• Brandi Passante rose to fame after appearing in the reality show "Storage Wars"
• She owns multiple thrift stores and previously worked as a carpet cleaner in 1999
• Starred in her own show "Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job"
• Works hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance with husband Jarrod Schulz and their two children
• Has a net worth estimated at over $2 million

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Net Worthapproximately $1.5 million
Date Of BirthMay 16, 1980
FactShe is living with her common-in-law partner, Jarrod Schulz, and their two children. They live in Lake Forest, California.

The often-cynical voice behind her husband Jarrod Schulz, Brandi rose to fame after appearing in the reality TV show “Storage Wars”. Brandi came from humble beginnings, working as a carpet cleaner in 1999 to now owning multiple thrift stores. Brandi has gone on to star in her own reality TV show “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job.” Brandi is an obviously intelligent woman and provides the grounded element necessary in every relationship. Aside from basking in her husband’s fame and prominence, Brandi has made a name for herself within the industry, utilizing her agile and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Early Life and Family

Brandi Leigh Passante was born on 16 May 1980 in Texas, USA. She has kept the aspects of her family life private and ,declined to share any information about her parents and siblings – if indeed she has any.


While the exact information regarding her education in unknown, she did attend a private school in Texas. Brandi’s demeanor and swift thinking attitude on the show indicate that she is well educated and smart. It is unclear whether she achieved any form of tertiary education, but in any event, she is able and savvy in the workplace.


Humble Beginnings

Brandi comes from fairly inauspicious beginnings, working at a carpet cleaning company in 1999. It was here that a mutual friend introduced her to her future life and business partner. Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz originally attempted to run a mortgage firm, but it never quite got off the ground and was left floundering.

Now and Then

Sensing that the two could do great business together, albeit not in the finance industry, Jarrod’s mother suggested that they invest in default storage lockers, which turned out to be the best decision for the couple. They opened their first store in Orange County, California, called Now and Then, specializing in home appliances, furniture, and tools.

Brandi Passante

It was difficult to turn a profit and required a discerning and tentative eye, and so they jumped at the opportunity to participate in the A&E Network’s “Storage Wars”series . The show producers had set their eyes on Jarrod to represent the store until they arrived to shoot footage at the store. Schulz later explained to The Orange County Register, that the show had been shooting footage at Now and Then when the producer spied Brandi working the register. The film crew asked Schulz “Who’s that girl up front? Would she mind being on TV?” and with that, Brandi’s fate was sealed.

“Storage Wars”

The two rocketed into unexpected fame with their appearance in “Storage Wars” that premiered in 2010.

The series follows the real-life adventures of professional buyers at auction. As opposed to collectors and people hoping to score some cheap second-hand furnishings, the buyers on the show rely on this to bring in an income. They attend various auctions where they are allowed five minutes to view units whose renters are three months behind in their rent, but only from the entrance to ascertain if the unit will benefit them. Brandi proved to be an indispensable asset to her husband Jarrod in these auctions, providing an observant eye and a second opinion, and protecting their money from impulsive purchases. The two remained a significant presence on the show until 2018, growing from cautious and inexperienced to real moguls and professionals in the industry.

“Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job”

In 2014, Brandi Passante landed her own reality show, “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job”, with co-star Jarrod Schulz, focused solely on this star couple from the “Storage Wars” show. The show followed the colorful events of the small family – Brandi, Jarrod, their two children, and dog – as Jarrod plans a proposal and the wedding preparations begin. The show lasted only one season, eight episodes, and came under fire from “Storage Wars” co-star, Dave Hester for supposedly being scripted. Both Brand and Jarrod denied these allegations, citing their inexperience in the entertainment industry for causing much angst on set when the couple could not memorize lines at all.

Personal Life

Family with Jarrod Schulz

Brandi met her future husband Jarrod in 1999 when she worked at a carpet cleaning company. Jarrod was technically her boss, and reports are mixed as to whom pursued the relationship, it not exactly being a case of instant infatuation. He two remained close throughout the trials of their early business ventures, and had two children – their son, Cameron Schulz, was born in 2003 and their daughter Payton Schulz was born in 2015. Brandi initially worked as a stay-at-home mother, but then transitioned into a management position in the family store “Now and Then”.

She and Jarrod had to work hard to create a healthy work-life balance, spending almost the entire day together, every day of the week.

Brandi does not wish her children to follow in her footsteps into the ever sporadic and fickle auctioneering industry, encouraging her son Cameron’s dreams of being a director in the entertainment industry. When questioned about her ability to work and parent, Brandi told Starcasm that “I think I am a better parent because I work.” She also strives to make sure that her family pursues a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle.

Victim of Salacious Footage

In 2012, Brandi was a victim of a vicious attack on her privacy.

A website owner posted pornographic footage and images of a woman he claimed to be Brandi Passante, hoping that her fame would increase traffic to the site. Brandi was mortified and assured the public that the images were not her. She won $750 in a lawsuit against the site owner, but this was a measly peace offering considering she had been hoping to receive $2 million in damages.

After Schulz

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz once again slipped into the spotlight for a new set of reasons. After Jarrod got into trouble with the police, there was growing friction between the couple.

In 2019, fans suspected that the couple had broken up as no pictures of the two had been posted on Brandi’s social media since December 2018, when she had documented a family trip to Disneyland. It was a while before the couple responded to these questions, but when they did, they affirmed the public’s suspicions. The two official broke up, Brandi often appears alongside Cari Cellini in her recent social media posts. Many have extrapolated this to imply that Brandi may be working for Monster Energy Drink, and has changed her social media handles to Brandi Leigh, presumably to escape the thrall of her previous life.

She has also been posting images with an unnamed man whom she’s assumed to be dating.

In 2019, Brandi Passante extended a charitable hand as a volunteer emcee for an Arkansas-based fundraiser for Woman’s own Worth, an organization that brings aid and recognition to victims of domestic abuse. The event raised a stunning total of $100 000 for the cause, bringing in much-needed funds and acknowledgments.


If Brandi Passante has done anything, it has been to preserve her figure and good looks. While she refrains from certain beauty practices, such as wearing lipstick, it is common knowledge that she has gone under the knife for plastic surgery.

Brandi is not the tallest of women, standing at 5ft 8ins (1.72m) and weighing in at approximately 171lbs (78kgs). She has pale brown or blonde hair – with roots that suggest that her hair is naturally a darker brown – and brown eyes. Her surname, Passante, seems to indicate an Italian heritage, which can be traced in her features.

Net Worth and Salary

Brandi Passante has a net worth estimated at over $2 million. While the exact figures have not been released, certain statements by the cast and Brandi herself, imply that she received a hefty salary for her appearances in “Storage Wars” and “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job”. Jarrod even confessed that the show allowed them to upgrade their lifestyle and living standards.

General Info

Full NameBrandi Passante
Net Worthapproximately $1.5 million
Date Of BirthMay 16, 1980
ProfessionTV Personality, Entrepreneur, Businessperson


ChildrenCamren Schulz, Payton Schulz
PartnerJarrod Schulz, Jarrod Schulz


TV ShowsStorage Wars

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1She is living with her common-in-law partner, Jarrod Schulz, and their two children. They live in Lake Forest, California.




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