• Matt Danzeisen is a portfolio manager with Black Rock Inc. and Bank of America Securities.
• He is the husband of famous entrepreneur Peter Thiel.
• Little is known about his early life, but he is of German descent.
• He is active in the FinTech space with positions as a lender, board member and equity investor.
• He is married to Peter Thiel and has a net worth of over $1 million.



Coming out of the closet isn’t easy for most people. Today, however, we can see a lot of celebrities finally talking without any hesitation about their sexual orientation – many of them being really successful and rich ones. Matt Danzeisen, husband of famous entrepreneur Peter Thiel, is one of them.

Early life and Education

Matt Danzeisen is a person whose background is shrouded in mystery – so little is known about him that not even his date of birth is disclosed. However, he looks like he could be in his middle to late 40s, and it’s assumed that he grew up somewhere in the United States.

As of beginning of 2020, it is unknown where he spent his childhood and where he went to school or college, as well as his family life. He has never been seen with or heard mentioning any siblings, or the names his parents. Due to his surname, it is supposed that he is of German descent.


Danzeisen used to work as a portfolio manager with “Black Rock Inc.”, an American global investment management corporation. Before that, he spent years working at Bank of America Securities as an investment banker.

Even before his relationship with Peter Thiel, he became a portfolio manager for Thiel Capital, Peter’s family company stationed in San Francisco, California, which invests in business ventures, both established and new ones alike. Thiel Capital provides operational and strategic support for a plethora of investment initiatives, as well as entrepreneurial ventures. It is not known what exact position Danzeisen has in the company, however some sources say that he is the person in charge of all the private investments of the brand, and that he also takes care of the financial services in the company.

At the same time, he is active in investing in the FinTech space, and he holds the positions of a lender, board member and an equity investor. Just like his husband, he is also a member of Thiel Foundation, a private foundation created and financed by Thiel.

Marriage with Peter Thiel

Danzeisen became famous after Peter Thiel went public with the news of their marriage. Once the famous entrepreneur’s name connected to his, he gained a lot of world-wide public attention, and the media were interested in writing about the man who tied the knot with the co-founder of PayPal.

The rumors about the two of them dating went on for a long time, but they kept their romance private – despite Thiel being outed as gay back in 2007, and he himself “got out of the closet” in 2016 during a press conference about controversial Presidential Elections and anti-gay laws. The confession shocked everyone, as Thiel was an avid supporter and a friend of Trump, the 45th and, as of March 2020, the current president of the United States. Whether or not he kept his loyalty to the Republican candidate after the election is not known, as has kept his political views secret, and this also stirred the water with plenty of gossips – especially as Trump wasn’t present at his friend’s wedding.

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At the same time, BuzzFeed stated that Danzeisen was ‘much more moderate’ in his political views, so probably this also influenced Thiel to modify his political stance somewhat.

Like many things in Danzeisen’s life, information about the moment of the couple’s meeting is a secret, but the duo announced their marriage during Thiel’s 50th birthday party – which shocked many, since Thiel, just like Danzeisen, prefers to keep his life away from the public’s eye. Not to mention that the guests expected a birthday party and not a wedding! The couple married on the same day, in the middle of October 2017, on Thiel’s property in Vienna, Austria.

Personal Life

Almost nothing is known about Danzeisen personal life, so there is hardly any information about him other than what can be seen from business conferences. His husband Thiel was born in Germany and became a citizen of the US in 1978, so due to his German surname, Danzeisen probably had a similar life path.

He made his public debut in May 2017, when he spoke at a conference about the condition of financial technology. ‘What might explain some of the slowdown is that winners are emerging, as certain business models are becoming more clearly dominant. So, it is cyclical, but we’ll still see innovation,’ Danzel was reported stating back then.

However, at the time, his connection to Thiel was unknown.

Thiel still keeps his life private, and has not revealed any information about his marriage. Despite publicly acknowledging his sexual orientation, he doesn’t talk about his husband and he was never heard talking about their relationship before their marriage. Danzeisen and his husband are Christians.

Net Worth

While Danzeisen’s net worth is conservatively estimated at over $1 million, that of his husband is an astonishing $2.5 billion! In 2014, Thiel was ranked fourth on the Forbes Midas List, and though he now dropped to the below 310th rank, his fortune is still rather impressive.

The couple also shares numerous assets, including Thiel’s Hawaii mansion valued at over $27 million, as well as their home in Los Angeles, California, that has an estimated value of around $11 million.

Physical characteristics

Danzeisen is a charismatic, good looking man with dark hair and brown eyes. His exact height and weight are not disclosed, however, he is seen with a smile most of the time, which, in combination with him wearing exclusively suits, makes a handsome combination.

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