Marjorie Elaine Harvey:
• Fashion icon and entrepreneur
• Married Steve Harvey in 2007
• Created a fashion and lifestyle blog, “The Lady Loves Couture” and launched MH Handbags in 2016
• Founded the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation in 2010
• Estimated net worth of over $60 million


Marjorie Elaine Harvey is a fashion icon and entrepreneur, who became popular when she married the multi-award winning radio and television host, Steve Harvey.

Early life and family

Marjorie Elaine Harvey was born Marjorie Elaine Bridges on 10 October 1964, in the United States, and has African-American ethnicity. She is bi-racial through having a Caucasian mother named Doris Bridges, and a father of African descent whose name is not revealed. Her parents have a home in Memphis, Tennessee, where she and her brother were raised. Not much else is known about her family except for the photos of her parents on her Instagram, which showed how loving and affectionate she is to them.

She greets them on their birthdays and wedding anniversary, and spends time with them. She has a brother based on an old family photo she posted, but no other information about him is available.

Early education

She entered the University of Memphis, but dropped out because it was said that she was more interested in fashion than studies.


Marjorie’s career in the past is not known; it was only after she married Steve Harvey that she started making a name for herself in the world of fashion, and is now considered a fashion icon. She receives invitations for a front row seat at catwalk shows of famous brands like Chanel, Valentino, Dior and Gucci during the New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week.

Most of her work has revolved around fashion, as she is most passionate about it. In 2014, she created a fashion and lifestyle blog, “The Lady Loves Couture,” which provides a lot of information on anything and everything about beauty, style and fashion. One of the main draws of this site is that it helps the average women achieve that catwalk look with the budget that they have.

Aside from running this blog, she also has her own handbag line, MH Handbags, which she launched in 2016, and features couture-inspired handbags made more affordable with prices ranging up to $400. That same year, she also opened an online consignment store, Marjorie Harvey’s Closet, which offers items directly from her own closet.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey

Marjorie is very stylish, and it would be a treat to fashion enthusiasts everywhere to own something of hers at a price that is considerably less than it would normally cost. The clothes were previously worn unless otherwise stated, with prices ranging as high as $5,500 – a percentage of the proceeds goes to the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

Personal life

Marjorie’s first encounter with her current husband, Steve Harvey, was in 1990, and it was really quite romantic because he was in the middle of a comedy show in Memphis, Tennessee, when Marjorie walked in late with her girlfriend. As she was making her way to where her seat was near the stage, he just stared at her, speechless, and she thought he’s going to call her out for being late or make her part of the show.

When he was able to find his voice, he said to the crowd, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know who this is, but I’m going to marry her.’ And he did marry her, but 17 years later. This story was told in an episode of the “Steve TV Show.”

It was said that the two didn’t date for a while after that first meeting, because Steve was still struggling, even homeless, around that time. He was just starting to establish himself as a stand-up comic or comedian, and couldn’t offer her stability, so he left. They met again in 2005 after Steve’s divorce from his second wife, and were married in 2007. Harvey said he had to thank his bodyguard for reuniting him with Marjorie, because it was his bodyguard who said, ‘Look, the only time I’ve ever seen you happy was when you were with that woman, Marjorie.

Now before you go and do something stupid and marry another woman, I’m calling her.’ The rest, as they say, is history.

Apparently, the ‘third time’s the charm’ for them both – with Marjorie and Steve coming from two failed marriages. They have kids with their previous spouses, and together formed a blended family – Steve has four children (Karli, Brandi, Broderick Jr., and Wynton) and Marjorie has three (Lori, Jason, and Morgan); Steve adopted her kids. The couple said that the children were at first resistant to living together as one big family. In 2016 People magazine, it was revealed that Steve told the kids, ‘Look, you don’t like it? Deal with it. I don’t need y’all’s permission.’

Marjorie, on the other hand, was more diplomatic in her approach, when she said, ‘Everyone is included. Everyone has access to their parents. Whatever you didn’t have before, don’t let that interfere with what you can have now.’ The children gave in, which is probably one of the best decisions they made, considering how happy and close they now appear as a family.

Marjorie and Steve are now doting grandparents to five. Steve jokingly said in an interview, ‘I’ve been waiting for years for my kids to get out of my house. Now they come back to the house and they got more people with them.’ One only has to look at the photos and videos on their Instagram accounts to see how much they love and adore their grandkids.

Steve Harvey

Who is Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is one of the most popular comedians in the US today. He started out doing stand-up comedy in the 1980s, and went on to become a radio and television personality, producer, actor, and a best-selling author. He hosted a variety of shows including the syndicated game show, “Family Feud,” the national radio program, “The Steve Harvey Show,” and NBC’s “Little Big Shots.” One interesting piece of trivia about him as a host is that in 2015 he became one of the top trending topics worldwide on Twitter, when he made a blunder in announcing Miss Colombia instead of Miss Philippines as the winner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant. He later apologized and was able to correct this, but only after the wrong woman was already crowned and waving to the crowd.

Steve is a six-time Daytime Emmy Award winner, a 14-time NAACP Image Award winner, and two-time Marconi Award winner. As of March 2020, sources estimated his net worth at over $200 million.

Marjorie’s previous relationships

In the early 1990s, Marjorie married Jim Townsend and had two children with him. He was a drug kingpin, charged for attempting to buy 40 kilos of cocaine, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. The FBI and DEA also investigated Marjorie’s possible involvement in the drug ring, but she was never charged; she divorced Jim less than five years into the sentence – in January 2017, he was pardoned by President Barack Obama after having served 26 years of his sentence. In May 2019, there were some reports that Jim wrote a memoir about their marriage and run-ins with the law.


Posted by James L. Woody on Monday, April 15, 2019

However, there are yet no details on when it will be released. Marjorie married one of the infamous Woods brothers, Darnell Woods, in 2000, and had a child with him. In 2002, the Woods brothers were jailed for marijuana and cocaine distribution from Houston to Memphis. It was said that she left him before the investigation concluded.


Marjorie together with her husband founded the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation in 2010, which is a non-profit organization which provides educational scholarships and one-on-one mentoring programs for young men and young girls, to guide and prepare them for their future.

Interesting facts and rumors

  • Most of what she wears is haute couture
  • She has 2.2 million followers on her Instagram account
  • She enjoys travelling, swimming, rock climbing, and doing yoga
  • Her parents, who have been together for 58 years and counting, are her relationship goals
  • She has a dog named Bear

Marjorie visited her parents’ home in Tennessee, and posted it on Instagram. She received praise from her followers for being proud of where she grew up, but there were others who shamed her for not buying her parents a new or bigger house. Marjorie wanted to block her critics for the ‘ignorant comment’, but decided to respond instead. She said that she takes excellent care of her parents, and would buy them the house of their dreams. However, her father, she said, “is proud and absolutely loves the house that he built for his family, and could not dream of living anywhere else. I would never insult my parents by telling them it’s not good enough.” Rumors of divorce started circulating in the internet in 2019 – that Marjorie and Steve were seen not wearing their wedding rings; that Steve is selling their properties or transferring ownership to his name.

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However, if you would look at her IG account, you would see that they are still very much together.


Marjorie has brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5ft 8ins (1.7m) tall and weighs around 134lbs (62kgs), with vital statistics of 38-28-38. She is definitely a head-turner with her stunning looks and great sense of style.

Net worth, salary

She is often described as a fashion mogul. However, nobody really knows how much she earns from her own handbag line, her online store, and being a guest on Steve’s show from time to time. However, authoritative sources estimate her net worth at over $60 million as of March 2020.

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