• Iman Kawa is a chef, entrepreneur, and YouTuber
• She learned to cook from her mother and attended the Culinary Institute of America
• She has three children from a previous relationship with the noted businessman and mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal
• She is currently in a relationship with a non-celebrity man and has a net worth of over $200,000
• Jorge Masvidal has a record of the fastest knockout in UFC and has founded a mescal drink El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven


Who is Iman Kawa?

Iman Kawa was born in Miami, Florida USA, on 19 June 1988 – her zodiac sign is Gemini and she holds American nationality. She is a chef, entrepreneur and a YouTuber, who might be known best as the ex-girlfriend of Jorge Masvidal, a noted businessman and mixed martial artist.

Childhood and education

Iman was raised alongside her five siblings in Miami by their father who was a taxi driver, and their mother who worked as a cashier at a local grocery store.

Iman’s mother is a great cook and Iman learned much from her during her early teenage years. This motivated her to become a chef, and after she matriculated in 2006, she enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2010.

Iman was also physically active at both high school and college, as she played soccer and volleyball, and was involved in acting at a local theatre.

Iman’s career

Iman launched her YouTube channel – “Better Than Your Mother’s” – on 29 June 2017, and it’s today subscribed to by more than 4.2 million people and counts close to 40 million views of all her videos combined. These are in one way or another about food, and her most popular video, “Better Than Your Mother’s Episode 1 Featuring Jorge Masvidal”, has been watched over three million times since 2 November 2017.

She is today working as a procurement specialist for New York’s Blue Apron while she’s also the owner of her own small bakery which sells premium cookies.

Love life and Jorge Masvidal

Iman started dating Jorge Masvidal while she was still attending high school – it’s believed that the two met at a party organized by a mutual friend. She was 16 years old when she became pregnant with their first daughter, and their second daughter followed six years later in 2010 – in 2016, Iman gave birth to their son.

but she and Jorge then split in 2019 for unknown reasons. Because of them being together for over a decade and having three children, there are many people who believe that the two were secretly married, but and that they have recently divorced, however, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Iman has accused Jorge of being unfaithful, and having slept with several other women, stating that this was the main reason behind their break-up.

As of November 2020, Iman is in a relationship with a non-celebrity man whom she has kept away from the media’s attention – she hasn’t married, and has three children.

Hobbies and other interests

Iman was physically active during her 20s, as she had several training sessions at the gym each week, and followed a somewhat strict diet while she often uploaded pictures onto her Instagram account featuring her fit body. Following the birth of her second child, she became more focused on being a chef and taking care of her children, and thus stopped going to the gym and gained weight.

She likes to read books in her spare time and prefers romance over all other genres while her favorite book is “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks.

She is also keen on watching movies, and her favorite actors and actresses are Johnny Depp, the late Robin Williams and Mila Kunis, while a few of her favorite movies are the franchise “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Patch Adams” and “Friends with Benefits”.

Age, height and net worth

Iman’s age is 32. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 4ins (1.64m) and she weighs around 130lbs (60kgs). As of November 2020, her net worth has been estimated at over $200,000, while Jorge’s net worth is reputedly over $2 million.

Iman Kawa

Who is Jorge Masvidal?

Jorge Masvidal was born in Miami, Florida USA, on 12 November 1984 – his zodiac sign is Scorpio and he holds American nationality. He might be known best for his record of the fastest knockout in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which stands at five seconds.

Jorge was raised in Miami an only child by his Cuban father who was a drug dealer, and who spent more than 20 years in jail for manslaughter, and his Peruvian mother who was a housewife. Jorge started fighting at a very early age with the kids in his street, and while attending St. Brendan High School, he became interested in wrestling, but as he was kicked out for bad grades, Jorge started practicing on his own and eventually began taking mixed martial arts and karate lessons.

He launched his career on 24 May 2003, when he knocked out his opponent at HOOKnSHOOT: Absolute Fighting Championships 3. In 2009, he joined the mixed martial arts promotion Bellator and winning his first fight, but was defeated by Toby Imada in the semi-finals. He went on to fight in Shark Fights 13’s welterweight division where he lost to Paul Daley, and Jorge then signed to the kickboxing organization Strikeforce. However, after it disbanded in January 2013, he joined the UFC, and has been fighting in it to this day.

On 3 July 2020, it was reported that Jorge tested positive to COVID-19, but has recovered. He is a supporter of President Donald Trump and has supported his campaign ‘Fighters Against Socialism’. Jorge likes to drink alcohol and together with Recuerdo Mezcal, has recently founded a mescal drink El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven.

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