• Katie Noel McGalliard is a YouTuber and singer from Asheville, North Carolina
• She has two albums, "Just Gonna Send It" and "Rap the South," as well as several singles
• Her genre is country rap and her style is called Diesel Gang Apparel
• She previously dated Ryan Upchurch, an American rapper
• Her net worth is estimated at over $1 million


Who is Katie Noel? Wiki Bio

Katie ‘Noel’ McGalliard was born in Asheville, North Carolina USA, on 25 October 1999 – her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she holds American nationality. She is a YouTuber and a singer, perhaps best known for her ‘katie noel’ YouTube channel which she launched on 29 September 2014, and which is currently subscribed to by nearly 250,000 people, and counts over 38 million views of all her videos combined.

Her first video uploaded was entitled “Girl Slays Black Beetles Cover”, while two of her most popular videos are “Katie Noel – Diesel Gang (OFFICIAL)” which made her popular on the internet and which has been viewed over 9.3 million times since it was uploaded on 16 May 2018, and “Katie Noel – Blood Red (Official Music Video)” which has been seen more than four million times since 23 August 2019.

Childhood and education

Katie was raised an only child in Asheville by her father who is the owner of a small ranch, and her mother who is working as a teacher at a local high school.

Katie became interested in singing at a very early age, and after her parents noticed her talent, they enrolled her at a local arts school where she practiced her singing skills. She enrolled at a high school in 2013, and became interested in acting, as like most of her peers, she wanted to become a famous actress – Katie appeared in several school plays before deciding to focus solely on her singing career. Upon matriculation in 2017, she chose not to enroll at college, but to rather pursue her singing career.

Katie Noel

Career as a singer

Katie has released two albums, with her debut being “Just Gonna Send It” in 2018 including songs such as “I’m On One”, “Scars”, and “Who I Am”. It took Katie around a year to prepare songs for this album, as before it she was mostly focused on singing cover songs; a few other of the “Just Gonna Send It” songs which have become somewhat popular are “Chop ‘Em”, “Betrayed”, and “Boondocks”. She went on to add more of her songs to it by the end of 2018, entitled “Love Me Life Rock and Roll”, “I Sing Better When I’m Drunk”, and “Good Enough”. Katie’s style is called country rap, and is a somewhat uncommon music genre.

Her second album “Rap the South” came out in 2019, and some of the most popular songs on it were “Virginia Gang”, “White Lighting”, and “Snow White” – the album consisted of only three more songs, which are “Running on a Dream”, “Whistlin Dixie”, and “660”. Besides her two albums, Katie has released many singles, with some of these being “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” which is her latest song, “Blood Red”, and “Jeep Gang”. She is currently working on the release of her third album, and hasn’t yet revealed its title.

Katie is also a social media star – her Instagram account is followed by over 260,000 people while she has uploaded over 270 pictures onto it, and has another Instagram account launched for her dog Dixie.

She is also active on Twitter, but has gathered only around 430 followers.

Love life and relationships

Katie is being very secretive regarding her love life but it is known that she was until recently dating Ryan Upchurch, an American rapper perhaps best known for his songs “Hollerboys”, “Everlasting Country”, and “Roots Run Deep”. The two were introduced by a mutual friend at a party, and began collaborating before it turned into a relationship.

They dated from 2018 to early 2020 when Katie suddenly broke it off. However, Ryan explained in a video uploaded onto the reallilaizy.com website that the two were sleeping in the same bed and in an attempt to pull Katie closer to him, he grabbed her boobs and touched her between the legs unintentionally, which led to their split. Katie is very religious and doesn’t want to sleep with her boyfriend until they marry, which is why this was big enough for her to end the relationship.

Katie currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and has no children.

Hobbies and other interests

Katie is a huge lover of animals, as she was raised on a ranch and her family had many dogs while she is currently taking care of her own dog Dixie, and it has become quite an internet sensation. She likes to go shopping for clothes, and as she can rarely find something that would fit her style, Katie has launched her own clothing line Diesel Gang Apparel, which she is selling on the internet. She likes to travel and has been to several US states to promote her singing career, while she has been to Europe on a single occasion when she visited Paris in France.

She enjoys reading in her spare time while some of her other hobbies are exercising at the gym, going for a run, and tasting various cuisines.

In her spare time, Katie likes to watch movies, and some of her favorite actors and actresses are Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Kate Winslet, while some of her favorite movies are “Titanic”, “Catch Me If You Can”, and “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

Appearance and net worth

Katie is 20 years old. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and weighs around 128lbs (58kgs). As of June 2020, Katie’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million.

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