• Michael Joseph Consuelos is an actor, best known as the eldest child of actress Kelly Ripa and actor Mark Consuelos.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, with his parents having a net worth of over $120 million and $40 million respectively.
• He enrolled at New York University and voiced for the shows “Duck Dodgers” and “Go, Diego, Go!”.
• He is currently playing a guest role in the show “Riverdale”.
• He is single, close to his family, and is athletically inclined.


Who is Michael Joseph Consuelos?

Michael Joseph Consuelos was born on 2 June 1997, in the United States of America, and is an actor, but perhaps best known for being the eldest child of actress Kelly Ripa from her marriage to actor Mark Consuelos. His parents rose to fame as a part of the soap opera “All My Children”, which led them to a romance as the two eloped, and at one point in time were one of television’s most popular couples.

The Wealth of Michael Joseph Consuelos

As of early-2020, Michael Joseph Consuelos’ net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, earned through success in his various acting endeavors.

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He probably benefits from the success of his parents as well, with Ripa having an estimated net worth of over $120 million. His father, on the other hand, has a net worth reputed to be over $40 million.

Early Life, Education, and Career

At a young age, Michael Joseph developed a love for acting akin to his parents, who’ve had very successful careers in the profession. He set his path on having an acting career as well, and after matriculating from high school, he enrolled at New York University, joining its film program, after discovering that one of the directors from “All My Children” worked as a professor there.

He gained a bit of exposure on television growing-up, as he became a recurring guest on his mother’s show “Love! With Kelly and Ryan”, which has been running since 2001. His first opportunity came in a minor role in the short film “The Bensonhurst Spelling Bee”, and he then worked on a couple of children’s shows.

Work So Far

Consuelos made his official credited debut in “Duck Dodgers”, an animated series featuring various Looney Tunes characters. It’s based on the cartoon “Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century”, and the show ran for around two years.

He then voiced for another children’s show called “Go, Diego, Go!”, which is a spin-off oromf the show “Dora the Explorer” this time focused on her cousin Diego who goes on adventures rescuing animals and the environment. The show aired on Nickelodeon and received positive reviews during its run of five seasons.

His biggest role came when it was revealed that he was cast in a guest role in the television series “Riverdale”, portraying a younger version of his father’s character Hiram Lodge; he was the priority for casting as he looked a lot like his father when he was younger. The show as the title denotes is based on Archie Comics and its characters, and follows the story of Archie Andrews and his group of friends as they become intertwined in the secrets of their small town, which isn’t as normal place as it seems at first glance.

The show has aired for four seasons, and while he’s only portrayed a younger version of Hiram once, he has expressed his openness on reprising the role if deemed necessary.

Father – Mark Consuelos

Mark originally hails from Spain though his ancestry is Mexican and Italian. His family migrated to the US during his childhood, and he didn’t’ initially envision a career in acting. He graduated with a degree in marketing from the University of South Florida, but developed his interest in acting in the early 1990s. He achieved his breakthrough in 1995 when he was cast in “All My Children”, becoming the love interest of Kelly Ripa’s character.

Mark Consuelos

The two secretly wed, and remained with the series until 2002. Following his departure from the show, he appeared in various television shows and films, and also made a guest appearance in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In the early-2010s, he was cast as a recurring character in “American Horror Story – Asylum” which was the theme of its second season. His most notable role is Hiram Lodge in “Riverdale”, gaining a lot of praise for his performance of the character, even winning a Teen Choice Award for his role as a villain. While he’s been busy with “Riverdale”, he’s also appeared in other television projects, such as “Broad City”.

Mother – Kelly Ripa

Like Michael’s father, when young Kelly didn’t envision herself as an actress. She was the daughter of a bus driver, and was more musically inclined during her youth. It was during high school that one of her teachers encouraged her to pursue acting. She didn’t heed it at first, opting to study psychology at Camden County College after matriculating, but eventually discovering that her passion lies with the craft and dropping out of college. Like her future partner, she found her breakthrough in “All My Children”, and stayed with the show for 12 years, becoming one of the more popular soap opera stars of the time.

After a good test run with Regis Philbin, she was asked to become a permanent host of “Live!” replacing Kathie Lee Gifford. The two had great chemistry together and seemed to jive naturally as if they’d known each other for a long time. It was Philbin who chose her, and the two worked together until his retirement. After many replacements, she now works with television personality Ryan Seacrest.

While most of her efforts are focused on that show, she briefly ventured back into television during the early-2000s in the show “Hope & Faith”, portraying the titular Faith Fairfield.

She recently appeared in “Riverdale”, playing the mistress of her real-life husband’s character.

Personal Life

Michael Joseph is single and has expressed a desire to pursue acting first before thinking about any long term relationships. He’s very close to his family, with his parents often featuring him in many of their Instagram posts. He is also athletically inclined, and was even a part of the cross country team at New York University. Even though he is no longer competing, he maintains a consistent schedule, training regularly to keep in shape. He resides in New York with his family in a townhouse bought by his parents, valued at over $27 million.

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