• Born in Massachusetts on December 18, 1976
• Net worth estimated to be over $1 million
• Moved around a lot during her youth due to her father working in the US Navy
• Married radio personality Rush Limbaugh in 2010 after three years of dating
• Lives in Palm Beach, Florida, with her husband and no children


Who is Kathryn Adams Limbaugh?

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh was born on 18 December 1976, in Massachusetts, USA, and is an author as well as a former party planner, but perhaps best known for being the wife of radio personality Rush Limbaugh. Her husband rose to fame through “The Rush Limbaugh Show” which is the country’s most-listened-to radio program.

The Net Worth Kathryn Adams Limbaugh

As of early-2020, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, primarily gained through a bit of work she’s had with her husband. She undoubtedly benefits from her husband’s success, enjoying a luxurious life brought about Rush’s net worth estimated to be a minimum of $600 million.

Life and Career

While Kathryn Adams was born in Massachusetts, she moved around a lot during her youth due to her father working in the US Navy. Her father was said to be friends with Senator John McCain whom he became acquainted with while in the US Naval Academy. Her father was assigned at Pearl Harbor where he managed a submarine fleet. He later left the Navy to work in the private sector as a financial adviser.

Her mother, on the other hand, worked as a diplomat which also led to the family traveling a lot. This unusual lifestyle led Kathryn to live in Brazil during her youth, where she learnedto speak Portuguese.

She’s visited over 40 countries with her parents or during work, and developed an interest in humanitarian efforts, including spending significant time in West Africa where she worked alongside doctors in their fight against malaria, even contracting the disease in the process. The family made a permanent residence in Honolulu, Hawaii though she frequented the US mainland later, working as a party planner.

Husband – Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is from Missouri. His father served during World War II as a US fighter pilot, though he is of part German ancestry. Forbears also served in the judicial system, with his grandfather working as a judge which was also the profession of his cousin.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush attended Cape Girardeau Central High School, and during his time there also played with the school’s football team. After matriculating, he gained his first working opportunity at a local radio station, using the name Rusty Sharpe.

He wanted to continue a career in radio, but his parents urged him to complete a college education, so he enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University, but found no desire in continuing his education, so eventually, dropped out to pursue a radio career. His job afterwards was in a McKeesport, Pennsylvania station, where he began using the name, Bachelor Jeff. He stayed there for over a year until he was fired due to consistent conflict with the program director of the station.

He returned to his parents in the meantime, and after a few years gained a job in Kansas City as a host of a public affairs program.

Success in Radio

After many failures in radio, Limbaugh briefly left that life to work in sales and the sports industry. He returned to radio in 1983 and began using his real name, eventually achieving his breakthrough with ABC where he began his own radio show. After two years, “The Rush Limbaugh” show had gained a significant number of listeners, leading to syndication across the US, and establishing himself as a personality in the conservative movement.

In the 2000s, he continued working on radio despite being deaf, which he was able to remedy with an implant in his ear. He briefly returned to sports to work as a commentator, but soon left after many of his peers felt that he was out of touch with his work and world views. His own show continues to air for three hours every weekday, and due to the number of listeners he was drawing, he gained lucrative contracts worth tens of millions of dollars. His biggest contract was reputedly in 2008 – $400 million for eight years of work with Clear Channel Communication, making him the highest-paid radio broadcaster of the time.

Rush Limbaugh – Ideals and Views

Rush is a promoter of American exceptionalism, a point of view that elevates and makes the US stand out as unique among nations. The idea, while in existence since the 1800s, was popularized by US President Ronald Reagan, which has led Limbaugh to be hyper-critical against minorities, and accused many times of racial prejudice, particularly against African-Americans. He’s also made derogatory remarks against the LGBT community especially since the epidemic of HIV victims during the 1990s.

Apart from these, he’s made statements that sexual consent is a concept that is to be dismissed, attracting the ire of various activists who called for his show to be canceled, and for it to be boycotted.

To this end, he is also critical of feminism which he believes is a tool of the liberals to advance. He is also against environmentalism, which he believes is a way for corporations and financial companies to advance their agenda of earning more money from overly concerned people. During the presidency of Barack Obama, he was critical for most of his presidential run, which mainly stems from the difference in their political beliefs, and his already set prejudice against minorities.

Personal Life

Kathryn is not Rush’s first wife as he has been married three times before. His first marriage was to secretary Roxy Maxine McNeely in 1977, and they stayed together for three years, with Roxy filing for divorce due to their incompatibility.

Three years later, he married student Michelle Sixta and they stayed together for seven years before divorcing. His third marriage was to aerobics instructor Marta Fitzgerald in 1994, and they separated after a decade before filing for divorce. After that, he was romantically involved with news anchor Daryn Kagan for two years. Kathryn met him in 2007 and they dated for three years before marrying. The ceremony and reception were said to be lavish, with singer Elton John hired to entertain the guests. The couple resides in Palm Beach, where Rush has lived since the mid-1990s. The couple doesn’t have any children, nor does he have any children from his previous marriages.

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