• Courtney Miller is a 25-year-old American YouTuber best known for being a member of Smosh.
• She was raised in a Mormon family in California and attended college but quit after two years to focus on her career online.
• Courtney is active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.
• She is single and her net worth is estimated to be $300,000.
• Courtney likes to watch movies and TV series, has a passion for animals, enjoys singing and painting, loves travelling, and exercises regularly.


Who is Courtney Miller?

Courtney Ruth Miller was born in California, USA, on 19 June 1995 – her zodiac sign is Gemini and she holds American nationality. She is a YouTuber who is perhaps best known for being a member of Smosh, which is an American comedy sketch YouTube channel.

How old is Courtney Miller?

Courtney’s age is 25 as of October 2020.

Childhood and education

Courtney was raised alongside six siblings in a Mormon family in California – she kept the details of her family hidden before finally talking about her parents in November 2018. Her mother was very strict, and Courtney was allowed to watch only the Animal Planet channel while growing up. Her parents divorced when she was 14 years old, and her mother went on to live with her partner in Utah.

Courtney attended a local high school at which she became interested in acting, and appeared in several plays, but as she had already decided to focus on obtaining a degree in medicine, she enrolled at a college but after two years chose to quit to focus on her career on the internet.

Career as a YouTuber

Courtney launched her YouTube channel on 27 May 2015, and there are currently over 330,000 people subscribed to it, while she’s gathered nearly eight million views of all her videos combined.

She is mostly focused on uploading videos of her everyday life, and two of her most popular are “I leaked my own nudes on accident | Courtney Miller” which has been viewed nearly 900,000 times since 16 November 2015, and “I vlog the Smosh fam during Smosh Summer Camp | Courtney Miller” which has been watched over 800,000 times since 3 July 2016.

Courtney is also very active on Instagram, and has gathered nearly one million followers onto her account, while she has uploaded around 1,300 pictures, mostly focused on pictures taken while she is spending time with her friends.

She is also active on Twitter, and there are around 280,000 people following her; talking about her TikTok account, there are currently around 6,000 people interested in that one.

Courtney and Smosh

In 2002, Anthony Padilla launched the website smosh.com, which made it possible for several chosen people to upload their short comedy videos onto it; a year later, Ian Hecox joined Anthony and they began working together, creating their YouTube channel on 19 November 2005. Today it’s subscribed to over 25 million people, while it counts around 9.6 billion views of all its videos combined.

Courtney Miller

Smosh was steadily gathering subscribers – two of their first video series, “That Damn Neighbor” and “Food Battle”, helped them become very popular. Their website was redesigned in 2009 as games were added to it, and many other things were changed. On 6 July 2011, Anthony and Ian launched a Spanish version of the channel entitled “El Smosh”, and it today counts around 3.8 million subscribers, and nearly one billion views of all its videos combined.

It was announced in 2015 that Courtney, Shayne Topp, Keith Leak Jr, Olivia Sui and Noah Grossman, would be joining Smosh, and they have since been featured in most of the Smosh videos.

Love life and boyfriend

Courtney is quite secretive when it comes to her love life, but it’s known that she was in a relationship with Wahlid Mohammed, who was very popular on the Vine platform before it was shut down, and who then tried to become popular on TikTok but without much luck. The two dated for several years before breaking up in May 2018 for unknown reasons. It appears that Courtney has since been single, as she hasn’t talked about any other men she might have dated, although some people believe that Courtney is dating her Smosh colleague, Shayne Topp.

There are rumors circulating the internet claiming that Courtney is lesbian – one of her fans has claimed to have seen her being rather too close to a female friend at a party. Courtney has stated herself how she used to kiss her female friends during sleepovers while she was still attending high school, but that she prefers kissing boys – she has also stated that she is not straight but doesn’t really know what she is.

As of October 2020, Courtney is single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Courtney spends most of her free time watching movies and TV series, preferring to watch animation over live-action – she likes Marvel more than DC, but is a huge fan of Wonder Woman and has had her poster on her wall for years now. Courtney’s favorite TV series is “Rick & Morty”.

She is a lover of animals and had a pet dog, Jango, but she gave it to her mother in the second half of 2018 because it was suffering from anxiety, and Courtney spent most of her time away from home.

She likes to sing and paint, and has uploaded several cover songs onto her YouTube channel.

Courtney is keen on travelling and has been to several US states, while she has been to Europe on two occasions, visiting Paris in France and Barcelona in Spain.

She is physically very active as she has several training sessions at the gym each week, and is also following a strict diet.

Height and net worth

Courtney has long blonde hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) and she weighs around 120lbs (54kgs).

As of October 2020, her net worth has been estimated at over $300,000.

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