Who is Jonathan Silverman?

Jonathan Elihu Silverman was born on 5 August 1966, in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is an actor, best known for his appearances in the comedy films “Weekend at Bernie’s” and its sequel “Weekend at Bernie’s II”. Apart from numerous feature films, he’s also worked on various television shows during his career.

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The Net Worth of Jonathan Silverman

As of early-2020, Jonathan Silverman’s net worth is estimated to be over $3 million, earned through a successful career in the acting profession, consistently working in major projects since 1984. He also probably benefits if necessary from the success of his actress wife Jennifer Finnigan, who has a reputed net worth of over $500,000.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Jonathan grew up in Los Angeles, and is of Jewish descent with his father serving as a rabbi in his area, and from a family of rabbis with his grandfather being Morris Silverman who is known for his stance on Conservative beliefs. The family originally hailed from Jerusalem, though they moved to the US in search of better opportunities.

Jonathon developed an interest in acting at a young age, and began pursuing it as soon as he could. His television debut was in an episode of “ER” in 1984, and shortly afterwards he gained his first regular role on television in “Gimme a Break!”

The sitcom aired on NBC for six years, though he was only there for three seasons during the middle of its run. Following this role, he continued to take on other projects, and also worked on theatre in a production of “Brighton Beach Memoirs”, and later reprised his role as Eugene Morris Jerome in a film adaptation of the play. The comedy film is a semi-autobiographical take on the life of writer Neil Simon.

Weekend at Bernie’s

After a few more films and television shows, Silverman was cast in one of his biggest and most notable roles in 1989, when he was cast as Richard Parker in “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

Jonathan Silverman

The comedy film stars him alongside Andrew McCarthy, as two insurance corporation employees who discover their boss dead, implicating them as suspects in his death, as he had planned to use them to cover up embezzlement. This leads to the two attempting to make it look as if their boss Bernie is still alive. The film was successful at the box office, earning double its budget. The film received mixed reviews, but was very memorable during its time, leading it to become a pop culture reference in future programs.

Jonathan then appeared in projects such as “Age Isn’t Everything”, “Little Sister”, and “Death Becomes Her”, before in 1993 reprising his role in “Weekend at Bernie’s II”, which attracted negative reviews, and was only a minor success in the box office, because the sequel felt forced as there was no logical way to continue the story.

The filming was also troubled as it coincided with the riots in Los Angeles in 1992.

Life After the Weekend at Bernie’s

Following those two films, Jonathan continued making guest appearances in shows and working on television movies, and even lent his voice for an episode of “Aahh!!! Real Monsters”. He became a recognized icon, and made a guest appearance in the television series “Friends”, considered one of the most popular shows of the 1990s.

Following, he had his next regular television role in “The Single Guy”, which aired for two seasons on NBC, and tells the story of a writer in New York City, his friends, acquaintances, and struggles in his career.

While working on the show, he made appearances in “Arliss” and “London Suite”, though his role was uncredited in the latter. In 1998 he was cast in “Just a Little Harmless Sex” which starred Alison Eastwood and Rachel Hunter, but the film didn’t fare well with the critics, or at the box office. Approaching the 2000s, he did more independent film projects, including shorts and straight-to-video releases; some of his most notable projects during this time included “CSI: Miami”, “Kim Possible”, “In Case of Emergency”, and “Numb3rs”.

Recent Projects

In 2011, Silverman had a three-episode role in the show “Greek”, which is a series following the exploits of students within the Greek system of a fictitious university. Near the end of the year, he participated in the filming of “National Lampoon’s Snatched” which starred Andrew McCarthy and Ernest Borgnine, and other notable projects included “Law & Order Special Victims Unit” and “Significant Mother”. In 2018, he was cast as a lead character in the film “Andover”, in which he worked alongside his wife Jennifer Finnigan. The film had a limited run in theaters and attracted mixed reviews.

At around the same time, he had a recurring role during the final season of the show “KC Undercover”, which aired on the Disney Channel. He also had a recurring role in the show “Salvation” which aired on CBS. The show follows the story of people who must anticipate a large asteroid that will hit the earth in six months, and ran for two seasons before being canceled due to low ratings. His latest project is the Netflix show “No Good Nick” in 2019, which sees him work alongside Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin, and follows the story of the titular character. The show was noted for its use of many teenage and child stars from Disney, as well as from Nickelodeon but it was eventually canceled.

Personal Life

In 2004, Jonathan met actress Jennifer Finnigan at a barbecue event and the two began dating. After three years together, the couple married and had a daughter in 2017. His wife is known for her work in the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”, playing the role of Bridget Forrester. The couple has worked together on several projects including “Salvation”.

During his free time, he enjoys supporting various Jewish organizations in the US. He promotes the celebration of Jewish heritage, and giving back to his community, often working with other actors of Jewish descent.

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