• Jarrod Schulz emerged to relative fame on A&E Network's show "Storage Wars" in 2010
• From a chequered background, he is known as "The Young Gun" and has been a risk-taker in the auctioneering industry
• He has a close relationship with his mother and aunts, and is a master safe-cracker
• Co-owns Outlaw Apparel and Rush Bar and Grill, and has a net worth of over $2 million
• Had a long-term relationship with Brandi Passante and two children, and is currently in a relationship with Rochel Beckman

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FactHe is living with his common-in-law partner, Brandi Passante, and their two children. They live in Lake Forest, California.

Jarrod Schulz emerged from a chequered background to relative fame, when he first appeared on the A&E Network’s show “Storage Wars” in 2010, alongside his partner Brandi Passante. The show dubbed him ‘The Young Gun’, and watched him grow from a small businessman to one of the show’s greats. Jarrod may not have always been the straight and honest businessman we know today, and his trade not strictly legal, as he earned his name as a risk-taker, and relies heavily on important members of his family to keep him focused, on track, and cool-headed.

Early Life and Family

Jarrod was born on 15 October 1977, in California, USA.

He does not share a lot about his family and his origins, but we know that he maintains some semblance of a relationship with his mother and aunts. As a child, Schulz was naturally inquisitive and could wile away hours taking apart toy cars. As he grew older, his curiosity extended to more advanced ideas, specifically developing into a fascination with safes – Jarrod can open seemingly any safe with alacrity, and anyone who has watched the show can tell you how ecstatic he becomes when he finds a safe that has been secreted away in a storage facility. The link between his storage searching and safes is apparent, as he claims that storage lockers just seem to be a giant, mysterious form of the conventional safe.


There is no information on the formal education Jarrod Schulz may have received. In the auctioneering and buying industry, most of the learning is done on the job. In some of their more human and sympathetic moments, co-buyers leant him a hand and some knowledge.


Touch and Go

In 1977, Jarrod Schulz spent sixteen months in prison for dealing in narcotics, and picking up a DUI. The experience served as a real wake up call to Schulz, and when he re-emerged into the real world, he decided that it was time to go legitimate. Schulz landed a job as a sales manager in Tustin, California, working for a carpet cleaning company.

Jarrod Schulz

This is where he first encountered his future business partner and girlfriend, Brandi Passante. Brandi and Jarrod started a mortgage firm that collapsed almost as soon as it was set up, and Schulz was left unemployed for a time.

Things Look up

In 2002, Jarrod and a friend launched a clothing brand, Outlaw Apparel. Functioning mainly online, the aim was to create clothes that allowed for self-expression, and created an edgy feel. While the clothing line started out as a resource among friends, it gained steam when Schulz rocketed to fame with the premiere of “Storage Wars”. Jarrod’s experiments in the auctioneering industry began on the suggestion of a family member; it started out as a small-time venture, buying at auctions and selling at swap meets, but eventually the money justified his work, and Brandi opening a thrift store called Now and Then.

The store’s shelves are regularly packed with household items, power tools, furniture, and the odd antique.


In 2010, the store had gained enough momentum to catch the eye of the directors behind “Storage Wars”, and he and Brandi were rewarded with a place on the show. The show illustrates the lifestyle of the modern-day storage hunter, as they try their luck at buying storage lockers, auctioned for being three months behind on rent. It is a lot more difficult than it sounds – the buyers must buy the entire unit and all its content with no more than a cursory peek into the interior. While many of the show’s stars can be cutthroat and vicious, Jarrod displayed a more compassionate side, occasionally helping out new buyers and doling out advice, remembering the hell the others had given him when he was new in the industry.

The couple made some great finds on the show, including stashes of Marvel and “Star Wars” memorabilia. The two left the show in 2018, but not before they starred in their own reality show, “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job” in 2014. The show was short-lived, never making it past the first season.


Jarrod currently works at Rush Bar and Grill in California, a restaurant that he co-owns. It is here that he met his new girlfriend and has started a new life, away from the screen and his ex-girlfriend Brandi Passante.

Personal Life

Brando Passante and Jarrod Schulz

Jarrod met his long-time girlfriend Brandi Passante, when he was working as a sales manager at the carpet cleaning company.

As he was technically Brandi’s boss, the propriety of him pursuing her romantically is very much in question. Neither of the two will come clean about who approached the other first, all we do know is that they went on to have an apparently happy relationship until 2018.


Jarrod and Brandi have two children together: Cameron Schulz born in 2003, and Payton Schulz, born in 2005. They remained a close-knit family for many years before Jarrod and Brandi eventually broke up. Their relationship was never easy, especially in light of the hours they would spend together on the show, and as in many cases, the financial element of the relationship put them under a lot of strain.

While the two were an extremely popular couple on the show, they never married, despite teasing an impending wedding in their spin-off reality show “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job”. Perhaps recognizing the source of their angst, Jarrod and Brandi strongly encourage their children to follow different paths in life to that of their own.

After Passante

After years of having the grounded and level-headed Brandi Passante at his side, Jarrod Schulz’s life has taken quite the turn. While he has found new love with Rochel Beckman, a bartender at the Rush Bar and Grill that he co-owns, there are other, less positive aspects in his life.

Rochel Beckman has let the public know that she is deeply in love with Schulz, posting “It’s crazy how much happier life can be when you are appreciated and cared for the way a person should be.” Schulz’s less salubrious appearance in the media comes after he was charged with resisting an officer on 12 July. The police have been unable to release more information as it remains an open case.


Jarrod has remained fairly recognizable throughout the years, keeping a trademark beard and a head in an almost constant state of baldness. He is 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall, and while his weight has oscillated greatly, he currently weighs approximately 145lbs (66kgs).

His hair is dark brown, a trait that he has passed on to both his children, and he appears to have some Hispanic influence in his heritage. Recently Schultz appears to have cultivated a full head of hair and a full beard.

Net Worth and Salary

Schulz has invested in multiple enterprises, including the restaurant that he co-owns and his clothing line. Outlaw apparel brings in around $700,000 a year, a nice complement to his substantial salary from “Storage Wars”. Jarrod Schulz has gone from struggling to make ends meet, to having a net worth of over $2 million, a vast improvement on his previous lifestyle. Jarrod has been known to say that “Storage Wars” was instrumental in reinventing his lifestyle and upgrading his living standards.

General Info

Full NameJarrod Schulz


ChildrenCamren Schulz, Payton Schulz
PartnerBrandi Passante, Brandi Passante


TV ShowsStorage Wars

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1He is living with his common-in-law partner, Brandi Passante, and their two children. They live in Lake Forest, California.



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