• Miya Cech is an actress born in Tokyo, Japan, best known for her role in Netflix science fiction “Rim of the World”
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $350,000
• She was adopted by an American family and moved to California at a young age
• She has acted in shows such as “Hawaii Five-0”, “The Thundermans”, “American Horror Story”, “The Darkest Minds”, “Rim of the World” and “Always Be My Maybe”
• She is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and speaks out against racism and discrimination.


Who is Miya Cech?

Miya Cech was born on 4 March 2007, in Tokyo, Japan, and is an actress, perhaps best known for her work in the Netflix science fiction “Rim of the World”, in which she portrayed the character, Zhen Zhen. Other notable projects she’s already had during her career include “The Darkest Minds” and “The Thundermans”.

The Riches of Miya Cech

As of mid-2020, Miya Cech’s net worth is estimated to be over $350,000, earned through a so far short but successful career as an actress. Her biggest pay recorded was around $10,000 an episode. While she is relatively new to the acting scene, her wealth will likely continue to grow as she stays active in the profession.

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Miya was born in Tokyo, and though the circumstances are unknown, she was put up for adoption, and accepted by an American family. She moved to California shortly after her birth and was raised alongside three siblings, two of whom were also adopted. At a young age, she developed an interest in acting, and was supported by her mother. She had right timing as she came when diversity is being highly sought after in numerous films.

At the age of four she began doing modeling work, posing for magazines and doing a few commercials.

She was very enthusiastic about the work, then in 2015 she made her debut as a guest in the CBS show “Hawaii Five-0”. The police procedural show is a reboot of the popular 1970s show of the same name. It tells the story of a police crime taskforce operating within Hawaii under the state’s governor. The show ran for around a decade, and concluded in 2020.

Continued Acting Work

Her experience there opened more opportunities for her, and in 2015 she was next cast in the Nickelodeon show “The Thundermans”, starring Chris Tallman, Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo.

Miya Cech

It tells the story of a family who possess superpowers, but try to live normal lives in a fictional town. The siblings are at conflict with one another, as one wants to be a superhero while the other dreams of being a villain. The stories progress with the family eventually gaining recognition as superheroes within the much larger community. She wasn’t a part of the show for the entire run, though appeared in a recurring fashion.

The following year, she furthered her experience as she tackled the horror genre, being cast in the sixth series of “American Horror Story” called “Roanoke”. The show features cast members of previous seasons while also including new characters, and follows the story of a married couple who relocate to North Carolina to film a paranormal documentary.

In the latter half of the season, the show shifts its storytelling to more of a found footage type of presentation, as the fate of the couple and the documentary production is shown. This iteration of the show received praise for its subdued theme – and darker style, compared to the previous season.

Rise to Prominence

Following “American Horror Story”, she began doing independent film work, including a couple of short films – “Unbound” and “Angeltown”. She also appeared as a guest in a sketch segment for the talk show “The Talk”.

More recently, in 2018 she was cast in the film “The Darkest Minds”, based on the novel of the same name written by Alexandra Bracken and starring Mandy Moore, Gwendoline Christie, Amandla Stenberg and Harris Dickinson. It tells the story of a group of teenagers and kids who develop superpowers, leading them to be chased by the government. While the show had a lot of promise, especially with producers of “Stranger Things” and “Arrival”, it didn’t fare well critically, gaining mostly negative reviews, criticized for its lack of personality and lackluster acting; it only earned a small amount from its budget in comparison.

The film is only an adaptation of the first of four novels, and while the director is hopeful for sequels, it is highly unlikely due to its poor reception.

Recent Projects

Cech had a series of projects in 2019, beginning with the film “Rim of the World” which was released through Netflix, directed by McG and inspired by the kid-focused action films of the 1980s. The film tells the story of a group of kids who meet through summer camp, all from different backgrounds, and they happen to get themselves into an adventure involving aliens and possibly the fate of the world. The film was very popular upon its release, particularly in the UK.

Her next project was “Always Be My Maybe”, which starred Randall Park and Ali Wong. It tells the story of two former childhood friends and teenage romantic partners who begin to experience various worries as they encounter one another again, discovering that they still have feelings for each other. While the film was released in theatres, it had a much wider release on Netflix. The film received mostly positive reviews, fueled by the great performances of its cast members. Since then, Miya hasn’t yet taken any new project, and like many others, will stay away from any production while the coronavirus is still a problem in many areas.

Personal Life

Miya is single and she is not yet at the age to be interested in any long-term relationships. She has been regarded by several digital publications as one of the top child actors of recent years, regarded as very intelligent. Apart from her acting projects, she’s mostly been staying active online connecting with her fans. She recently spoke out following the riots in the US and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd. She supports the rights of all races, and spoke out against racism and acts of discrimination.

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