• Regina Lasko is a production manager, best known for being the wife of retired late-night television show host, David Letterman.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $400,000 and is presumed to benefit from her husband’s net worth of over $400 million.
• She worked on the set of “Saturday Night Live” and met David Letterman while working on his seventh-anniversary television special.
• The couple married in 2009 and David Letterman was formerly married to college sweetheart Michelle Cook.
• In 2005, police discovered a planned kidnapping of the couple’s son which was orchestrated by a former employee of Letterman.


Who is Regina Lasko?

Regina Lasko was born on 20 November 1960, in the United States of America, and is a production manager, but probably best known for being the wife of retired late-night television show host, David Letterman. Her husband was popular as the host of “Late Night with David Letterman”, handling over 6,000 episodes during his career.

The Net Worth of Regina Lasko

As of mid-2020, Regina Lasko’s net worth is estimated to be over $400,000, earned through a successful career working behind the scenes in several television projects. She is also presumed to benefit from the great wealth her husband accrued through his career, as Letterman has a net worth estimated to be over $400 million as of mid-2020.

Life and Career

Regina became interested in working as a part of the entertainment industry at a young age, though she didn’t envision herself as an actress. She instead became fascinated by the inner workings of programs and films, learning more about production through education. Eventually she found her path, working as a part of several production crews during the late ‘70s. She ascended the ranks to become a production manager, and one of her first big projects was in “Another World”. The soap told the story of several residents living in a fictional city and had a run of over three decades before ending.

She then worked on the set of “Saturday Night Live” during the early ‘80s, at the time when the late-night program was just beginning to get its bearings leading into its golden years. It was initially known as “Saturday Night” before it later became “Saturday Night Live” in 1980. In the late 1980s, she then met David Letterman while working on his seventh-anniversary television special. The two began dating shortly after.

David Letterman’s Affairs

David and Regina remained in a relationship for 20 years before the two decided to marry, with the comedian even joking about how long it took for them to tie the knot.

Just a mere six months after their ceremony, the couple then found a box in Letterman’s car that contained a note threatening to go public about his many romantic affairs in his workplace, along with proof and incriminating evidence within the box. The blackmailer demanded $2 million, and instead of giving in, David went public about his affairs, even admitting to the public that he cheated on his partner.

Many believed that she would leave him after discovering the truth, but she forgave him and they remained together.

Letterman co-ordinated with the police to capture the extortionist, which led to the arrest of CBS producer Joe Halderman, who was in a relationship at the time with Letterman’s long-time assistant Stephanie Birkitt whom he had also had an affair with. Halderman discovered Letterman’s affairs through her items and emails. Many also questioned if it was an issue of workplace harassment due to David’s status, but all of the relationships he had were consensual – other women later came forward admitting that they had brief romantic affairs with him.

Regina Lasko and David Letterman

Husband – David Letterman

David Letterman was born in 1947, and grew up as the middle child between two sisters, in Indianapolis where his father worked as a florist, while his mother served as a church secretary. At a young age, he admired his father’s capability of handling social situations and being a comedian, something that he would later take to heart in his career. He attended Broad Ripple High School, and after matriculating enrolled at Ball State University. He was an average student, but it was during this period he had his first experience in radio and television.

He wasn’t drafted for the Vietnam War, so started his career working as a newscaster for the campus station.

After graduating, he continued working on radio as a host of talk programs for WNTS, WTHR, and many others. In the 1970s, he started transitioning to television, and was encouraged to try comedy writing. He moved to Los Angeles and began working as a stand-up comedian, joining a larger group which included known names such as Jay Leno and Steve Oedekerk.

The Success of David Letterman

After working as a writer for several years, Letterman was first offered a morning comedy show on NBC, which was a success critically but didn’t fare well in the ratings, leading it to be canceled.

His next project – “Late Night with David Letterman” – which began airing in 1982 and was highly successful, establishing him as one of the most popular late-night hosts for many years, with the show extending to 2015, even surpassing Johnny Carson as the longest-serving late-night host in US TV history.

In 2015 his show moved to CBS, and he held his last few shows as a part of the program “Late Show with David Letterman”. He had intended to work as a host for many years after his retirement age, but after the 2009 affair issue, he reconsidered his life decisions. He is considered one of the greatest television hosts of all time and his show is also a part of the greatest television show list of all time by TV Guide.

His success on television prompted him to venture into business, creating the company Worldwide Pants which produced several television hits, the biggest hit being the long-running series “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

Personal Life

Regina isn’t David’s first wife as he was married to college sweetheart, Michelle Cook (1968-77), and also had a long-term relationship with producer Merrill Markoe (1978-88). He began dating Regina in 1986, while he was still in a relationship with Markoe, and they stayed together but didn’t marry until 2009, having a child sometime in the early-2000s.

Their marriage was held in a private courthouse ceremony in Choteau, Montana. He was known for having many fans during his career, including several stalkers, one of which gained a lot of popularity for her actions until her suicide in the late 1990s.

In 2005, police discovered a planned kidnapping of their son after a man came forward, telling the police that painter Kelly Frank had approached him with a kidnapping plan which would result in millions if pulled off successfully. Frank had previously worked for Letterman in his ranch and he was captured, leading him to him be charged with conspiracy.

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