Some people only reach headlines after their marriage to Hollywood stars, but this doesn’t make them any less talented or successful in their own right. Such is the case of Reggie Bush’s wife, Lilit Avagyan. Where is Avagyan from, and what she does for a living?

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Early life and Education

Lilit Avagyan was born on 30 November 1987 in a city located in Armenia, and where she was raised by her parents, Julieta and Avag Avagyan, an engineer who worked at International Solar Electrics. She has one sibling, sister Anna Avagyan.

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She is of Armenian ethnicity and spent most of her early years in Europe, where she studied ballroom dancing for 12 years. At a certain point in her childhood, her family moved to Los Angeles, California USA, but nothing is known about her education. She now holds the American nationality.


Avagyan is a ballroom dancer and a choreographer. In 2008, she was the winner of the US National Championship in dancing, then won the Rising Star Dance Competition held in Florida, in 2010.

She was a guest dancer in an episode of the dance competition TV series “Dancing With the Stars”, that aired in 2012, and the next year she was a participant in the Latin American World Championship for dancing, that was held in Australia. Avagyan was also a participant in Louis Van Amstel’s “Ballroom with a Twist”.

As of April 2020, Avagyan works a dancing instructor; she considers dance to be ‘an amazing and beautiful art form’ that helps her keep her life on track.

Marriage to Reggie Bush

Avagyan met National Football League (NFL) player Reggie Bush in 2011, but they didn’t started dating until a year later.

Lilit Avagyan and Reggie Bush

Bush is known for playing for several professional NFL teams, most notably the Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, and the San Francisco 49ers. He won a title in Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, while playing with New Orleans Saints. He retired from professional football in 2017, after a fruitful and successful career.

Prior to meeting Avagyan, Bush had several public relationships behind him. He dated World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Eve Torres while still studying at the University of Southern California.

In 2007, he was in a relationship with a future reality TV star and multimillionaire, Kim Kardashian, but the two broke up in 2009, and a year later Bush dated Jessie James, the famous country singer.

Coincidentally, Avagyan has been said to have a resemblance to Kim Kardashian, who is also of Armenian ancestry.  On 6th May 2013, just a year after the start of their relationship, the couple welcomed their first child, a girl who they’ve named Briseis Avagyan Bush. The birth of their daughter made the headlines because of her similarities to North West Kardashian, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West.

In 2014, Bush and Avagyan tied the knot in San Diego, California, the city in which Bush grew up. The ceremony was held at the luxurious hotel Grand Del Mal in front of several hundred people. Among the guests was Kim Kardashian’s step-brother, Brody Jenner, together with Kaitlynn Carter, his girlfriend at the time. Bush wore a classic black and white tuxedo with a bow tie, while Avagyan had a mermaid-style gown with an open cleavage and a sweetheart neckline. In 2015, nine months after the couple’s wedding, Avagyan’s second pregnancy was announced, and later that year on 12th July, their son Uriah Bush was born.

The couple announced Avagyan’s third pregnancy in an Instagram post in March 2017, and welcomed their third child on 2nd September 2017, when Avagyan gave birth to another son, who they’ve named Agyemang Bush.

Avagyan is a supportive wife, and stood by her husband’s side in 2017, when there were rumors about him having a child with Monique Exposito outside of their marriage. The headlines are still unsure whether or not he is the father of Exposito’s son, Preston Alexander.

Personal Life

Because of her heritage, Avagyan is multilingual, and can fluently speak Armenian, English and Russian.

Her sister, Anna Avagyan, is a fitness instructor and has her own boot camp – she helped Lilit remain fit during her third pregnancy. Avagyan and her husband, Reggie Bush, live in Chatsworth, Los Angeles.

She is rather active on various social media platforms. On her Instagram profile she has over 190,000 followers, and on which she usually posts her exercise routines, as well as pictures of her family and friends. She sometimes posts photographs of people she respects, such as Denzel Washington. Nothing about her marital life before meeting Reggie Bush is known, and she hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone.

Net Worth

Avagyan keeps her earnings private, so it’s not easy to determine her exact net worth, but sources estimate that it’s close to $1 million, earned from her dance lessons, but also from her social media profiles, most notably Instagram, on which she has a lot of brand deals and sponsorships.

On the other side, her husband’s net worth is estimated at around $14 million! He earned a fortune while working in the NFL, but also has brand deals with companies such as Pizza Hut, General Motors, Pepsi, and Adidas.

Physical characteristics

Avagyan has a height of 5ft 6ins (1.67m), weighs around 138lbs (63kg), and has a curvaceous body; she still spends a lot of time exercising and dancing. Her skin has an olive tone to it, her hair is dark brown and curly and her eyes are black.

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