• Born in 1989 in Warwick, England and is a glamour model
• Estimated net worth of over $100,000
• Early interests in photography and modeling
• Won the 2012 Idol competition of the publication “The Sun”
• Advocate of a healthy body image; featured in numerous magazines and music videos; recently returned to modeling with a larger figure


Who is Lucy Collett?

Lucy Victoria Collett was born on 3 March 1989, in Warwick, England, and is a glamour model, best known from rising to fame in the early to mid-2010s, when she was considered as one of the sexiest women in the world. She has been featured on numerous erotic websites, and in men’s magazines during her career. She’s also known for modeling under the names Lucy Vixen and Lucy V.

The Wealth of Lucy Collett

As of mid-2020, Lucy Collett’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, earned through a successful career as a glamour model. Aside from her numerous features in print and online publications, she’s also appeared in music videos.

She has a strong presence online, which has led to additional opportunities aside from modeling.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Growing up, Lucy developed an interest in photography, which would become one of her strongest passions. She attended Myton School located in her area, which is known for housing students from 11 to 18 years old, and while mainly catering to the locality, it also attracts students from other areas. She furthered her interest in photography while in school, and credits the hobby as one of her most motivational activities.

In her young adult years, she began gaining attention for her looks.

She possessed a very voluptuous figure, showcasing a curvy appeal that was further accentuated by her large breast size. Many compared her to the cartoon sex symbol Jessica Rabbit, as she possessed a similar figure. Her first professional modeling project was for Toni & Guy salons, in which she worked as a hair model. She initially had naturally brown hair, but later dyed it to her signature red.

Rise to Prominence

After five years working on local projects and completing her education, she competed in the 2012 Idol competition of the publication “The Sun”. The tabloid newspaper is one of the largest circulating daily newspapers within the UK, although overtaken by “Metro” in 2018.

Lucy Collett

She submitted her photos and was eventually declared the winner of the competition, leading her to be featured on page three of the tabloid, which is often reserved for models, celebrities and the like. Numerous publications started turning her way, as she showed a curvaceous figure, wearing a size 12 dress while still having a ‘plus-size’ bra.

Following her win, she was featured in “FHM” men’s magazine, which is published around the world, and is known for its feature of various high profile models, and labeled here as the harbinger of a new trend for women. Aside from the comparisons to Jessica Rabbit, she was also compared to actress Christina Hendricks who was also known for her attractive figure and features during her youth, most of which she carried even up to her middle age.

Due to the comparisons with Hendricks, “The Sun” had her go around the streets of London dressed as Joan Holloway, Hendricks character in “Mad Men”, which attracted a lot of positive responses, and helped redefine what size models could be.

Continued Success

As she gained more features in magazines, Lucy became an advocate of a healthy body image, and used her fame to encourage young women and girls who are struggling with the way their body looks. Aside from “FHM”, she was featured in magazines such as “Front” and “Loaded”, at the time both known for being online magazines that cater to men.

She also appeared as a featured model in “Maxim”, and was also featured on “Zoo”, a few years before the magazine’s closure.

Aside from her work in these publications, she featured on various erotic websites such as Xtreme Playpen, CurvedFX, Onlytease, and Pinup Wow. She also modeled for Suicide Girls, one of the top online websites that focus on various types of sexuality, with many women who don’t conform to the standards of beauty modeling there. In 2013, she was named as one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World by “FHM”, and later began working for the online platform of “Nuts” magazine.

She hosted game reviews and news in a series called “Girl Got Game”, and also did so with “Zoo” and “Talksport”.

Recent Endeavors

One of Collett’s latest appearances with her popular voluptuous figure was in the music video for the song “Remedy” by Professor Green. Sometime during the mid-2010s, she took a short break from modeling, and returned showing a much fuller figure. She had gained significant weight, and later admitted that she was happier with a larger size, effectively becoming a plus-sized model.

She began showcasing her new look through Instagram, however, this also led to the start of her decline, as she gained more weight. The appeal of her figure slowly died down, and while she still has a lot of loyal fans, she doesn’t have the same popularity as she once did. She also featured less in magazines. In recent years, she’s admitted that she gained weight mainly due to a lifelong struggle with depression. She uses her online platform to gain modeling opportunities, mostly sponsored work for several companies. She also isn’t averse to posing semi-nude, creating an account on the site Only Fans, which allows her to gain monthly income with the promise of offering exclusive content to her subscribers.

Personal Life

Lucy is single, and hasn’t talked a lot about any of her romantic relationships. In 2005, her brother was assaulted by another teenager in an altercation outside a pub. When he was rushed to the hospital, it was discovered that the beating he took led to a brain hemorrhage, and he succumbed to the injury later in the day. The person responsible for the beating was sentenced to six years in prison, but her brother’s death affected her profoundly, and for around a year she suffered from self-harm and depression. Her interest in photography helped her get back on track. However, she still struggles with depression from time to time, especially in recent months with many of her critics hitting on her for her weight gain. Many of her fans still support her, even with the changes in her figure.

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