• Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1949
• Net worth estimated to be over $14 million
• Hails from an acting family
• Career spanning five decades in films, television and theatre
• Married to actor Nigel Cooke with two children


Who is Sorcha Cusack?

Sorcha Cusack was born on 9 April 1949, in Dublin, Ireland, and is an actress, best known for her work in the UK entertainment industry. She’s appeared in films and television shows during her career spanning five decades. Some of her most notable projects include “Father Brown”, “Coronation Street”, and “Casualty”.

The Net Worth of Sorcha Cusack

As of early-2020, Sorcha Cusack’s net worth is estimated to be over $14 million, earned through a successful career in acting. She hails from an acting family all of whom had varied success in their respective careers.

She’s also worked on theatrical productions, which have contributed to her wealth.

Family and Career Beginnings

Sorcha is the daughter of actors Maureen Cusack and Cyril Cusack. Her father is known for a long career as an actor, spanning over seven decades before his passing in 1993. She grew up the middle child among five siblings, including actress Sinead Cusack, the wife of Hollywood actor Jeremy Irons. Her other siblings include Niamh Cusack who works mostly in the theatre, and half-sibling Catherin Cusack, who is known for her role in the very long-running soap “Coronation Street”.

Following the footsteps of her parents, Sorcha began making television appearances in the late 1970s. One of her first notable projects was “Jane Eyre”, another adaptation of the 1847 novel written by Charlotte Bronte, following the story of the titular character who begins life as a governess putting herself in an unusual setup. During the 1980s, she began working almost exclusively in theatre, with one of her first projects being “The Cherry Orchard”.

Rise to Fame

Following her theatrical debut, Cusack continued to take on theatre projects, having a string of them in the early-1980s including “The Lower Depths”, “Detective Story”, and “The Duchess of Malfi”.

In 1992, she was in a production of “The Odd Women” based on the 1893 novel written by George Gissing, tackling one of the earliest traces of the feminist movement. During the same year, she was cast in one of her first notable roles on television as Staff Nurse Kate Wilson in “Casualty”. The show is the longest-running medical show in the world, airing since 1986, and is the story of a fictional hospital, focused on the staff and patients. She stayed with the show for three years, but also had time to be in a production of “Smoke”.

Sorcha then went on hiatus, making her return to theatre in 2004, when she was cast in the play “Major Barbara”.

The play’s history dates back to 1905, was created by George Bernard Shaw, and follows the story of the titular character Barbara Undershaft who becomes a part of the Salvation Army as a Major.

Later Career

In 2008, Sorcha joined the cast of “Coronation Street” a television show which has been airing since 1960,  and follows the story of the working-class in a fictional town after the coronation of King Edward VII. Over the years, the show has tackled various issues from adultery, cancer, pregnancy, various diseases, religion, addiction, and many others. The show’s popularity led to several spin-offs as well as made-for-television movies. She stayed in the show for a year.

Sorcha Cusack

She was then cast as Hilary Nicholson in the show “Mrs. Brown’s Boys”, during the first two episodes of it. The show stars Brendan O’Carroll playing his drag persona named Agnes Brown, and features many of his friends and family members. The show has gained a lot of criticism, but became highly successful in several countries, particularly in Ireland, and countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand also rated it highly – over the years, it has won numerous awards. A film was even created and released in 2014 with the title “Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie”, in which Sorcha played the character Justice Dickie.

Recent Projects

One of Cusack’s latest projects is the BBC television show “Father Brown”, which is an adaptation of the short stories written by GK Chesterton. The show is ranked as the third-longest running show on BBC, just below “Moving On” and ‘Doctors”. It follows the story of the titular character, a priest who also solves crimes, and is set during the 1950s – the priest often uses his natural wits as well as his connections to help solve cases. The main character is portrayed by Mark Williams, while Sorcha plays Mrs. Bridgette McCarthy, his secretary who also helps him with church business. She has stayed with the show since 2013, enjoying a lot of success.

She’s also worked on another BBC production, the miniseries called “River”, aired through Netflix and featuring stars such as Nicola Walker and Stellan Skarsgard. The title is a reference to the main character Detective Inspector John River who is haunted by the ghost of his partner as he feels guilt as he wasn’t able to save him from being killed. The show received positive reviews, and was featured by high-profile publications including “The Daily Telegraph” and “The Independent”.

Personal Life

Sorcha is married to actor Nigel Cooke and they have two children together.

She doesn’t talk a lot about her family and partner, preferring to keep them out of the spotlight. Her husband has also appeared in numerous local productions, though he doesn’t have the same extensive experience she has accumulated. Her children haven’t pursued the same career, going on different paths from acting. While she has an extended family filled with actors, she is not related to Joan or John Cusack who are also known for their work in Hollywood. They share a surname, but their ancestry is vastly different from Sorcha’s family line which descends from Ireland.

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