• Sherrill Sajak was born in 1945 and is the former wife of Pat Sajak.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $2 million and she likely benefitted from her divorce settlement with her ex-husband who has a net worth estimated to be over $65 million.
• They married three years before Pat had his breakthrough gig hosting “Wheel of Fortune”, and were married for seven years before divorcing.
• Pat's career breakthrough was when he was asked to take over the hosting of “Wheel of Fortune” in 1981, and he's held the position for 37 consecutive seasons.
• After their divorce, Sherrill remains in obscurity and Pat married photographer Lesly Brown Sajak and has two children from the marriage.


Who is Sherrill Sajak?

Sherrill Sajak was born in 1945, in the United States of America, and is best known for being the former wife of television personality Pat Sajak. Her ex-husband rose to fame as the host of the game show “Wheel of Fortune”, a role he’s held since 1981.

The Net Worth of Sherrill Sajak

As of early-2020, Sherrill Sajak’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. While details of her profession are unknown, she probably benefitted from the success of her husband and their divorce settlement – he has a net worth estimated to be over $65 million from his successful career on television.

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Early Life, Relationship, and Divorce

While there are no details about Sherrill’s life before she met Pat, it is known that the two met during the early phase of his career when he was working on radio. At the time, he was relatively unknown, and had made just a few television appearances to go with his work as a radio host. They married three years before he had his breakthrough gig hosting “Wheel of Fortune”.

They don’t have any children, and the couple rarely talked about each other in public. They stayed together for seven years before eventually divorcing; the reason for their divorce has never been stated publicly, nor have either of them commented on it after it occurred.

The general belief is that their marriage began to crumble after he rose to fame, with all his time dedicated to work and the pressure of maintaining his public life took a toll on their relationship. Following the divorce, Sherrill continued to remain in obscurity, while her former husband remarried a photographer three years later.

Husband – Pat Sajak

Pat rarely got to know his father, who passed away when he was young. His father worked in a factory that had a lot of hazards, to the detriment of his health and well-being. After his death, Pat’s mother remarried and his stepfather supported his education.

Pat Sajak

He attended Farragut High School and after matriculating, enrolled at Columbia College Chicago. During his time there, he had to take an extra job to support himself, and worked at the Palmer House hotel as a desk clerk.

His first experience with broadcasting came during the Vietnam War, when he was enlisted to serve. He didn’t become an active-duty soldier, but instead worked as a disc jockey (DJ) for the American Forces Vietnam Network, hosting the show “Dawn Buster”, which was popularized by Adrian Cronauer, and continued the tradition of the show for over a year.

As he returned to continue his education, he sought more work on radio, becoming a newsman for a local station, while also working as a DJ. In the early-1970s he worked in a Murray, Kentucky based radio station for around a year before moving to Nashville to work as a DJ. There, he had his first television experience with WSMV, which he first began working for as a voiceover artist.

Career Breakthrough – Pat Sajak

Pat slowly transitioned from his voice role to a more on-camera presence, often holding five-minute newscasts for the program “Today Show”.

He also served as a substitute weatherman, which later led to him working full time as a weather reporter for NBC, based in Los Angeles. He befriended a lot of high profile media personalities during this period, and in 1981 he was approached by Merv Griffin who asked him to take over the hosting of “Wheel of Fortune”.

After some problems with executives, he was eventually put into the position, hosting both the daytime and evening versions of the show. He held the position throughout the 1980s, and soon rose to fame. Since then, he’s held the position for 37 consecutive seasons, making him the longest-serving host of any game show in history.

Due to this, he became a pop culture icon, and was even offered cameo appearances in feature films. He’s appeared several times in other game shows as a contestant – some of his projects during this period include “Dream House” and “Super Password”.

Later Career

During 1990, Sajak tried his hand at working as a late-night talk show, host but it didn’t pan out leading to the project being canceled early. Instead, he became a frequent collaborator and guest of “Larry King Live”, even substituting for the host when he wasn’t available. He was also a substitute for Regis Philbin in “Live with Regis and Kelly”.

In 1997, as a part of an April Fool’s day prank episode, he became a contestant in “Wheel of Fortune” alongside co-worker and television personality Vanna White.

In 2001, he made a guest appearance in the sitcom “The King of Queens”, in a fictional portrayal of himself. He is also very active within the writing world, working with conservative publications such as “Human Events”, and is also a regular contributor to the “National Review Online”. His love for games expanded not only on television, but he’s also authored several puzzle games, the most popular of which is Lucky Letters.

His contract with “Wheel of Fortune” continues up to 2022 – Guinness has already honored him with the world record for the longest career as a game show host for the same show.

Personal Life

After Sherrill’s marriage to Pat, it is not known if she remarried or had any children. Pat on the other hand married Lesly Brown Sajak, and he has two children from the marriage. One of his children became a country artist. Her former husband is a member of the Church of Christ though it is not known if she shares the same beliefs. It is also not known if she is conservative when it comes to her political beliefs.

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