• India Love Westbrooks is a Tumblr blogger, model and television personality born on 3 February 1996 in Compton, California, USA.
• She is of mixed heritage, a combination of Spanish, African-American, Indian and Creole.
• Her parents are Candace ‘Candy’ Westbrooks and Warren Westbrooks, and she has four sisters and two brothers; she is the youngest daughter.
• She is famous through her Vine and Instagram accounts and starred in the reality television show "The Westbrooks" with her sisters.
• Her estimated net worth is $1.3 million as of 2020.


Early life, family, educational background

India Love Westbrooks is a Tumblr blogger, model and television personality. She was born on 3 February 1996, in Compton, California USA, and is commonly known as India Love. Her parents are Candace ‘Candy’ Westbrooks and Warren Westbrooks, and she has four sisters and two brothers; she is the youngest daughter. Her sisters are Brooke, Morgan, Bree and Crystal, and her brothers are Warren II and Blake. She is of mixed heritage, a combination of Spanish, African-American, Indian and Creole ancestry.

When Compton became too challenging to live in, India and her family moved to Corona.

Unfortunately, India was bullied at her new school in Corona; in an interview with Paper Magazine, she shared, ‘I went to a Christian middle school, and I got bullied there. I never understood why no one wanted to sit with me, everyone was cliqued up, and they spoke behind my back.’ She later attended Santiago High School.


She is famous through her Vine and Instagram accounts. In 2011, she started her blog on Tumblr. She has been hacked quite a few times on Tumblr, which was very problematic, because she would quickly build her followership, but then get hacked and have to start over. She was forced to explore other social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine, and found great success on Vine until the application was shut down.

In 2015, India and her sisters were asked to star in their reality television show by BET Networks. Called “The Westbrooks”, it followed the lives of the Westbrooks daughters, and was a success among young girls thanks to their already-existing online audience. Their popularity and reality television show means that the Westbrooks sisters and the Kardashians are often compared. India dislikes it when the media and public compare her family with the Kardashians, because she feels that she and her sisters are more genuine and unique. “The Westbrooks” did not, however, meet the same expectations as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Before meeting Will.i.am, India had no interest in making music. On the music video shoot for “Boys & Girls,” Will and India met for the first time when he asked if she wanted to be an Apple headphones brand ambassador. India accepted, and joined Will on an Apple tour in Europe. Will became India’s mentor, and encouraged her to become an artist by guiding her on how to use her musical voice properly. She toured with the Black Eyed Peas after she began making and releasing music of her own.

Similar to her Instagram and Vine accounts, she has a YouTube channel, also called “India Love,” onto which she uploads audios and music videos of her new songs, including “Talk Yo Sh!t,” “#Pretty” and “Loco.”

Personal life

She currently resides in Los Angeles. She has stated that social media created a lot of damage to her self-esteem. She would get bullied online to the point that she did not like looking at herself in the mirror. One of her coping mechanisms was getting tattoos even though her mom was heartbroken about them.

She began dating professional American Football player Rob Robinson in May 2011, but they broke up in September 2013. She then dated American rapper DeAndre Cortez Way (Soulja Boy) for almost two years – they broke up in September 2015. While they were dating, she had an affair with American Footballer Brandon Wimberly in 2014 for six months. It is also rumored that she had an affair with rapper The Game in 2014 for a few months.

India Love Westbrooks

In early 2019, she was spending a lot of time with rapper Sheck Wes. In June she denied being in a relationship by posting on Snapchat that she is single, but in October Sheck and India were seen together at a theme park. Fans took photos and videos of them and uploaded them online.

She has also been linked to Drake, but many believe their romantic relationship was only ever a rumor.

She has also dated J’Leon Love, Instagram influencer Justin Combs, Cliff Dixon, Rick Ross and Lou l etay.

Dramas she has been involved in include her nude photos being leaked, and Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy’s public disagreements.


She stands at 5ft 3ins (1.6m) and weighs 124lbs (56kgs). She has black hair and brown eyes.

Net worth and salary

According to wealtholino.com, her estimated net worth is $1.3 million as of early 2020. She reportedly charges about $200 to link a brand’s website to her Instagram biography. She earns around $700 per brand promotion.

Family’s personal life

Warren and Candy have been married for over 30 years. Her father, Warren is a successful African-American entrepreneur. Among other businesses, he runs the landscaping and cigar firm, Royal Blunts. He lives in Los Angeles and enjoys bodybuilding. When he was younger, he was on the cover of the “Muscle Up” magazine.

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Her mother Candy is of Creole and Mexican descent – her oldest child is married, and her youngest is still in school. She is a full-time, stay-at-home mother, but helps her husband run his companies, and is a massive support to him as well as their children.

Their oldest daughter, Brooke, is unmarried, but in a long-term relationship, and the couple has three boys, Allan, Amaje and Ace and a daughter, Angela. Brooke attended Valley College in Los Angeles where she studied business, and works as a promoter and model. She also owns the fashion brand, B. Lauren.

Bree is also not married, but in 2012 she gave birth to her son, Tyler, whose father is amateur actor, Devon Hicks.

She studied business at the University of California and attended Ottawa University. As a teenager, Bree was interested in basketball. She is a promoter on Instagram for food and apparel brands, and makes thousands of dollars per post. She is also a plus-size model.

Morgan is an artist, promoter and model, but is considered to be a businesswoman, and runs a tattoo parlour. She has released a single, “Don’t Waste My Time.” Crystal is considered the most beautiful sister of the five, and is often compared with Kendall Jenner. She used to date the famous rapper, Drake. After attending Texas Southern University, she began working as a model and television actress. She works closely with Harley Dreux, a renowned fashion brand.

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