• Joey Zuray is an American hunter, survivalist, and reality TV star who gained fame on the show “Yukon Men”.
• He was born in Tanana, Alaska and grew up learning the Althabascan ways of subsistence living.
• He became one of the most popular characters on the show, and is now an international star.
• He is in a relationship with Samantha Wright and his father is Stan Zuray.
• He has a net worth of $350,000 and his father has a net worth of $400,000.


Who is Joey Zuray?

Joey Zuray is an American hunter, survivalist, and reality TV star, who gained fame with his appearance in the show “Yukon Men”, which follows a number of outdoorsmen and women in remote Alaska. Living alongside the Yukon River, Zuray learned to fish at an early age, and now mainly lives off his survival skills.

Joey Zuray Wiki- Age, Childhood, Sisters

Joey Zurah was born on the 27th of July 1990, in Tanana, Alaska, a town of around 200 inhabitants located just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle.

Joey is the son of Stan and Kathleen Zuray, and has three sisters – Monica, Kathlyn, and Ariella. Having been born in the remote Alaskan mountains, and growing up in chilling weather, he learned how to survive at an early age with the help of his father, who came to Alaska from Boston, Massachusetts. He didn’t have a formal education, but learned all the skills needed to survive, including the Althabascan ways of subsistence living.


A somewhat inexperienced hunter, Joey became a cast member of the “Yukon Men” at its premiere, which aired on the 24th August 2012. As the show progressed, Joey’s skills improved and he was able to sustain himself from his own endeavors. Other cast members included Joey’s father Stan, then Charlie Wright, who is a water-plant operator, mechanic, trapper, and hunter, his son Robert Wright, James Roberts and the Moore family, consisting of the patriarch of the family Pat Moore, his children Thomas and Courtney Agnes, and his wife Lorraine.

Joey Zuray

Rise to Prominence

Joey became one of the most popular characters in the show appearing in all episodes until the cancelation of the show in 2016. The ultimate season brought cameras to one of the largest Alaskan wildfires, which nearly destroyed the town of Tanana. The settlers had to undergo big changes and even harsher conditions in their way of life after successfully putting out the fire, as there wasn’t enough wood, meat, and even water to live as before. With the last season, Joey became an international star and everyone supported him and his efforts to protect his family.

Over the course of the series, Joey faced a number of dangerous situations, including hunting a bear, avoiding falling into the icy water, and various other life-threatening situations. This only increased his popularity with the fans.

Although the show stopped airing in 2016, Joey is still a prominent personality all over the world, and he is featured in his father’s documentary “Stan’s Project”, which is yet to be released, as financial problems were encountered, and the entire project is currently on hold. You can contribute to the project on their Kickstarter page.

Joey Zuray’s Net Worth, Height, Weight and Appearance

Joey Zuray is a popular television personality and his wealth has increased considerably from his appearances in “Yukon Men”. According to sources, Joey Zuray’s net worth is estimated at $350,000 as of mid- 2020.

Joey’s vital statistics and other details are unknown, though he is of average height and has an athletic build.

Joey Zuray Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend

You might think that it is hard to find love in a remote area, but for Joey, that was a piece of cake.

Joey is in a relationship with Samantha Wright – the two have been together for years now, and are enjoying all the adventures the climate and environment of Alaska has to offer, from camping trips to fishing and even hunting. They often take the family dog, Ace with them. Samantha has also appeared in the show “Yukon Men”, and has been introduced to Joey’s parents, who became very fond of her.

Joey Zuray’s Father, Stan Zuray

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Stan didn’t like the neighborhood he grew up in and succumbed to drug addiction and petty theft, which got him into big problems.

He found a way to move to Alaska, as he had always been interested in remote life, so it was very easy for him to settle in the mountains of Alaska. His wife, Kathleen, at first didn’t follow into this new adventure, but eventually decided to come and live in Tanana. Since 2012 they have become international stars thanks to the show “Yukon Men”.

They continue to live in remote Alaska, with all of their four children contributing to the community. Stan has earned a decent wealth through his appearance in “Yukon Men” – according to sources, Stan Zuray’s net worth is estimated at $400,000 as of mid-2020.

His wealth has also benefited from the sales of the book “Carry On: Stan Zuray’s Journey from Boston Greaser to Alaskan Homesteader”, published in 2017 and co-authored with Tim Attewell,. The book is about how he got to Alaska in the first place, following his struggles while living in Boston. There is no exact information when Stan was born, but according to sources, he is in his 60s.

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