• Born on 4 November 1995 in Seattle, Washington
• Net Worth of over $1 million
• Started out as a back-up dancer in the music industry
• Gained fame on Instagram with 3 million followers
• Has an OnlyFans account and promotes discount subscriptions


Who is Nienna Jade?

Nienna Jade was born on 4 November 1995, in Seattle, Washington State USA, and is a model as well as a social media personality, best known from rising to fame on the platform Instagram, on which she has around three million followers. Her account is known for various pictures showcasing her figure through swimwear and similar outfits.

The Riches of Nienna Jade

As of mid-2020, Nienna Jade’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned largely through a successful career online.

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Her fame on Instagram has led to numerous opportunities as she’s gained sponsorships, modeling projects and other activities that weren’t previously available to her. She also gains monthly income through a subscription-based account on Only Fans.

Path to the Online World

At a young age, Nienna developed a love for dancing, and continued to engage in the hobby as she went through with her education. She eventually, started to take dancing more seriously, as it became a potential career avenue for her. She grew up in Seattle, but later moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue more opportunities.

Her dream to enter the world of entertainment was realized when she joined the music industry, and worked as a back-up dancer, with numerous music artists, appearing in music videos and live performances though not a lot of attention was put on her. Her work allowed her to become a part of celebrity events, however, she knew that dancing was not going to be a sustainable career in the long term, and so continued to seek out other opportunities. With the advent of the site Instagram, she began to use the site more as a hobby, but eventually became something more as her fame grew quickly on the site.

NIenna Jade

Instagram and Online Career

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing website that is owned by Facebook. It is one of the most-used and most popular social media platforms of recent years, with a lot of people inclining more towards this visual media-focused site. The site grew to fame as it became a way for people to gain insights into the lives of others, and it also allowed celebrities to create public accounts to help connect with fans. Instagram is also known for the rise of Instagram models, aspiring models, or glamour models who use the popularity of the site to help gain opportunities for fame and fortune.

Jade falls into this category, initially focusing more on fitness content, posting workouts and diets. During her first few years on the site, she was associated with the bi-monthly magazine “Fitness Gurls”, which featured articles on numerous aspects of fitness, including exercise, nutrition, and health. Numerous cover models of the magazine are often popular names known in niche circles in fitness, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or fitness models on Instagram. She had a contract with the magazine, getting featured regularly with Haley Kate. Other models that have been featured in the magazine include Paige Hathaway and Torrie Wilson.

Some of the UFC names which have been featured include Miesha Tate, Arianny Celeste, and Audrina Patridge.

Only Fans

After the end of her association with “Fitness Gurls”, she didn’t have a lot of opportunities, or rather didn’t accept most of the opportunities that were presented to her. She declined many sponsorship offers, instead wanting to have more control over the money that she was receiving.

Eventually, the website OnlyFans became something that Nienna was interested in, which allowed content creators to sell exclusive content to their subscribers, in the form of photos, videos, direct interactions, and the like.

The website has been closely associated with the sex industry, as it has allowed a lot of sex workers such as porn stars to be able to earn directly from their fans. While a lot of people assumed that she created the account to post more adult-oriented content, this has not been the case. She only does a lot of teases, often posting the same thing as her Instagram, though her OnlyFans has additional content, including photos not seen on her public accounts.

Recent Endeavors

In 2020, most parts of the world have been put in lockdown or quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus. A lot of people have been staying at home due to the pandemic, but it has also provided a lot of opportunities online, as more people at home mean that there was more activity online.

Jade capitalizes on this by posting more videos regularly on her accounts. She also promotes her OnlyFans, and has been offering discounted subscriptions for a limited time.

In the meantime, she has mainly been doing photoshoots and other content from her home. She has a pool that allows her to wear her usual swimwear, the type that she often wears on her online posts. She has also been posting about her dogs more often. Aside from her main account, she has a secondary account that showcases a bit more about her life, though it also serves as a secondary account just in case Instagram decides to ban her main account for vague reasons.

Many Instagram models employ this strategy, as some have lost their online careers due to sudden banning.

Personal Life

Nienna has not been public about any of her past or present romantic endeavors. Posting about a relationship may likely be detrimental to her image online, especially on Instagram where the focus on her account is her. She hasn’t posted about dating anyone on her other accounts either. She says that she misses going to the gym regularly due to quarantine, and going out to eat at local restaurants. She owns three German Shepherds, and loves Cheez-Its.

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