• Mary Lee Harvey is an ex-wife of US television host and comedian Steve Harvey
• She has African-American ethnicity and is a professional makeup artist
• She filed for divorce in 2005 and was given three homes in the property settlement
• She sued Steve Harvey for $60 million in 2017 for “murdering her soul”
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 as of early 2020


Mary Lee Harvey is a professional makeup artist, whose claim to fame is being the ex-wife of popular US television host and comedian, Steve Harvey.

Early life

Mary Lee Shackelford was born in 20 October 1960, in Texas, USA, so her zodiac sign is Libra, her nationality is American, and she has African-American ethnicity. Reportedly, her hometown was Delhi, Louisiana, and her mother raised her and nine other siblings on a meager weekly paycheck from her father. Mary grew up in a dysfunctional family. She claimed to be abused as a child, and that her parents kept her and her siblings isolated to keep them from saying things about what was happening inside their home.

Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Mary Vaughn Sues for $60 Mill, Alleges Torture, Child Endangerment & 'Soul Murdering'…

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There is not much information out there about her family except for the bits and pieces that she dropped during an interview in 2017, which was posted on YouTube.


It was said that Mary went to Delhi High School, but it was unclear if she matriculated.

Personal life

Her marriage to Steve Harvey

In 1989, Steve went to Arlington, Texas, for work as a stand-up comedian when he met Mary, who was working as a make-up artist at a cosmetics store at that time. Clearly, there was instant attraction between the two and they started dating. There were reports that they wed after dating for less than a year. However, Mary said in an interview in 2011 that they lived together for six years before getting married in 1996.

She was Steve’s second wife. Mary gave birth to their child, Wynton, in July 1997. She already had a son named Steven, who was probably four or five years old, by the time Steve came into her life.

She was with Steve when he was still struggling, and was a great comfort when he grieved over the loss of his loved ones including his parents and his best friend and manager. The couple traveled a lot together. Mary worked as president of companies that they owned, specifically the Wonder Love, Inc. and Harvey House Entertainment. They provided funding for computers and school supplies for underprivileged students in California through the Steve & Mary L. Harvey Foundation that they established in 1994. Mary was a role model for teens at that time, so she used to visit schools.

Steve Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey

The messy divorce, her story

‘Messy’ is the word for more than one reason – things were apparently going great in their marriage at first, but Steve had allegedly been unfaithful to her for most of their married life. In 2005, Mary finally filed for divorce in Texas. Four years later, she said she was given a 30-day notice to vacate the home that was supposedly given to her after the divorce. It was also only in 2009, when she started to receive $40,000 a month, but it stopped after ten payments bringing it to a total of $400,000. Mary sold Steve her share of the ranch that they owned for $1.5 million, which she said was less than the property’s market value.

This was all contrary to what the court documents say – that after the divorce, she was paid $40,000 every month until March 2009 and a lump sum of $1.5 million after that, and she was also given three homes in the property settlement.

Her former assistant of two years said that in 2008, Mary asked her to put her son on a ‘plane and only informed Steve 30 minutes before the plane landed. However, Mary said that she didn’t give Wynton away, that it was just a regular thing – sending their son to spend time with his father. She didn’t think that her son wouldn’t be returning, but she lost custody of her son.

Mary’s tell-all YouTube Videos

Mary caused quite a stir by uploading three YouTube videos in 2011, wherein she accused Steve of breaking their marriage vows several times, including cheating on her with Marjorie, who is now Steve’s wife.

Her ex-husband also allegedly left her broke and turned their son against her. She went on to be interviewed on television talking about that, which Steve said were all lies and that the court documents proved it. One time, she said, she received a call informing her that there was a warrant for her arrest, so she went to the courthouse to inquire about it, because she didn’t want to be pulled over and handcuffed while she was out.  Mary learned that the warrant was for not paying child support, which she was not legally required to do; she stayed that weekend in jail. Before she was able to post bail, she was arrested for violating the conditions of the gag order, which was part of the divorce settlement, and was behind bars for 30 days during Christmas/New Year holidays in 2013 – she was released in January 2014, which was coincidentally, Steve’s birthday.

