• Albert DePrisco is a millionaire and jewelry shop owner from the USA.
• He married Patrick Swayze’s ex-wife, Lisa Niemi, in 201•
• He is the sponsor and face of “Children’s Trust of Massachusetts” and supports “Make-A-Wish Foundation Massachusetts”.
• His current net worth is estimated at $40 million and his wife’s is estimated at $1 million.
• He has light blue eyes and blond hair that has since turned gray.



Not all people who are born in rich families are instantly famous. Some of them gain fame through marriage with someone of lesser financial status, albeit more well-known to the general public. This is the case of Albert DePrisco, a millionaire and a businessman who reached the headlines only after marrying Patrick Swayze’s ex-wife. Who is Albert DePrisco and how rich is he really?

Early life and Education

DePrisco was born on 30 August 1955 in an undisclosed city in the USA, most likely in Massachusetts.

His parents are Maria DePrisco and Francis DePrisco, and he has a sister named Deirdre E. DePrisco. His family was rather wealthy and very business-oriented, and DePrisco was influenced by them to become noted amongst entrepreneurs. Except for this little information, nothing is known about his education and childhood life.


DePrisco is the owner of one of the biggest jewelry shops in the world, called A. M. DePrisco Wellesley. The shop was owned by his parents, but he bought it from them in 1995, and worked independently for 10 years.

In 2005 the store was moved to Washington Street located in Wellesley, Massachusetts US. The brand specializes in making diamond and other kinds of expensive jewelry and has opened another store in Downtown Boston, Massachusetts, as well as one on Cape Cod in Osterville, Massachusetts.

Marriage to Lisa Niemi

DePrisco first made headlines in 2011, when he started dating Lisa Niemi, an actress and former wife of popukar actor Patrick Swayze. Lisa Niemi was born on 26 May 1956 in Houston, Texas USA, and is known through her numerous appearances in movies alongside Swayze.

Lisa Niemi

They performed together in “Steel Dawn”, “Urban Cowboy” and “Grandview, USA”, but the most famous title is “One Last Dance”. The couple married in 1975 and remained in marriage until Swayze died in 2009. DePrisco was said to be the good friend of the couple, who stayed by Niemi’s side after her husband died.

They started dating not long time after Swayze’s passing, and DePrisco proposed to Niemi on 28th December 2013, and the couple tied the knot on 25th May 2014 in an intimate ceremony at The Mar-a-Lago Club, located in Palm Beach, Florida, one of the biggest and most expensive resorts in Palm Beach that was built in the 1920s.

Despite being held on such a luxurious estate, the wedding was rather private, held only for the family and closes friends of the couple. Niemi’s wedding ring is an expensive cushion-cut diamond eternity band, and she also owns a second band that matches the one DePrisco has. Their wedding dance was choreographed by Deirdre, De Prisco’s sister, who works as a professional ballroom dancer. The bride was apparently stunning in a long, white gown, while De Prisco wore a classic black and white suit.

As both were in their late fifties when they married, the couple doesn’t have kids.

Lisa Nieni married Albert DePrisco 5 years after her previous husband's (Patrick Swayze) death from pancreatic cancer.

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Niemi also didn’t have any children with Swayze. It is said that she was pregnant when she married her first husband, but had a miscarriage, after which she was told she couldn’t have any children.

Even though she remarried, Niemi still often posts pictures on her Instagram profile where she remembers her late first husband. When asked about this, she once said: ‘I have to say, that the love I have for Patrick was never in conflict or competition with my feelings for Albert.’ She also stated that she thinks Swayze would be happy that she remarried, and that the man she chose to marry is DePrisco.

Personal Life

Despite being a millionaire, DePrisco always did a good job of keeping most of his life private. He is the face of “Children’s Trust of Massachusetts”, the organization that is working on stopping child abuse in Massachusetts, and is their proud sponsor. “Children’s Trust of Massachusetts” works through a huge network that consists of more than 100 innovative and creative community foundations that are trying to help children in need. In 2017, DePrisco donated a piece of his jewelry to the silent auction that was held at the annual Children’s Trust Gala.

Another foundation that DePrisco supports is “Make-A-Wish Foundation Massachusetts”, as well as their Rhode Island’s Diamond Raffle that is always featured at the fundraising gala. In 2015 DePrisco donated a pair of Tahitian diamond and pearl earrings, which sold out at around $15,000. All the proceeds of the sale were given to the “Make-A-Wish Foundation”.

DePrisco isn’t active on any social media, while his wife Lisa Niemi has an Instagram account.

Net Worth

DePrisco makes most of his earnings through his jewelry shop that he’s owned for decades. As of April 2020, DePrisco’s net worth is estimated at around $40 million. On the other hand, his wife has a net worth of around $1 million.

Physical characteristics

DePrisco’s exact measurements haven’t been disclosed, but judging from the pictures we can see that he stands at an average height for a man, with a weight that is a bit over the average for his height. He has light blue eyes and blond hair that has now turned to gray.

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