances

“Storage Wars” was not the only show on which Laura Dotson appeared. Throughout the years, Laura has made various appearances and cameos on game and talk shows, in fact, her first appearance even before “Storage Wars” aired was in 1984, on “The Price is Right”. She has gone on to feature in “Let’s make a deal” (2003), “Happening Now” (2012), and “Home and Family” (2013).

Personal Life and Family

Laura Dotson met her husband in the late 1990s, and they married in 1996. Laura’s affable nature allowed her to be a caring and understanding stepmother to Dan’s two children from a previous marriage.

Soon enough though, the two had a child of their own, two years later, born on 9 January 1998 and named Garrett Dotson. The family lives in a large upscale home in Yucaipa, California.

In 2014 Laura actually saved her husband’s life. The night progressed strangely enough to begin with, Dan waking up several times, first asking bizarre questions, then complaining of double vision. What Laura could not know was that Dan had suffered a double aneurism. When her husband became unresponsive, Laura’s girl scout training kicked in. She called for her then 16-year-old son, Garrett, to place a call to 911, and immediately began CPR.

While she did mouth-to-mouth, she instructed Garrett to give chest compressions. She managed to keep her husband alive until the relevant experts arrived, and were able to put him in professional care.

Laura Dotson and her husband are active in giving back to the community. In addition to their fundraising to help raise awareness and spread education about CPR, they have also been involved in high profile charity events. In August of 2019, the couple held a fundraiser on the USS Zumwalt destroyer to aid members of the US navy. Later the same year, they conducted another charity event alongside “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Kyle Richards.


Laura Dotson boasts a curvaceous figure, that has had many speculating that she has undergone plastic surgery. These rumors remain unsubstantiated, and Dotson unperturbed. Laura has long blonde hair, is approximately 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall, and although her weight is unknown, her vital statistics are 40-28-37, with an hourglass figure.

Net Worth and Salary

Laura has an impressive net worth of $4.5 million as of mid-2020. She has various sources of income, including her husband’s business, America Auctioneers, of which she is the manager. She also runs a secondary auction space online.

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Full NameLaura Dotson
Date Of BirthMay 13, 1968
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Actor, Auctioneer


SpouseDan Dotson


TV ShowsStorage Wars

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1Perky, cheerful demeanor
2Long blonde hair
3Curvaceous, buxom figure






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