Who is Haviland Morris?

Haviland Morris was born on 14 September 1959, in Loch Arbour, New Jersey, USA, and is a former actress turned real estate agent. She is best known for her roles in various Hollywood films, and television shows – she’s appeared in various “Law & Order” series and also had a role in “Sex and the City”.

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The Net Worth of Haviland Morris

As of early-2020, Haviland Morris’ net worth is estimated to be over $3 million, earned through success in her acting and real estate endeavors. While she’s earned a bit through her various Hollywood projects, she might’ve shifted to real estate as it can prove to be a more lucrative avenue for some people.

Haviland Morris

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Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

While Haviland was born in Loch Arbour, her family later moved to Hong Kong where she spent most of her youth, as her father gained work in the then British colony as a part of its electronics industry. She eventually returned home to the US to continue her education, and after matriculating from high school, she developed an interest in pursuing acting as a career.

She enrolled at Purchase College, otherwise known as State University of New York at Purchase, part of the University system known for its focus on the arts, including courses in music, fine arts, and performing arts.

She became a classmate of another future actor, Stanley Tucci, who would later be known for his work in supporting roles in high profile films. After completing her education, she began her acting career in 1984 with an appearance in the film “Reckless”, which starred Daryl Hannah and Aidan Quinn.

Sixteen Candles and Succeeding Work

At the onset of her career, she found a bit of prominence as she was cast in the film “Sixteen Candles” portraying Caroline Mulford; it’s a coming of age film that saw her work alongside Michael Schoeffling, Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall.

Her next film project was “Who’s That Girl” which starred Madonna, but which bombed at the box office after it received negative reviews – the film was Madonna’s second effort after a previous failure in “Shanghai Surprise”. Despite the failure of the film, its soundtrack was successful, with the title track performed by Madonna reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

She then appeared in the “Gremlins’” sequel, “Gremlins 2: The New Batch” which saw her work alongside John Glover and Christopher Lee. The film continues the adventure of the creature named Gizmo, who creates various small monsters, otherwise known as Gremlins when he becomes wet.

The film received a mixed reception with some liking its darker tone, while others preferred the original.

On television, she was mainly seen in guest roles and a few television movies. At around this time, she appeared in various episodes in the anthology series “American Playhouse”, portraying a variety of characters.

More Acting Projects

Haviland mainly worked on television projects for the first half of the 1990s, appearing in the miniseries “Dead Man’s Walk” which is based on the Larry McMurty novel of the same name, part of the “Lonesome Dove” book series.

Haviland Morris

In 1997, she did a bit of voice work for the film “The Fifth Element”, which starred Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis in the story of a former Special Forces soldier turned cab driver, who becomes responsible for a young woman who is essential to protecting the earth from a cosmic evil. The film had mixed reviews from critics, despite which it fared well at the box office.

She also appeared in the third film of the “Home Alone” franchise, which didn’t gain much attention, as it was the first film not to feature actor Macaulay Culkin who popularized the franchise. In 2001, she gained the notable role as Claire Baxter in the soap “One Life to Live”.

At the same time, she worked on the show “Third Watch”, leaving both shows in 2003.

Recent Projects

In the 2000s, some of Morris’ notable projects included “Joshua” and “Adam”, and appeared in “Cherry Crush” as Julia Wells, released straight to DVD and starred Nikki Reed alongside Jonathan Tucker. She had more success on television, with a three-episode role in “One Tree Hill”, aired on the CW, the story of several characters as they go through their high school years, though it later fast forwarded to show them after college.

Apart from the show, she also had guest roles in “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, “Army Wives” and “The Good Wife”.

In the last few years of her acting career, she was mainly doing independent film work, with her most notable project being “Jack and Diane” in the film which starred Juno Temple and Riley Keugh. She had a three-episode role in the soap “As the World Turns”, in which she portrayed Bridget Lawson.

She also did voice work in her only video game project – “Max Payne” – in which she voiced Max’s deceased wife Michelle Payne.

The video game received positive reviews for its noir style and its unusual take on gunplay, winning numerous awards, even leading to a film adaptation though she was not a part of that. She stopped taking acting projects in 2014, with her last appearance being in the show “Blue Bloods”.

Personal Life and Life After Acting

Haviland married Robert Score sometime in the late 1980s, and they have two children together, but there is very little else known about her husband and their relationship. It was later made known that the reason she no longer takes acting projects is because she has focused her career in real estate, becoming a licensed salesperson in New York City, working primarily with the company Halstead.

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