• Hannah Harrell is a young social media star with close to a million fans on TikTok.
• Her career began with her Instagram page and expanded to TikTok.
• She has collaborated with many fashion brands, and is the brand ambassador for BoutineLA.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.
• Her greatest achievement is her work with BoutineLA.


Who is Hannah Harrell?

Hannah Harrell is a young social media star who has used the increase in her popularity on the Tik Tok network, and has amassed close to a million fans. She uses her dance skills and great looks to attract people to her channel, on which she does funny videos and lip-syncing to songs and other videos.

Hannah Harrell Biography- Age, Childhood, and Education

Hannah Harrell was born on the 17th June 2000, in Texas USA, although she also goes by the name Hannah Tayler.

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She hasn’t talked about her childhood, but we’ve discovered that she has a younger brother, named Henry Harrell, who is also active on TikTok. Growing up, she was interested in dance, and as she got older, she joined the Cheer Athletics program, which helped her establish herself as a cheerleader and dancer. After success with Cheer Athletics, Hannah launched her Instagram page, and marked the start of her career by uploading pictures of herself.

Career Beginnings

With her Instagram popularity on the rise, Hannah sought to expand her online presence, and so opened her TikTok account. She began uploading short videos of herself on TikTok, and started gaining popularity with more than 30,000 views per video. Hannah was turning into a star, and when one of her videos received over 170,000 views, it was then that her career and popularity hit a whole new level.

Hannah Harrell

Hannah continued with interesting lip-sync videos, only further increasing her popularity, and it wasn’t long before she saw her first video go over 500,000 views.

Rise to Prominence

Hannah was becoming more popular with her funny videos that attracted more people to her page, but along with her growing popularity on TikTok, she was also focusing on Instagram, which attracted modeling agencies.

She began collaborating with a number of brands, and eventually became the brand ambassador of BoutineLA, and subsequently also worked with House of Harlow, Revolve, then PrincessPolly, and many others. Her TikTok page now boasts almost a million followers, and her videos have over 34 million likes, making her a popular star on this social media platform.

Some of her most popular videos include the vogue challenge she did to stun her fans, and a 1.2 million-viewed video which shows her in summer wear.

She is far less successful on Instagram, however, her collaboration with fashion brands and agencies has still added considerably to her wealth.

Hannah Harrell Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Hannah is a young internet star whose wealth has increased a lot in the last couple of years, thanks to the success of her career.

According to sources, Hannah Harrell’s net worth has been estimated at already over $1 million, as of mid- 2020.

Hannah has earned fame thanks to her perfect body and beauty, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands at 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, while she weighs approximately 120lbs ~ 55kgs – her vital statistics are unknown but she has a slim figure.

Hannah Harrell Personal Life, Dating, Single, Boyfriend?

Hannah is a very private person, and has rarely shared any information about this part of her life in the media. Although she often posts pictures and videos of herself online, she has never uploaded a picture with a boyfriend or anyone intimate with her. This has raised a few speculations, but for now she remains single, and rather focused on making her career than making love.

Hannah Harrell News, Facts

Many people confuse Hannah with another Hanna Harrell, the figure skating star and a juvenile silver medalist. However, Hannah has built fame on her own, as evidenced by the number of fans on her social media accounts, which is growing steadily. For now, her greatest achievement is probably becoming the brand ambassador of the BoutineLA fashion brand.

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