In 2017, twelve years after the divorce, she sued Steve Harvey for $60 million for “murdering her soul,” which translates to severe mental pain and emotional distress. Included in the lawsuit were kidnapping, child endangerment, and more. A court document showed that Mary even attempted suicide to stop the pain and mental anguish. She lost that lawsuit, but what’s interesting is that she didn’t have a lawyer with her when she filed the lawsuit, but was accompanied by Essie Berry, a civil rights activist.

Another set of videos were uploaded in YouTube in 2017, with Mary talking about wanting justice about what happened to her. She said that she was neither bitter nor vindictive, but just wanted what’s fair, what’s due her – and those were ‘the benefits from the company they built and worked hard for.’

She said she wouldn’t stop talking about this because it would be like giving Steve, Marjorie, and the others a pass for what they did to her. She just prayed that her relationship with her son survives all of this.There are no recent interviews, personal vlogs, or verified social media accounts that can give an insight on how she is doing right now – one can only speculate. It is believed that she has remarried and is now Mary Woolridge or Vaughn, and living in Plano, Texas.

Who is Steve Harvey?

Broderick Stephen Harvey was born on 17 January 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, the youngest of five children of Jesse and Eloise Harvey.  He has that rags-to-riches story – he was homeless in the late 1980s, sleeping in his 1976 Ford and showering at gas stations. He tried his hand at everything including being an insurance salesman, a carpet cleaner, mailman, and even an amateur boxer.

He found his niche in 1985 when performing stand-up comedy on stage. Being a finalist in the “Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search” in 1990 paved the way for him in hosting the syndicated variety show, “Showtime at the Apollo,” from 1993 to 2000. He also had his own sitcom, “The Steve Harvey Show” from 1996 to 2002. Harvey then became part of the “The Kings of Comedy,” which was the highest-grossing comedy tour in the US in 1999, taking in more than $19 million, and went on to have his own morning radio program in 2005.

Harvey became some sort of a relationship guru when he talked about relationships in a book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” in 2009, which became a best-seller. It was followed by another hit, “Straight Talk, No Chaser” in 2010.

He was the host of the highly popular game show, “Family Feud,” earning him his first Daytime Emmy Award in 2014. He hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 2015 in Las Vegas, where he committed a serious blunder by announcing the wrong winner – while Miss Colombia was waving to the crowd wearing her crown, he went on stage to apologize for his mistake and then declare Miss Philippines as the winner, but he continued hosting the annual beauty pageant in the succeeding years. In 2012 he launched his own daytime talk show, “Steve Harvey,” which eventually won him several Daytime Emmy Awards and an NAACP Image Award. From 2016 to 2018, he was the host of NBC’s “Little Big Shots”.

Steve Harvey has been married three times and has seven children.

Steve Harvey

He has three kids with his first wife, Marcia (1980-1994), then Wynton with Mary, and in 2007 he married his third and current wife, Marjorie Bridge Harvey, who has three children from a previous marriage, and whom he adopted. Steve and Marjorie have what they call a blended family. Harvey is a comedian, television and radio personality, actor, author, and philanthropist with sources estimating his net worth at over $200 million as of March 2020.


Mary is 5ft 7in (1.7m) tall and weighs around 145lbs (65kgs). She looked quite fit based on her last YouTube interview. Mary usually kept her black hair short; she has brown eyes.

Net worth and salary

Not much is said about Mary’s work or businesses at present. If you were to believe her YouTube interviews in the past, it would seem that she was broke and that she did not receive much from her ex-husband; only alimony payments for 10 months. However, authoritative sources estimated her net worth to be around $500,000 as of early 2020.

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