• Robie Uniacke is a businessperson and mathematical researcher, who rose to fame for dating the English actress Rosamund Pike.
• He was born and raised in England, and attended Eton College before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 198•
• He founded the IT company Pale Fire Ltd. in 2010, and was one of the board of directors.
• He has had two marriages, and is in a relationship with Rosamund Pike since 2009, with whom he has two sons.
• He has a net worth of $1 million, while his partner Rosamund Pike’s net worth is estimated at over $9 million.


Robie Uniacke is a businessperson as well as a mathematical researcher, who rose to fame not because of his business, but because he has been dating the beautiful Rosamund Pike, an English actress who is best known for her role as Miranda Frost in the James Bond movie “Die Another Day”.

Early Life and Childhood

Robie Uniacke was born on 9 March 1961, in England, so under the influence of the Pisces sun sign. He was born to a British family and is white in ethnicity. Information on his parents and any siblings is currently not unknown. His religious affiliation is towards Christianity.


Robie attended the prestigious Eton College in Windsor, England, then apparently gained a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 1983, institution unknown.

He was interested in mathematics ever since he was a child and grew up to become a mathematical researcher.


Robie has worked for several financial companies as a consultant, and eventually founded his own Pale Fire Ltd., an information technology (IT) company, in 2010 and was also one of the board of directors.


First marriage

Robie Uniacke married Emma Howard, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle in 1983. Emma gave birth to their son Robie Jonjo Uniacke, but the marriage didn’t bode well for both of them; they had to check in at a rehabilitation center due to their serious addiction to heroin. The couple divorced in 1989.

Second marriage

Robie’s second marriage was to an interior designer Rose Batstone. He and Rose gave birth to three children named Hector Uniacke, Olive Uniacke and Florence Uniacke, however, that marriage didn’t make the cut either and Rose and Robie separated.

Rosamund Pike

It has been rumored that Robie and Rosamund started dating in the year 2009. This relationship brought a lot of attention as Robie is 18 years older than Rosamund. He met her at a party and their relationship hit it off. In the year 2012 Rosamund gave birth to their son Solo Uniacke in May, and their second son Atom was born two years later in December. Rosamund talked about Robie to The Telegraph, and cited him as being ‘interesting’ and ‘fearless’. They live in London with their sons.

They haven’t married, and that seems to be out of the question with Robie being spotted wearing T-shirts with slogans such as ‘marriage is gay’. When asked whether or not he would like to marry again he said, ‘I think everyone should have the right to get married or not. Obviously, I am not married, and Ros and I have a baby, which works for us. I mean, I’m not religious.’

Who is Rosamund Pike?

Rosamund Mary Ellen Pike is an English actress, born on 27 January 1979, in London. She studied English literature at Wadham College, Oxford, where she also directed and acted in several plays. She also appeared in TV shows such as “A Rather English Marriage” (1998) and “Love in a Cold Climate”.

After graduation, she appeared as an MI6 agent in the movie “Die Another Day”, a James Bond film, which was one of the highest points of her career. Subsequently, she also appeared in the show “Bond Girls Are Forever”, and the BAFTA tribute to the James Bond series. She went on to portray the character of Elizabeth Malet in “The Libertine” (2004) and won the Best Supporting Actress award at the British Independent Film Awards. She also appeared in “the Promised Land” and “Doom”, then in 2005 in “Pride & Prejudice” as the elder sister of Elizabeth, Jane, and in successful films such as “Fracture” opposite Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling as an attorney.

In the 2010 movie “Jackboots on Whitehall” Rosamund, voiced the character Daisy, and in 2011 appeared in the movie “Johnny English Reborn” as Kate Sumner.

Rosamund Pike

In 2012 she played Helen Rodin in “Jack Reacher”, and Queen Andromeda in “Wrath of the Titans”, in the same year. Her biggest role to date came in 2014 when she was Amy Dunne opposite Ben Affleck in the thriller “Gone Girl”; the film was a box office hit, as well as being widely praised by the critics – Vanity Fair reviewed her portrayal of Amy as “a star-makingly good performance, spellbinding in its operatic mix of tones and temperatures”.

In 2015, she voiced Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward in “Thunderbirds are Go”, and in 2016 was seen in a music video by Massive Attack. In 2017 she was in the short film “The Human Voice”, which won her the award for Best Actress at the Oxford International Film Festival.

Her upcoming movies include “Radioactive” in which she’ll portray the character of Madam Curie, and “The Informer”.

Rosamund’s relationships

Before dating Robie, Rosamund was in a relationship with actor Simon Woods for over two years. However, Simon then came out as gay, their relationship ended, and Simon went on to marry Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey. Rosamund then dated Joe Wright, a famous executive in Hollywood, for over four years and they were even engaged for a while, however, they split in 2008, and two years later, Joe married sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar, the daughter of Indian music maestro Ravi Shankar.

She spoke to Vogue about her relationship with Robie in an interview, and when asked about whether or not she would like to get married she said, ‘It is interesting to break all the rules. I’m not married, I have a baby, and it feels infinitely more right.’


Robie has had a problem with drug addiction and has struggled a lot – both he and his first wife went into rehabilitation, which led to their divorce as well. However, it has been speculated that Robie is now clean from his drug addiction – Glamour UK described Robie in one of their articles as ‘a reformed drug addict-turned-businessman’.

Controversies & Scandals

Robie got himself into the middle of some financial issues, which caused him to be ousted from the position of company director. He admitted to a number of serious offenses regarding his company Pale Fire Ltd., including failing to pay taxes to HMRC. He was asked to sign a ‘schedule of unfit conduct’ making him admit that he had failed to with statutory obligations, and he also admitted to using the company’s business money for personal matters that weren’t authorized – the company went bankrupt in 2016.


Robie’s ethnicity is white. He stands at a height of 5ft 9 ins (1.79m) and weighs around 143lbs (65 kgs). He has blue eyes and his hair color is dark brown. Other information on his body measurements is not available.

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Hobby, Favorite Things and Interesting Facts

  • Robie is very fluent in Mandarin.
  • He is also teaching Mandarin to his children.
  • His favorite actresses are Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson.
  • He loves action and science fiction movies, and “Beauty and the Beast” and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” are two of his favorites.
  • Robie loves listening to rock music, and bands such as The Scorpions, Aerosmith and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Social Media

Unlike Rosamund, Robie doesn’t participate in any social media, such as having accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Rosamund on the other hand has an Instagram account with the handle mspike and has almost 90,000 followers.

Net worth

The reputed net worth of Robie Uniacke is close to $1 million, but having filed for bankruptcy in 2016, his financial status may be questionable. His partner Rosamund Pike on the other hand has a net worth estimated at over $9 million.

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