• Kimani White, known as FlightReacts, is a YouTuber and musician from Washington D.C.
• He is 6ft 3ins (1.9m) tall and weighs 180lbs (82kgs).
• FlightReacts is expecting a baby with a woman named Janet but they aren't officially together.
• His hobbies include collecting jerseys and travelling, and he is a lover of animals.
• As of October 2020, FlightReacts' net worth is estimated to be close to $1 million.


Who is FlightReacts and how tall is he?

Kimani White – known on the internet as FlightReacts, Flight23White and NotYourAverageFlight – was born in Washington D.C., USA on 7 August 1995 – his zodiac sign is Leo and he holds American nationality. FlightReacts is a YouTuber and a singer, who mostly uploads videos related to the National Basketball Association (NBA) league, as well as to the video games “NBA 2K” and “NBA Live”.

FlightReacts’ height is 6ft 3ins (1.9m) and he weighs around 180lbs (82kgs).

Early life and education

FlightReacts was raised alongside his sister, by their father who was a factory worker, and their mother who was a housewife – he spent only a year in Washington D.C. as the family then moved to live in West Palm Beach in Florida.

He attended a local high school at which he was very sporting, and was an avid basketball player who hoped he would one day become a professional player, and perhaps join an NBA team, however, FlightReacts soon accepted that he wasn’t talented enough, and turned his focus to other things. He thought about becoming a barber, but after matriculating in 2013, FlightReacts worked at two fast food restaurants before deciding to entirely focus on his career on the internet, without even trying being a barber.

Career as a YouTuber

FlightReacts launched his YouTube channel “NotYourAverageFlight” on 9 June 2013, which is currently subscribed to almost three million people, while it counts nearly 400 million views of all his videos combined – two of his currently most popular videos are “1V1 AGAINST 9TH GRADER GONE WRONG!! (SEVERE EXTREME PUNISHMENT!)” which has been seen over 3.6 million times since 6 December 2016 and “CAUGHT Being High In Class Story… WHAT THE TEACHER DOES NEXT YOU WON’T BELIEVE!” which has been watched over 3.4 million times since 5 December 2015.

FlightReacts is also very active on Instagram, and his account is currently followed by over 2.2 million people, while he’s uploaded around 135 pictures onto it, mostly taken during his everyday life. He is also active on Twitter, with currently over 460,000 people following him.

Career as a musician

FlightReacts is also a musician and a rapper, who has released over 20 songs since 2017 when he launched his career with the release of his two songs “Off Me” and “Cold-Blooded”, which have both been listened to over one million times on YouTube.


In the same year FlightReacts released “Gud Good”, which has been listened to over 840,000 times, and “Feelings” which is not as popular as his other songs.

In 2018, he released “Broken Boy Boy” and “Cutt It Outt”, while he also remastered his 2017 song “Feelings”. FlightReacts’ biggest hit today is “Disingenuous”, which he uploaded onto his YouTube channel on 20 April 2020 and which has already been listened to over 7.6 million times.

Love life and girlfriend

FlightReacts has been in several relationships, but has stated that girls only distract him from his career, and that he prefers to be single but to have them around for sex.

He was in a relationship with Ariel Diaz who is a YouTuber, and the two ran a channel together for several months before splitting for unknown reasons. FlightReacts went on to date Ti Taylor, who is a rapper known for being a member of the band Taylor Girlz – they dated for less than a year before going their separate ways.

Today, FlightReacts is expecting a baby with a woman named Janet, but the two aren’t officially together as FlightReacts has stated: ‘We haven’t made it official or anything like that, but it’s clear as day we just f*ck with each other… she can’t leave me alone, I can’t leave her alone’.

As of October 2020, FlightReacts seems to be in a ‘complicated relationship’, hasn’t married, but is expecting his first child.

Hobbies and other interests

FlightReacts’ main hobby is collecting jerseys which were worn by professional basketball, baseball and football players.

He is keen on travelling, and has been all around the US to watch live basketball matches – his favorite player is Stephen Curry.

He is a huge lover of animals and has a pet dog which apparently avoids eating meat, but is not entirely vegetarian.

FlightReacts likes to spend his free time in nature, away from overcrowded cities, and mostly enjoys being high up on the mountains, or close to lakes or the ocean.

In his spare time, he likes to watch movies featuring some of his favorite actors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis and Gerard Butler, and a few of his favorite movies are “Inception”, “Catch Me If You Can” and “The Great Gatsby”.

Age and net worth

FlightReacts’s age is 25, with short brown hair and brown eyes. As of October 2020, his net worth has been estimated at close to  $1 million.

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