• Megan Ramsay is the daughter of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife, Tana.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.
• She attended Ibstock Place School and Oxford Brokes University and studied psychology.
• She has interned with White Stuff and Beauty Pie, and worked at Gordon Ramsay Holdings and National Crime Agency.
• She is currently interning with Quintessentially Travel Group, and is in a relationship with Charlie Webb.


Who is Megan Ramsay?

Megan Jane Ramsay was born on 16 May 1998, in England, and is best known as the daughter of chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana. Her mother is a former schoolteacher turned cooking show television personality. Her father on the other hand is one of the most popular chefs in the world, having held 16 Michelin stars in his career. He is particularly known for his appearance in various competitive cooking shows.

The Net Worth of Megan Ramsay

As of mid-2020, Megan Ramsay’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through success in her various endeavors.

While she has tried various career paths during her few years as an adult, she has probably benefitted from the wealth of her parents her entire life. Her father has a net worth estimated to be over $220 million, and is one of the highest-earning celebrities of recent years.

Early Life and Education

Megan grew up alongside four younger siblings, two of whom are twins. At a young age, she became accustomed to a life of high-quality food thanks to her parents, but still had a strict upbringing, with her father watching them closely, particularly when it came to her friends and relationships.

Her parents never forced their passion for food on to her, and she grew up with varied interests. She attended the Ibstock Place School, a co-educational independent school located in London, then after matriculating she enrolled at Oxford Brookes University located in Oxford, England, and is one of the top young universities in the world, often ranked highly in various university guides. There she took up a course in psychology, and did several internships. During her graduation, a bit of attention was put on her as her father sent her a long heartfelt congratulatory message on social media.

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Career Endeavors

Some of Megan’s earliest work activities were internships in two lifestyle and fashion brands based in the UK. The first was with White Stuff, which is known for selling various apparel for men, women, and children, also selling accessories, home items, and gifts. She had an internship with Beauty Pie too, which focuses on selling various skincare and make-up products. After graduation, she briefly worked for her father’s company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, but left after just two months. She then became active with production, working behind the scenes in several of his father’s shows as a part of Studio Ramsay, in programs such as “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares”, and has been to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay numerous times.

Eventually she wanted to pursue other potential career paths, and began working in the National Crime Agency, the law enforcement agency of the UK, with a focus on various types of crime. They are often the main contact point of other international law enforcement agencies such as Interpol and Europol. After working there briefly, she then took up an internship with Quintessentially Travel Group, known for offering luxury lifestyle and travel packages.

Father – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon was born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland, the second child of four.

Gordon Ramsay

During his early years, his family moved around due to his father’s struggle to find a good job, but which was mostly held back by his alcoholism. They eventually settled in Stratford, Warwickshire, England. At a young age, he showed a lot of athletic prowess and played football regularly. He was able to join The Rangers Football Club, which he felt was a dream come true as it was the club he had supported as a child, but he eventually left this career behind due to a back injury.

He then began focusing on a new interest, cooking. He started by taking various lessons, and gained sponsorship from Rotary International to study hotel management.

After his studies, he began working at Wroxton House Hotel as a commis chef, before moving to London where he worked at various restaurants before coming under the tutelage of Marco Pierre White. Wanting to be more than just a regular chef, he began exploring more about French cuisine.

The Success of Gordon Ramsay

In the 1990s Gordon achieved the status of head chef, which marked the beginning of his trajectory towards fame and riches. In 1998, he was featured in the miniseries “Boiling Point” which established him as a television personality. The documentary series followed eight months of his life as he prepares a new restaurant in Chelsea, hoping to get the prestigious three Michelin Stars.

He quickly became known for his skills in cooking, but his temperament too which often led to outbursts, being very blunt and strict, an aspect that would define his television career.

Over the years, he’s been involved in numerous shows, including “Hell’s Kitchen” and “The F Word”. He also gained international recognition for his work in “MasterChef” and its counterpart “MasterChef Junior”. He owns Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, and across all his restaurants, he has seven Michelin stars – he has been awarded 16 Michelin stars in his career. In 2018, he was listed as one of the highest-earning celebrities in the world, with over $62 million thanks to his success in the culinary world, including television endeavors.

Personal Life

Megan is in a relationship with Charlie Webb and while little is known about him, she has occasionally posted photos of them together on social media. There was an occasion during her teenage years when her father paid her younger brother to spy on her, to check if she was dating anyone; she was later confronted about a boy who turned out to be just one of her friends. She has appeared in numerous public events alongside her family, and is also close friends with Brooklyn Beckham, the son of David Beckham. In 2016 she competed in the London Marathon, and dedicated her participation to a younger brother who was lost due to miscarriage.

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