• Lyssa Rae Brittain is the ex-wife of reality television personality Duane “Dog” Chapman.
• She has a net worth estimated to be over $135,000.
• She married Duane two days after meeting him in the Colorado mountains.
• Duane is known for his bounty hunting business and reality shows.
• Lyssa Rae remains away from the public spotlight and it is not known if she is in a new relationship.


Who is Lyssa Rae Brittain?

Lyssa Rae Brittain was born on 15 July 1954, in Colorado, USA, and is a businesswoman, but perhaps better known for being the exer husband several times in his business endeavors, and is often referred to as Big Lyssa so that sh-wife of reality television personality Duane “Dog” Chapman. She has collaborated with her form e wouldn’t be confused with their daughter, Lyssa Rae Chapman.

The Wealth of Lyssa Rae Brittain

As of early-2020, Lyssa Rae Brittain has a net worth estimated to be over $135,000, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her business dealings with her former husband have brought in a bit of wealth, and she also receives support from him.

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Duane has a net worth estimated to be over $6 million, based on big contracts coming from his reality shows.

Life Before Dog

Lyssa Rae spent most of her life away from the spotlight, and by the time she met Duane, she was married to a minister of the Assemblies of God. They didn’t have a good relationship, and they separated due to her husband’s infidelity.

Duane, on the other hand, had two marriages before meeting Lyssa Rae, firstly to La Fonda Sue Darnell with whom he has two children. These two would later be close business partners in Duane’s bounty hunting business. After he was convicted of first-degree murder, she filed for divorce, though he later obtained custody of their children after they were involved in crimes.

His second marriage was to Ann Tegnell and they have three children together; this was during the time he was living in Colorado and was on parole after a five-year sentence for the murder. Their marriage was short, though they later reconciled before moving to Utah. After their final breakup, he didn’t meet his sons again until they were adults.

Relationship, Marriage, and Divorce

Brittain met Chapman while at a bar, and though she was still married, they were already separated, and she had no qualms about engaging in another romance. He is said to have offered her $1,000 so that they could have a child, and apparently she agreed.

Two days after meeting, the two were wed in the Colorado mountains by a Native American chief. They went on to have three children together, during their marriage of around nine years. Their youngest, Lyssa Rae Chapman, otherwise known as Baby Lyssa, would later find fame on reality television.

Things weren’t smooth sailing for the family; their children would live with Duane’s eldest children from his first marriage, and resided in a home left by their grandfather. The siblings reportedly endured a lot of hardships, with issues of substance and sexual abuse affecting them significantly.

Following their separation and divorce, Lyssa Rae and Duane remained connected, as she would later be involved behind the scenes in some of Dog’s business endeavors. She also supported her children as they became reality television personalities.

Husband – Duane Chapman

Duane Chapman is of German and English descent. He had a troubled childhood which led him to run away from home as a teenager, and to join the outlaw motorcycle club called the Devils Disciples. His time with the gang led him to be convicted of first-degree murder for which he served five years in Texas. Due to his conviction, he is not allowed to own any firearms, though he later still managed to successfully work as a bounty hunter.

Duane Chapman

Later in his career, with his experience in prison and as an ex-convict, he worked as a bounty hunter for several decades. Being a former convict himself, he is also a big believer that people could change, hoping that those he catches would later turnover a new leaf. With his work, he was a star in a show called “Take This Job” which featured unusual occupations. His line of work proved to be interesting for the audience to – the show would become “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, and would elevate his family to fame.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Other Shows

Chapman’s television show was set in stone following international attention he gained for capturing rapist Andrew Luster, who was also the heir to the cosmetics brand Max Factor.

He and his sons managed to capture the criminal in Mexico, but were later arrested by Mexican police which led to all of them being jailed. They were later freed by the US, and their involvement in capturing Luster gained significant media attention.

People were intrigued by his job, and were also interested in the family’s unusual dynamic. The show ended after eight seasons though it did not spell the end of his television career, as he later worked on another show called “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”, alongside his wife Beth as they work with bail bond agencies across the country.

They help these businesses return to profit while also helping them chase fugitives. The show led to a spin-off called “Dog’s Most Wanted” which aired for a season. Apart from television shows, he has also written a couple of books, one being is his autobiography which became a New York Times bestseller.

Personal Life

Following their divorce, Lyssa has remained away from the public spotlight, and it’s not known if she is in a new relationship or remarried. Her former husband has more of a public life, as he later married his former secretary Tawny Marie Chapman, who was one of the convicts he had arrested.

The two stayed married for two years, separating though only divorcing a decade later. He then had an on-and-off-again relationship with Beth Smith who would become a key figure in his reality shows. Many of his children consider Beth as their mother, as she took care of most of them. She later passed away due to complications brought about by throat cancer.

Duane’s recent relationship was to former secretary Moon Angell, and he even proposed on television to her, but was rejected. The relationship caused a rift between the family members, but he later reconciled with them after he broke up with Moon.

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