• Gunilla Hutton was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 194•
• She gained recognition for her roles in “Petticoat Junction” and “Hee Haw”.
• She is currently living in Los Angeles, California away from the spotlight.
• She has written and performed many songs, with her most popular being “You’re Gonna Get Loved” and “See The Lady Cryin’”.
• As of April 2020, her net worth is estimated to be over $3 million.


Who is Gunilla Huttton (Hee Haw Girls) and where is she today? Wiki Bio

Gunilla Hutton was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 15 May 1942, so her zodiac sign is Taurus and she now holds both American and Swedish nationality. She is a former actress and a singer, who gained recognition after portraying Billie Jo Bradley in the sitcom “Petticoat Junction” as well as for starring in the series “Hee Haw”.

Today, Gunilla is leading a peaceful life in Los Angeles, California, away from the spotlight.

Early life and education

Gunilla was raised a single child in Fort Worth, Texas by her father who is a bus driver, and her mother who is a secretary, to where the family moved from Gothenburg when Gunilla was three. She studied at Arlington Heights High School, where she first became interested in acting and appeared in most of the school plays, while she was also physically active playing volleyball, and became interested in being a model. It is believed that Gunilla continued her education at a college, and that she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in theatre in 1964.

Career as an actress

Gunilla launched her acting career in 1963 when she appeared in the TV action adventure series “Burke’s Law”, which starred Gene Barry, Garry Conway, and Regis Toomey, and which follows the chief of detectives Amos Burke living in Los Angeles, California. After being praised for her performance, Gunilla was invited to star in the comedy series “Petticoat Junction”, also starring Edgar Buchanan and Linda Henning and follows the lives of people employed at The Shady Rest Hotel; the series lasted from 1965 to December 1966.

Gunilla Hutton

She then appeared in an episode of the legal drama series “Perry Mason” before being cast in 1969 to play a recurring character in the comedy variety show “Hee Haw”, which starred Roy Clark and Buck Owens and which follows a group of people living together and having fun, and Gunilla was shooting for the series until 1992, although it continued until 1997.

Gunilla guest starred in an episode of the comedy drama series “The Love Boat”, and in 1977 appeared in the adventure comedy series “Fantasy Island” which starred Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize and which follows people who can get whatever they want in life, and who are all visitors to a unique island located in the Pacific Ocean.

She then appeared in the comedy film “Murder Can Hurt You” in 1980.

One of her latest appearances has been in a TV commercial for “Petticoat Junction”, that aired on the MeTV broadcast network in 2015, and she has been profiled in the Kathy Garver and Fred Ascher’s book “X Child Stars: Where Are They Now” in 2016.

Career as a singer

Gunilla has written and sung many songs, but only a couple of these managed to attract attention. Her first notable songs were “You Can Say the Prettiest Things Sometimes” and “The Greatest Story Never Told” in 1972, followed by “Hot Chowchilla Dust” and “We’ve Got Old Fashioned Love” released in 1973.

In October 1974 two of her most popular songs came out, called “You’re Gonna Get Loved” and “See The Lady Cryin’”, followed by her last two notable songs “Cody” and “The End of Our Love Song” released in April 1975.

Love life and relationships

Gunilla met Allan Freeman, a businessman, while she was shooting for a TV series in 1967, and the two married after nearly three years of dating on 10 January 1970. Gunilla gave birth to their daughter Amber sometime in the ‘70s but the two later divorced due to what appears to be infidelity on Gunilla’s side.

Before meeting Allan, Gunilla had an extramarital affair for years with Nat ‘King’ Cole, a famous American singer and jazz pianist. At the time, Nat was married to Maria Cole, an American jazz singer, and they had a daughter together named Natalie. Gunilla fell in love with Nat and as an effort to destroy his marriage, she phoned Nat’s wife telling her how he was cheating on her and that she should divorce him.

Maria convinced him to stop seeing Gunilla, and Nat continued his career becoming one of the most famous and respected jazz singers and pianists in the world, however, he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1964 as he was a heavy smoker, and was given only several months to live.

Gunilla Hutton

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He decided not to listen to his doctors and continued working, releasing his final album in December 1964 just two months before he died on 15 February 1965.

Hobbies and other interests

Gunilla’s main hobby during her 20s and 30s was modelling, and she appeared in numerous magazines and commercials, while she was also physically active, going to the gym several times per week for her fitness training. She has always been taking good care of her looks, and has been following a strict diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and little to no sugar and fast food. She grew up being a fan of jazz and blues music – some of her favorite singers are B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, and Buddy Guy among others.

Gunilla likes to watch movies in her spare time, and some of her favorite actors and actresses are Elvis Presley, Will Smith and Meryl Streep, while some of her favorite movies include “Elvis: That’s the Way It Is”, “Viva Las Vegas”, and “The Pursuit of Happiness”. She enjoys reading books written by Leo Tolstoy and Virginia Woolf.

Appearance and net worth

Gunilla is 77 years old. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 134lbs (61kgs). As of April 2020, her net worth is estimated at over $3 million.

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