• Cindy Landolt is a bodybuilder, fitness coach, and social media personality, best known for her fit body and shredded abs.
• She has an estimated net worth of $200,000, earned through her fitness business and sponsorships.
• She turned to bodybuilding at the age of 16 after her love for gymnastics ended.
• She promotes fitness services and products on her website, as well as in magazines and television shows.
• She is single and rumors suggest she may be more interested in women than men.


Who is Cindy Landolt?

Cinderella Landolt was born on 11 January 1985, in Wetzikon, Switzerland. She is a bodybuilder, fitness coach, and social media personality, best known from rising to fame online thanks to her extremely fit body and shredded abs. Her workouts, diet, and figure has gained her hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media accounts such as Instagram.

The Wealth of Cindy Landolt

As of early-2020, Cindy Landolt’s net worth is estimated to be over $200,000, earned largely through a successful career in the fitness industry. She earns well with her training business, and has even expanded it with offerings of online courses.

She also earns income through sponsorships brought about by her online fame.

Early Life and Bodybuilding Beginnings

Cindy grew up in Switzerland, and at a young age developed a love for outdoor activities including sports. This was encouraged by the environment of her country that allowed for various activities such as hiking and swimming. The long snowy winters also meant that snowboarding and skiing were good options.

As she showed athletic prowess, she later turned her attention to a more graceful sport, as she began training in gymnastics from childhood up to her teenage years.

At the age of 16, she was growing taller and stronger, which led to many discouraging her from continuing her training as she no longer possessed the body that would be good for gymnastics. While she felt a little bit of frustration, the closing of one door led to another opening, as she soon discovered a weightlifting gym in her area. She started lifting weights and discovered a passion for bodybuilding, and so now determined to find a career in the field.

Education and Rise to Fame

After matriculating from high school, Landolt enrolled at the Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports, to earn her professional trainer certification.

Cindy Landolt

The school is a part of the Federation of International Sports, Aerobics, and Fitness (FISAF) which owns various academies, competitive bodies, networks, and clubs around the world. Their courses often lead to people gaining certification for personal training, or becoming instructors in aerobics. They also offer courses so that students can learn to train others in yoga, pilates, kickboxing and power walking. After completing a three-year course, Cindy then began establishing a personal brand, hoping to make a fitness business on her own.

She established online accounts on Twitter and Instagram, seeing them as avenues to help promote her skills and experience. Fame online would also mean more corporate connections, and the chance to connect with athletes as well as celebrities, who pay well for private trainers. While she didn’t attract a lot of attention at first, she turned things around as she began posting photos and videos of her workouts. She quickly caught attention online, as she showcased the results of her training, leading to a very muscular body with well-toned abdominal muscles.

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The Training Regiment

Soon, Cindy’s online following increased significantly, and she used this new audience to promote her services. She gained numerous clients, including celebrities and athletes over the years. She became well paid for her work and began living a lavish lifestyle often consisting of travel abroad and expensive getaways. To help connect with more of the masses on social media, she also established online courses, and wrote books about fitness as well as diet. She used her own experience and programs to help create programs for others which continued to bring in wealth.

A lot of people are curious about how she was able to achieve shredded abs which would be difficult for many others, even men. She admitted that she doesn’t do a lot of the traditional exercises for the core such as sit-ups, but uses powerlifting exercises such as squats and deadlifts to improve her core. In her experience, lifting heavy on these exercises is more beneficial than spending a lot of time doing crunches or sit-ups. With her growing fame, she began streaming workouts with clients. She was also featured in several publications and television shows, leading to the nickname Swiss Superwoman.

Recent Endeavors

In 2016, Landolt established her first physical fitness club located in Zurich, Switzerland. She also improved her online presence by creating a personal website that sells her services and products – she is a big promoter of personalized fitness and nutrition plans to help maximize growth and development. Her gym is called the Centurion Club and she often posts her workout photos and videos from this new location. She’s also been doing a bit of modeling, often appearing in bodybuilding and fitness magazines, as her physique is very appealing to that niche.

In recent months, with most of the world under quarantine or lockdown, her gym has been empty and she has mostly stayed at home. To adjust to these new circumstances, she began making customized programs that take advantage of staying at home, a recent trend among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts online. Many of them have been focusing on bodyweight exercises, no equipment exercises, or the use of common household items for their fitness routines. A lot of them have also been more active online, as the digital space is their only current means to connect with the fitness-hungry crowd.

Personal Life

Cindy is single, and hasn’t had any public romantic relationships since the creation of her online accounts. A few of her followers have asked if she has a boyfriend, and while she hasn’t answered the question directly, she admitted to disliking marriage, saying that she’s not the type of girl that gets into marriage, nor is she seeking marriage any time soon. Her focus continues to be her fitness business, though rumors are going around that she might be more interested in women due to her seeming lack of interest in men. These rumors have not been confirmed.

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