• Sierra Skye is an American model of swimsuits and social media celebrity
• She has an Italian father and a Native American-English mother
• She has a two-year aesthetician license and promotes swimwear brands on her Instagram
• Her YouTube channel with her boyfriend has over 35,000 subscribers
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million


Sierra Skye is an American model of swimsuits, as well as a social media celebrity whose ticket to fame is her bikini-clad body posts on Instagram.

Early life and family

Sierra Skye was born Sierra Egan on 6 November 1995, in Los Robles, Los Angeles, California USA, to an Italian father and a Native American-English mother named Jamie. She has a sister, but not much other information is available about her family, although Sierra would sometimes mention them family on her YouTube videos. She remembered going to Hawaii with her family when she was 13 years old, and had an amazing time there, which made Hawaii one of her favorite places to visit. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio and her birth stone is Topaz.

Education background

She matriculated from high school in 2014, and where she was active in extra-curricular activities as a cheerleader and a dancer, who belonged to a competitive dance team. Her love for dancing started when she was three, when she was enrolled into a dancing class. She was into fitness early as well, going to the gym since ninth grade – when her mother joined the all-girls gym, Total Woman, she did too.

Right after high school, she enrolled in a four-year nursing course at California State University Channel Islands in Ventura County, CA, wanting to work with children in a teaching capacity or in a hospital maternity ward.

All four years of her high school, she worked in the YMCA Child Care program, so helping children was something she had always wanted to do. However, a year and a half into her studies, she dropped-ou because she found it difficult, and had trouble juggling her schedule for studying, her relationship with her boyfriend, and her work, which was just starting then.

Sierra switched to a two-year course, and was able to gain an aesthetician license as she decided she wanted to do Botox injections or laser treatments.



Her career as an Instagram star started back in high school, when she would post her photos taken by her mom, sister, or friend.

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She said she only had a couple of thousand followers then. She might have deleted her initial post as well as some of her photos taken during that time, because the first photo on her verified Instagram account was posted on 2 May 2015 and was that of a kitten; it only had 5,000 thousand likes. It was after she met photographer Roman Palumbo, that her Instagram stats improved. According to Sierra, it was Roman who helped her gain a huge following. Although the first photo posted on his Instagram account was only in Augus 2015, a couple of months later than Sierra, he gained followers at a much faster rate than her and had around 100,000 at that time.

The second photo posted on her account was on 10 January 2016, one of her and Roman, followed by several more photos of them, and it was evident that they were already a couple.

They traveled together with her family at first, then just the two of them to Kauai, Hawaii, and Costa Rica, and took photos on the beach wearing swimsuits, and posted them. Sierra said that Roman had been posting her photos and tagging her on his account to introduce her to his followers, and she would post photos of them together on her account as well.

In 2016, bikini brand Boutine Los Angeles noticed her, and asked if she would be willing to model their swimsuits, and go on photo shoots with them. She was hesitant to accept at first because she never thought of herself as a model, primarily because she wasn’t tall and skinny, but also self-conscious and nervous as she didn’t know how to pose.

Sierra Skye

It was her mother and boyfriend who encouraged her to accept – she had a two-hour photo shoot with the company, and they posted her photos on their site and tagged her – her followers increased considerably after her exposure as a bikini model.

Sierra’s Instagram now has more than 600 posts, and atracted over 4.2 million followers, so has been an effective platform in promoting herself and the brands that she endorses. Most of her photos and vids were of her wearing swimsuits in various styles and designs, from various swimwear brands such as Fashion Nova, Gooseberry Intimates, and Pretty Little Thing. Her photo with the most number of likes at nearly 350,000 is that of her wearing Plumeria swimwear, taken in April 2018. Most of the video clips she’s posted have more than a million views each –  the most viewed at 3.6 million was uploaded in June of 2018 when she was applying tanning body oil of the Balibody brand on her skin.


Sierra and her boyfriend launched their own YouTube channel, “Roman & Sierra’s World,” in June 2015, but didn’t upload a videountil March 2017, of their trip to the beach, but which attracted more than 100,000 views. They said that they would be posting ‘couple-type’ videos as well as ‘a day in the life of Sierra or Roman’ kind of vids. However, they posted only about a dozen ‘couple-type’ videos between 2017 and 2019; then it was only Sierra on a handful of videos after that. Roman said that he had been busy with school and work while Sierra had a busy schedule working as a model, so they weren’t able to make more vids during that time.

In February 2020, she was joined by her best friend, Brooke Platner, on her videos.

They lived on the same street when they were young, their families knew each other, and they have been friends since they were 12 or 13 years old when they were in sixth grade. Their YouTube channel has more than 35,000 subscribers, and more than two million views. Out of the 39 videos uploaded, 19 of them were with Brooke. The highest number of views at nearly 400,000 was with Brooke, posted on 2 April 2020 in which Sierra tried on more than a dozen bikinis, and Brooke would guess which one was the cheapest or most expensive.

Personal life

Sierra is 24 years-old and in a five-year relationship with Roman Palumbo; she had three ex-boyfriends before Roman. The couple bought a house back in November of 2018, which they featured on their YouTube channel on 3 January 2019 when they did a house tour.

Interesting facts and rumors

  • She has double-jointed arms as she is able to bend her elbows forward and it would look like her arms are broken.
  • Sierra goes to the gym six days a week for an hour of cardio, plus three hours a week with a personal trainer to stay in shape. She eats healthy food, but if she wants to indulge in sweets and pizza, she just works extra hard the next day at the gym.
  • As she was flat chested, she had always wanted to have her breasts augmented since she was a young girl. She said that back then she would wear her mom’s bra and put water balloons in it, then dance around the house. After high school, when she was almost 19 years old, she underwent the procedure, and her mom took care of her afterwards. She was happy with the result and doesn’t regret it.
  • She also had her lips done.
  • Her favorite fruits are papaya and watermelon; favorite food is pasta; favorite color to wear is red or baby pink.
  • Her verified Instagram account is @sierraaaskyee. She also has a twitter account which is @sierra_egan with almost 40,000 followers, but her latest post was back in May 2019.
  • Sierra Skye has the same name as the retired porn actress, Rebecca Vuxta, who used that name as her screen name in the adult entertainment industry.


She is 5ft 4ins (1.6m) tall, weighs 130lbs (59kgs), and her vital statistics are 36-23-37. Skye has a fit and toned body. Her dress size is 6 and shoe size is 7.5. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Net worth

Working as a swimsuit model as well as a YouTuber and an Instagram star, her estimated net worth according to sources is over $1 million, as of early 2020.

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