• Anna Strout is a social activist and married to actor and writer Jesse Eisenberg.
• Anna's mother Toby Strout works at a domestic violence shelter and a street was named after Anna following her death.
• Anna and Jesse met in 2002 on the set of “The Emperor’s Club” and married in 2017.
• Anna is a playwright and author and Jesse has written several articles, plays, and books.
• Anna's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million and Jesse has a net worth of $10 million.


Anna Strout is a social activist who is most famous for having dated and married Jesse Eisenberg who is an American actor and writer.

She was born on 13 May 1983, to mother Toby Strout who worked as an executive director of a Bloomington’s Middle Way house, which is an Indiana-based domestic violence shelter that helps women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. A street in Washington Street was named after her in 2017 following her death.  Her dad, Bob Arnove, is a writer of such books as “Talent Abounds”, Education and “Revolution in Nicaragua”.


Any information pertaining to Anna’s education is not available to us. Where she attended high school and whether or not she matriculated is not known, nor whether or not she enrolled into college.

Besides being a social activist, Anna has been working as a production assistant and a crew member for several movie, including on “The Emperor’s Club”, and the movie “Don’t Say A Word” in 2001. She also worked as a talent coordinator for the documentary “Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia”. She was also the assistant business manager on the documentary “Digital_Man/Digital World”.

Jesse and Anna met in 2002 on the set of “The Emperor’s Club” – both were just 19. They dated for ten subsequent years up to 2012 when they split, and in 2013 Jesse started dating his Australian co-star from the movie “The Double”, Mia Wasikowska. However, that relationship didn’t work out for them – Jesse had been volunteering at a domestic violence shelter in 2015 for four months, and during that time he reunited with Anna again.

They made their official announcement as a couple at a basketball game in January 2016; the couple was spotted holding their hands while enjoying the match, and ps of them together emerged afterwards. News of their pregnancy was announced in October of the same year, and in December 2016 Anna gave birth to their son Banner.

They married in 2017, but where and when their wedding ceremony took place isn’t known, as they kept it out of the eyes of the paparazzi. While speaking to Seventeen magazine about their relationship, Jesse said, ‘My job is so selfish and focused on my own vanity that I like to surround myself with people who are actually helping people throughout their day.’

Jesse Eisenberg was born on 5 October1983, in Queens, New York City USA, and is an American actor, playwright and author. He first appeared on the television in the comedy series  “Get Real” in 1999. He got his first leading role in “Roger Dodger” in 2002, after which he appeared in “The Emperor’s Club” in the same year, and “The Village” (2004).

He followed it up with “The Squid and the Whale” (2005) and “The Education of Charlie Banks (2007). In 2009, he rose to fame with roles in the comedy drama movie” Adventureland”, as well as the horror-comedy “Zombieland”.

His most successful role to date and the one he’s most famous for is his portrayal of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg in the movie “The Social Network” (2010), gaining several nominations for this leading role, including Golden Globe, BAFTA and the Academy Award for Best Actor. He won the award for the Best Actor for the movie at the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures.

Jesse Eisenberg

In 2010 he starred in “Holy Rollers” and the movie was nominated at the Sundance Film Festival for the Grand Jury Prize. In 2011, Jesse lent his voice to the character of Blu, a macaw, in the film “Rio”, as well as “Rio 2” in 2014. He has also been in several movies such as “30 Minutes or Less” (2011), “To Rome with Love” (2012) and “Now You See Me” (2013), and the sequel “Now You See Me 2” in 2016, as well as in “Café Society” in the same year. He also gained popularity for portraying the character of Lex Luthor in the DC movie “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and made a brief appearance in “Justice League” (2017).

Jesse is a writer too, and has contributed to several websites and papers such as The New Yorker. He has written and performed in plays for the New York Stage including “The Revisionist”, “Asuncion” and “The Spoils”. In September 2015, Jesse wrote his first book “Bream Gives Me Hiccups: and Other Stories”, which is a short story collection.

Both Anna and Jesse are private people, and don’t share anything of their personal lives on social media.

Anna is a playwright as well as an author, and is rumored to have written several books, but their  titles and their publications haven’t been disclosed.

Anna is the only girl Jesse has ever dated. He said “I’ve had one girlfriend my whole life. I’ve never been on a date with anybody else.

Jesse and Anna both worked with Anna’s mother Toby Strout at Middle Way House in Bloomington, Indiana. During his volunteering efforts there, Jesse managed to raise almost $1 million to pay for the mortgage of the shelter. Anna helps her mother out at the Middle Way House often, and even runs a campaign by the name “I’m with Jesse”.

Part of the campaign is that people who donate to the charity get an opportunity to meet the actor, as well as attend a screening of his movie “Zombieland”. Anna belongs to white ethnicity. Her hair is brown in color and her eyes are blue. Her height is %ft 4ins (1.63m), weight 116lbs (63kgs), and her vital statistics are 36-25-38.

Net Worth

Sources cite her net worth as being as much as $1.5 million. Jesse Eisenberg, on the other hand, has a net worth of over $10 million that he has accumulated by thriving in the entertainment industry as an actor and a writer.

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