Nicolette Scorsese:
• Former actress, now focused on raising her daughter Shiloh
• No clear relation to Martin Scorsese
• Not much known about her educational background
• Gained fame for her role in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989)
• Quit acting in 2001 to prepare for motherhood


Nicolette Scorsese is a former actress, who is now focused on bringing up her only daughter, Shiloh. During her career she was often recognized as a Martin Scorsese’s relative, but it’s not clear whether they are true relatives or not.

Early life and family

Nicolette Scorsese was born on 6 January 1954, in USA, so holding American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Nicolette has never been open about the details of her family members – there is no information about her parents, siblings, etc. She spent her childhood dreaming of becoming an actress, and eventually her dream came true.

Educational background

Nicolette matriculated her high school in 1972. There is no information about any further education.

Acting career

First steps

Nicolette started her career as a model – it eventually took her almost13 years to get her first role in a TV series, before which she worked with several modelling agencies, mostly for printed commercial campaigns. However, in 1985 she was cast as Cindy, appearing in two episodes of the show “The A-Team”: “Judgement Day: Part 1” and “Judgement Day: Part 2”. In 1987 Nicolette landed the role of Louise in the episode “American Teen” in “Charles in Charge”, a popular sitcom starring Scott Baio and Willie Aames.

In 1988 Nicolette had the role of Melissa Cody in the movie “Perfect Victims”, a horror thriller starring Deborah Shelton and Lyman Ward, her first work in a full movie. At the end of 1989, Nicolette got the role of Mary in Jeremiah S. Chechik’s “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, which made her much more famous. The family comedy starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo had varying reviews from the critics, but the audience accepted it warmly, mostly because of the talented acting of Chevy Chase.

Further career

In 1993 Nicolette landed several roles at once, appearing as Tina in the sports drama “Aspen Extreme”, as a Nurse in the mystery drama “Boxing Helena”, and as a Hostess in the short movie “The Waiter”.

Nicolette Scorsese — screen shot from Charles in Charge, counter/red swimsuit girl from "Christmas Vacation"

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In 1994 Nicolette had the role of Holly in the TV drama series “L.A. Law”, and could be seen in the episode entitled “Cold Cuts”. The same year she also appeared in “Rebel Highway” as Suzy in the episode “Girls in Prison”, which was later released as a TV movie in its extended version.

In 1995 Nicolette landed the role of Pamela in the super popular series “ER”, appearing in the episode “The Birthday Party”. The same year she also appeared in one of the episodes of “NYPD Blue”, playing the role of Francine. The next year she could be seen as Eileen in the TV movie “The Ultimate Lie” (1996), and in 1998 was in the cast of the short movie “Lone Greasers” , while  in 2000 she got back to the set of “NYPD Blue” to appear in another episode, entitled “Little Abner”, portraying the character of a busty barmaid. In fact, it was her last acting work. In 2001 Nicolette found out that she was pregnant, and quit her acting career to prepare for motherhood.

Is she related to Martin Scorsese?

Nicolette’s surname for sure makes everybody wonder if she is somehow related to the legendary director Martin Scorsese. The fact that Nicolette was an actress and also worked in the entertainment industry made their supposed kinship very possible. However, the truth is that Nicolette Scorsese and Martin Scorsese are not relatives – they only have the same surname.

Personal life, ex-boyfriend Sean Penn

Nicolette is rumored to have had multiple relationships with various actors. When she started to work as a model, she dated Antonio Sabato Jr. She is also said to be the ex-girlfriend of Sean Penn, the star of “The Game” movie (1997), as they were seen together at the beginning of ‘90s, when Sean divorced from Madonna and didn’t start his relationship with his second wife Robin Wright yet, who he married in 1996.

Sean Penn

From 2000 Nicolette was in relationship with a popular rock singer Billy Duffy, the front man of the British band “The Cult”, and in 2002 Nicolette gave birth to their daughter Shiloh Duffy; there is no information on her further relationship with Billy, in fact in 2006 Billy was seen with another woman, Zeta Graff, which means that by 2006 his relationship with Nicolette came to an end.

Daughter, Shiloh Duffy

Nicolette’s daughter with Billy Duffy was born in 2002. She is now a studying in the University of North Carolina, due to graduate in 2024. She has a lot of friends, and likes travelling around the US and Europe. Her hobby is photography; she has a VSCO account, in which she shares the photos she’s taken, including several with her mother. Shiloh also dances ballet; she was a participant in the Youth International Ballet Competition. She once met Ed Sheeran, one of her favorite modern singers.

Who is Billy Duffy, Shiloh’s father?

Nothing is known about how often Shiloh sees her biological father, Billy Duffy, who her mother dated for a couple of years. Born on 12 May 1961 as William Henry Duffy, the future rock musician grew up in Hulme, Manchester, England. An avid fan of Manchester City FC, Billy became involved in various fan events organized by the local Ultras. It was the time when he also became the fan of punk-rock music, and inspired by such bands as New York Dolls, Buzzcocks and, of course, The Sex Pistols, Billy started playing the guitar in the group “Southern Death Cult”. The group later split, and Billy and his fellow musicians created another band, “Death Cult”, soon shortening the name of the band to simply “The Cult”.

The band released 10 studio albums, undergoing several splits and reunions. Among their most successful albums there are “Electric” (1987), “Beyond Good and Evil” (2001) and “Choice of Weapon” (2012). In January 2013 the world famous musical instruments manufacturer “Gretsch” released the guitar entitled “Billy Duffy Signature White Falcon”.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Nicolette’s favorite actor is Tom Cruise, and her favorite actress is Julia Roberts. Her favorite color is blue. She enjoys Italian cuisine. Nicolette’s favorite travelling destination is Paris, France.

Appearance, clothing style

Nicolette has middle length brown hair and blue eyes. She is 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, weighs around 116lbs (53kgs), and her vital statistics are 33-24-34. As to her clothing style, she likes wearing smart dresses and clothes with animal prints. She enjoys wearing high heels.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Nicolette’s net worth is reported to be around $300,000. As to the father of Nicolette’s daughter, Shiloh, who was supposed to pay alimony until Shiloh turns 18, Billy Duffy is reported to have a net worth of $12 million, as of March 2020.

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