• Micheline Roquebrune is a painter, producer, and golfer with a net worth of $1 million.
• She is of French descent and grew up in Morocco.
• She gained fame due to her relationship with Sean Connery.
• She was called to stand trial in Spain on allegations of fraud in 2015.
• She and Connery have been married since 1975 and enjoy retirement life.


Who is Micheline Roquebrune?

Michelle Roquebrune was born in 1929, in Morocco. She is a painter, producer, and golf player, but perhaps best recognized as the wife of retired actor, Sean Connery. Her husband has appeared in many high profile films dating from the 1960s, but is likely still best known for being the first actor to portray the character James Bond 007 in films.

The Net Worth of Micheline Roquebrune

As of mid-2020, Michelle Roquebrune’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. While she enjoyed wealth from her time playing golf to her work as a painter, potentially she probably benefitted the most from the success of her husband, as Connery has a net worth reputedly over $350 million.

Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune. They have now been married 44 years together & have know each other for 50 years !

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Life and Career

Micheline is of French descent but grew up in Morocco and. At a young age she was very sports-oriented, and eventually found her love for golf. She participated in numerous tournaments during her teenage years, and achieved some success with winnings from tournaments. Her focus changed during her early adult years when she began learning more about painting.

She was inspired by the painting Le Bonheur De Vivre or The Joy of Life, developing a style similar to it, using realist concepts and vibrant colors, which she became known for, and her use of unusual settings, employing changes in scale, simple forms, and cropping to help establish realism.

Her work started to gain attention, especially after she became romantically involved with Sean Connery. She has held exhibitions all around the world including in Washington D.C., Rome, Athens, Chicago, and Paris. Aside from painting, she’s also taken an interest in theatrical productions, helping with the Broadway hit “Art” which would win a Tony Award.

Later Career and Controversy

Aside from her production work, Roquebrune was also credited as a part of the crew of the film “Never Say Never Again” which starred her husband. She also participated in the creation of the documentary “Sean Connery: An Intimate Portrait” which featured several appearances by her. Since both taking a step back from their respective careers, they’ve mostly been traveling around the world, playing golf for fitness.

Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune

In 2015, she was called to stand trial in Spain on allegations of fraud to the Spanish government. According to the case reports, the couple sold a house in Marbella, Spain, owning the home for over two decades, and after the sale over 70 new flats were created in the area which only had an authorization for five. The value of the sale was also said to be fictitious, and a legal transaction was fabricated so that she could avoid tax. Her husband was included in the investigation, but was later ruled out following an affidavit he submitted. Several of their lawyers were also charged with tax fraud for the event.

However, since the case in 2016, no word has come out of it meaning that it might’ve been settled away from court.

Husband – Sean Connery

Thomas Sean Connery was born in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, where his mother worked as a cleaning woman while his father was a factory worker. He grew up alongside a younger brother and eventually used his second name more due to having a friend with a similar first name of Thomas. His first job was as a milkman in Edinburgh, and then he joined the Royal Navy. After being discharged from service after being diagnosed with an ulcer, he returned home and worked various odd jobs.

At the age of 18 he became interested in bodybuilding, and even competed for a short time until realizing that he was often beaten by Americans. He then played a bit of soccer and was scouted for a team but went against joining as he felt that he only had a few years left in him for an athletic career. He then pursued acting work, first taking up projects in local theatre before eventually landing small parts in bigger productions. He became close friends with Michael Caine, and would build his reputation as a skilled actor in stage productions.

The Success of Sean Connery

In the 1960s, Connery started taking more television and film roles which would elevate his career significantly.

In 1962, he was cast as the first actor to portray the character James Bond, created by novelist Ian Fleming. He starred in seven James Bond films in over two decades with some of his most popular including “Diamonds Are Forever”, “You Only Live Twice”, and “Dr. No”. While working on those projects, he also established himself as a top-caliber actor with an Academy Award-winning role in “The Untouchables”.

Other notable films he’s worked on during his career include “Murder on the Orient Express”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “Dragonheart”, “The Man Who Would Be King”, and “Highlander”. He is considered one of the greatest personalities to come from Scotland, and is even regarded as their national living treasure by several publications.

He was voted as the sexiest man alive several times by the magazine “People”, and was knighted in 2000 for his service to the entertainment industry. He was also given a lifetime achievement award in the US, from the American Film Institute in 2006, announcing his retirement from acting afterwards.

Personal Life

Micheline met Sean on a golf club in Morocco in 1972 – at the time, he was still married to actress Diane Cilento. Despite not knowing how to speak each other’s languages the two connected while playing golf, leading them to have romantic encounters away from the games.

After he left, it wasn’t until a few years later and his divorce from Cilento that he contacted her again. They were in a relationship for two years and married in 1975, staying together since. She has three children from previous marriages while he has a child from his marriage to Cilento.

Since their retirement, they’ve traveled across the US, Scotland, and Spain. Her husband had a dream of creating a golf course which was later realized after he sold his land to billionaire Dietmar Hopp. Both have stated publicly that they don’t plan on returning to work, as they enjoy retirement life.

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