• Everett McGill is alive and living in Los Angeles.
• He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and theatre from the University of Missouri.
• He has appeared in over 130 Broadway plays and various television shows and films.
• Everett has been spotted spending time with men more often than ladies, leading to rumors of his sexuality.
• He has an estimated net worth of over $1.1 million.


Is Everett McGill dead or alive? Wiki Bio

Charles Everett McGill III was born in Miami Beach, Florida USA, on 21 October 1945 – his zodiac sign is Libra and he holds American nationality. He is an actor perhaps still best known for his portrayal of the main character Caveman in the prehistoric adventure movie “Quest for Fire” in 1981, which also starred Ron Perlman and Nicholas Kadi and which follows three tribesmen who are in search of a something to light a fire with. The film was a big success, winning 11 awards including one Oscar for Best Make-up, while it was nominated for seven other awards.

There have been rumors circulating the internet that Everett has passed away, but these have been proven false as he is alive and well, and is living his life in Los Angeles, California.

Childhood and education

Everett was raised in Miami Beach an only child by his father who was a theatre actor, and his mother who was a dancer. He became interested in dancing at a very early age and learned a variety of styles while attending elementary school. He studied at Rosedale High School in Kansas City, where he was a member of a dancing troupe, and upon matriculation in 1963, Everett enrolled at the University of Missouri while he was also attending the Kansas City Conservatory of Music at which he practiced dance. He was very sporting, as he played football and soccer but was never good enough to compete – he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and theatre in 1967. He would spend the next 12 years dancing with his troupe in numerous Broadway plays – it’s believed that Everett appeared in over 130.

Roles in TV series

Everett made his debut TV series appearance in 1975, when he portrayed Chad Richards in the romantic drama series “Guiding Light”, which starred Kim Zimmer and Ben Chamberlin and which was about the Bauer family living in the small town of Springfield. The series was obviously a huge success as it ran from 1952 to 2009, won 106 awards and was nominated for 405 others. He went on to play Ryabtsov in the episode “Enemies” of the musical series “Great Performances”, which starred Julie Andrews, Walter Cronkite and Placido Domingo, and which was created by Sheldon Epps.

Everett McGill

Everett’s next role in a TV series came in 1987, when he appeared as Sweet Jake Williams in the episode “Blood on the Tracks” of the critically acclaimed horror thriller series “Werewolf”, which starred John J. York and Lance LeGault and which follows a young boy bitten by a werewolf – the series was nominated for two Golden Reel Awards. The following year saw him portray both Katim and Sgt. Carter in the episode “Paradise Lost” of the action war drama series “Tour of Duty”, which starred Terence Knox and Stephen Caffrey and which is about a US Army platoon fighting in the Vietnam War. It was a success wining a Primetime Emmy while it was nominated for five other awards.

Everett appeared in all three parts of the crime drama mini-series “Drug Wars: The Macarena Story” in 1990, which starred Steven Bauer and Elizabeth Pena and which is about the real person Enrique ‘Kiki’ Macarena, who worked in northern Mexico as an undercover D.E.A. Agent; the series won one award while it was nominated for two others, including a Golden Globe. His next role was in the same year, when he played Big Ed Hurley in the popular crime drama mystery series “Twin Peaks” which starred Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Ontkean, and is about an FBI agent working on the case of a murdered woman. The series was a giant success, winning 16 awards including three Golden Globes, while it was nominated for 45 others.

Everett went on to portray Col. Bradley Dunston in the episode “The Colonel’s Wife” of the action crime drama series “JAG” in 1999. He then retired from acting, but came back in 2017 to reprise his role as Big Ed Hurley in the revival of “Twin Peaks” which was once again very successful, as it won 16 awards and was nominated for 39 others including a Golden Globe.

Roles in movies

Everett made his debut movie appearance when he portrayed White G. I. in the war film “Yanks” in 1979, directed by John Schlesinger and starring Richard Gere and Lisa Eichhorn. The movie is about the US Army men stationed in Great Britain during World War II, and won six awards while it was nominated for seven others including two Golden Globes. The following year saw Everett play Larry Longacre in the comedy mystery drama “Union City” which follows one man’s obsession about finding the man who keeps stealing his milk bottles.

In the same year, Everett played Eddie Caldwell in the crime drama “Brubaker”, and the Farmer in the biographical drama “A Time for Miracles”.

In 1984, Everett appeared as Stilgar in the action adventure science fiction film “Dune”, directed by David Lynch and starring Kyle MacLachlan and Virginia Madsen, and is about a group of desert warriors who are fighting a galactic emperor. The movie was a success as it won two awards and was nominated for five others, including an Oscar for Best Sound. Some of his following roles were in the horror film “Silver Bullet” as Reverend Lowe in 1985, the drama war movie “Field of Honor” portraying Sergeant ‘Sire’ De Koning in 1986, and the war movie “Heartbreak Ridge”, which was directed by Clint Eastwood who also starred in it.

The year 1987 saw Everett invited to portray the Boss in the action thriller movie “Three on a Match”, which was both directed and written by Donald P. Bellisario, and follows three people who are trying to escape from a prison farm together. In 1988 he appeared as Oberlus in the adventure crime drama film “Iguana”, which won Monte Hellman a Filmcritica ‘Bastone Bianco’ Award – Special Mention at Venice Film Festival, and the next year saw him play Killifer in the action adventure thriller film “License to Kill”, starring Timothy Dalton, Robert Davi and Carey Lowell.

In 1990, Everett portrayed Sheriff Dan Riley in the drama thriller film “Jezebel’s Kiss” which received poor reviews, but he then appeared in several other movies, such as the comedy mystery horror “The People Under the Stairs” in 1991, the horror mystery drama “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” in 1992, and the action thriller “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” which starred Steven Seagal in 1995.

Some of Everett’s final roles in movies before he retired were in the 1996 adventure comedy “My Fellow Americans” in which he played Col. Paul Tanner, the crime movie “Jekyll Island” portraying Dalton Bradford in 1998, and the biographical drama “The Straight Story” in which he appeared as Tom the John Deere Dealer in 1999.

Love life and wife

Everett has been keeping details of his private life to himself, and because he hasn’t talked about any women he might have dated, there are rumors circulating the internet that the popular actor is gay. He has been seen spending time with men more often than with the ladies, which has contributed to the spread of these rumors, but Everett hasn’t commented on them.

It is also believed that he is a married man who has two children, who today have their own families.There are also rumors on the internet stating that Everett was once in a long-term relationship with Wendy Robie, whom he appeared alongside in the series “Twin Peaks” as well as the horror movie “The People Under the Stairs”. The two allegedly dated for over five years before splitting ways for unknown reasons.

Hobbies and other interests

Everett has been sporting since his teenage years, and has always tried to motivate young people to exercise and play sports. He knows how to play football, soccer and tennis among many other sports, while he took martial arts classes for 10 years.

He likes to listen to music, and his favorite genres are jazz and blues and performers Frank Sinatra and Joe Cocker, and Everett knows how to play the guitar. His main passion has always been travelling, and he has been all around the US to shoot for his movies and TV series, while he has also been to Europe on many occasions visiting countries such as Italy and England among others.

Everett has his own favorite actors and actresses, some of whom are Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, while some of his favorite movies are “Gran Torino”, “The Terminal”, and “Notting Hill”.

Appearance and net worth

Everett is 54 years old. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes, is 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall, and weighs around 172lbs (78kgs). As of June 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $1.1 million.

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