• Liz Wheeler is a TV host, writer, and author who is outspoken on controversial topics like abortion, gun control, feminism, and the plight of war veterans.
• She was born in Ohio and was raised in the Catholic faith.
• She worked for RecruitMilitary, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and as a freelancer before breaking into the TV industry.
• She published two books and was awarded “30 under 30” in 2016.
• She has a net worth of $12 million in 2020.


Liz Wheeler is the type of person that the saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ was coined for. Liz works as a host of the TV show “Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler”, but is also an established writer and author. Wheeler does not need to rely on her fetching looks to consolidate her place in the public eye, as she is highly intelligent with a skill for delivering information in an engaging and thought-provoking manner, and doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinions on controversial issues. She is very vocal and confidently holds her position on topics like abortion, gun control, feminism, and the plight of war veterans, specifically Vietnam veterans, due to her father’s position in that community.

Wheeler allows her religious conviction to guide her through life and assist her in defining her understanding of society and the world.

Early Life and Family

Liz was born on 12 July 1989, in Ohio, USA as Elizabeth Wheeler. She has not revealed the identities of her family members, but it is known that her father is a small business owner and her mother was a homebuilder. Liz’s father was a military man in addition to his work in the business industry, and served in Vietnam. Consequently, this became a cause that is close and dear to Wheeler’s heart. Liz was one of five children, having a brother and three sisters.

Her upbringing was strictly Catholic, the tenets of which she upholds to this day. Wheeler was already outspoken at a young age, with a talent for writing. She wrote various blogs and articles during her high school career, discussing issues of national and local pertinence. In fact, by the time she matriculated, she had already penned and published “Erring on the Side of Life” – an essay articulating her opinions and views on abortion.


Liz Wheeler’s intelligence did not go unnoticed. After matriculating in 2005 at the age of 16, she pursued her interest in publicly important issues, and enrolled into Pennsylvania State University. She graduated with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Homeland Security at the tender age of 21.

Liz Wheeler



As an echo of the impression her father’s military career had left on her, Liz joined RecruitMilitary in 2011. The business is built around integrating military veterans into the work environment, by assisting them with finding suitable jobs and opportunities. Wheeler worked as the social media manager for the company, allowing her to gain experience in marketing and advertising on the array of social media platforms. Liz stayed at the recruitment agency for four years until 2015, when she was offered a job as a TV anchor. Her work at RecruitMilitary reaped benefits for the company, not least being awarded 2nd place among “The Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages of 2012” – the page in question was being maintained by Wheeler herself.

The business also won a place in the Mashable contest, being named one of “America’s Most Social Small Businesses” in 2014 – a feat once again made possible by Liz Wheeler.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Wheeler made history as the youngest ever Commissioner of her local Board of Zoning Appeals when she was appointed in 2012. The board is a local government platform that provides assistance and participation in implementing law and border regulations in local areas.


In 2013, Wheeler teamed up with 13 other young activists like herself, and compiled their stories and experiences into a book entitled “Young Conservative and Why it is Smart to be Like Us”.

The book was published on 18 November 2013, listing her and several others, including Dan Webb, Gabriella Hoffman and Erin Brown, as the authors. The book was well received by a discerning public, and rocketed to number two on the Kinde bestseller list.

Free Lancing

As if her current jobs were not taking up enough of her time and energy, Liz Wheeler began her work as a freelancer. Illustrating her resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit, she struck out into new fields of work; using the tools and skills she had gained at RecruitMilitary, she did freelance work as a consultant in the digital marketing and advertising sector, as well as advertising herself as a social media expert – which she truly was at that point.

Her tenure as a freelancer lasted until 2015, when she finally broke into the TV industry.

“Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler”

Based of her exceptional writing and communicative skills, Liz was offered a position at One America News Network. Liz was a perfect candidate for the post, as her opinions concurred with the conservatist, right-wing tone of the news station. The station does enjoy the most spotless of reputations, and is known for its stance on conspiracy theories and sometimes completely fabricated controversies. Despite this, Wheeler was quick to gain respect on the platform, and now boasts an impressive following. Liz Wheeler’s strong convictions and staunch personality paid-off and she was given her own show – “Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler”.

She uses the platform to discuss controversial issues and opinions, such as her opposition to abortion rights, her scepticism about the feminist movement, and her vehement opinions against gun control laws. Liz’s proactive stance in the political climate landed her a title as one of the “30 under 30” awards in 2016, a celebration of young people who were impacting their communities with a strong political attitude.


Liz spend eight months in 2015 volunteering at the Nativity Prep Academy. Her job consisted of providing a mentor and role model figure for the pupils, by demonstrating the way she lived her life with her Catholic beliefs, and aiding them in their religious growth.

This was done completely pro-bono, and required her to invest a lot of emotional energy in the venture to establish a trusting relationship with her mentee.


Most recently, Liz published her second book on 9 August 2019, a solo venture that elaborates on her TV career and opinions. The book is called “Tipping Point: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards”, and even gives advice on how the reader can argue their conservatist beliefs.

Personal Life

Liz Wheeler has not shared much about her personal life, in fact it can be said that she has gone to extreme lengths to keep it private.

Wheeler announced her engagement on 22 August 2017 on her Instagram page, but did not reveal the identity of her fiancée. A month later, she and the anonymous figure married in a private and small ceremony, the pictures of which she released on 25 September – this was once again announced through Instagram. While she did post wedding photos, she still managed to keep her husbands name and image from the public, by only posting pictures in which he is facing away from the camera. However, in doing so, she did give away a tidbit of information – her Husband is dressed in what appears to be a white uniform, indicating that he – like her father – is of military origin.

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Liz Wheeler, like many news anchors, is an attractive and well put together woman. She hasn’t revealed her vital statistics, but obviously keeps her body in impeccable shape and condition. Wheeler wears her hair slightly longer than shoulder length, and while it appears blonde, her roots reveal that its natural colour is probably closer to a mousy brown. She has captivating blue eyes and is always well dressed.

Net Worth and Salary

Wheeler’s salary has not been made accessible to the public, however, her combined earnings from her work as a news anchor, huge following and published books, are enough to keep her living comfortably and in a state of luxury. Liz’s net worth has reached an impressive $12 million as of 2020.

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