• Gabriel Brown transformed a career-ending injury into a successful music career
• Collaborated with his brother, Nathanael, to form Just Passin’ Through and traveled and performed all over the US
• Lead singer of the 7th Fleet Band Orient Express and Electric Brigade, earning 3 Navy Achievement Medals
• YouTube fame with original compositions and theme songs, collaborating with Michelle Creber and his brother
• Net worth estimated at over $1 million as of mid-2020


Although Gabriel Brown may have believed his future to be shattered after he was discharged from the US Navy after a grievous injury, he is proof that inspiration can be found anywhere. Gabriel was able to turn what seemed like a tragedy into an entirely new career, initially traveling as a singer for the Navy, and then shooting to YouTube fame. In a world where every neighbor’s cat has a YouTube channel, it has become increasingly difficult to find purchase in the online forum. However, Brown has excelled in bringing to life original compositions and theme songs with his musical ability.

Online he is better known as Black Gryph0n, and has often collaborated with Baasik, his younger brother.

Early Life and Family

Gabriel Brown was born on 22 February 1990, in Maryland, USA into a very musical family. This exposure to music in his youth gave him all the tools he would later need to create a career in music for himself. He and his younger brother, Nathanael, shared their love of music and started collaborating when still children. The two subsequently formed a duo called Just Passin’ Through, and performed original pieces as well as covers as they traveled and performed all over the US for eight years.


Gabriel transitioned straight from school into the military at age 18. He qualified to join the US Navy SEALS, a notoriously difficult branch to enter. Unfortunately, he broke his femur during a skydiving training session for special operations.


Military Career

After his grievous injury during training, Gabriel was offered the opportunity to train as a gunner’s mate, but he turned down the opportunity, opting instead to re-engage with his performing abilities. Once he had volunteered for the Navy choir, his talent was immediately recognized, and he was appointed as the lead singer of the 7th Fleet Band Orient Express, with whom he traveled to Yokosuka, Japan.

Gabriel Brown

He performed with the band for three years, actually singing in 12 languages. He was awarded three gold Navy Achievement Medals (NAM) for his abilities, but  they weren’t all he took away from Japan, as he also has several marks from exposure to a radiation leak.

After his work in the 7th Fleet, he was given the opportunity to be the lead vocalist for the Electric Brigade, the navy choir that performed at the White House and on various notable occasions, such as presidential inaugurations. He was eventually given an honorable discharge in 2013 after five years of service.

YouTube and Musical Career

Auspicious Beginnings

Gabriel first created his YouTube channel in late 2007, one year prior to enrolling in the military.

Although training and the military, in general, required a lot of his energy, he still made certain to remain active on his channel, posting mainly short sketches, and documenting his trips. During his time singing in Japan, he became friendly with Michelle Creber through online forums. Michelle voices Appleboom on My Little Pony (MLP) on YouTube, and this triggered a long-lasting friendship and collaboration.

Once he was discharged from the military, Brown threw himself fully into his musical career and his Black Gryph0n persona. After he released an MLP fan version of “Beat It” (Michael Jackson), he amassed dozens of followers – predominantly MLP fans.

He continued to collaborate with Michelle, and relocated to Vancouver to pursue a career in voice acting.

Musical Success

Although he was not very successful as a voice artist, mainly landing uncredited, small roles, his composition and singing ability was soon recognized – what had once been a creative hobby turned into a sturdy career. Gabriel Brown began singing on soundtracks and creating theme tunes, starting with “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” in 2015, and then “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures” from 2013 until 2016. He also voiced a minor character in the 2016 “Finding Dory”. Gabriel also wrote and directed “Kristoff and Schlof” from 2014 to 2017 – a series that featured him and Michelle Creber.

Concurrent with his rising fame on YouTube and in the film industry, Gabriel Brown continued to collaborate with his brother, who operates under the pseudonym ‘Baasik’, and together they released their first album “IMmortal”. He also created music with Michelle, and the two released three, very well received, albums: “Tribute”, “Getting Stronger”, and “At Home” which features various Creber relatives. He also returned to his musical family origins, and released an album featuring his family which he called “Space”.

Over the years, his YouTube fame has burgeoned into a steady following that numbers over 4.5 million subscribers. In 2019, he released a video compilation of his various impressions entitled “One Guy, 54 Voices” which became one of the most viewed videos on YouTube with 115 million views.

Black Gryph0n now enjoys a global following and fandom, nurtured on original content and endless creativity.

Personal Life

Gabriel does not appear to be in any type of relationship – if he is, he has managed to keep it very private. He is very active on Twitter, and loves to engage with his fans and followers, discussing everything from perspectives on violence to music and diversity, He nurses a fascination and love for space and space technology. He has even built a miniature, but fully functional rocket launcher, and experiments with bouncing lasers off celestial bodies.


Gabriel Brown has blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. While he is usually clean-shaven, he occasionally sports marginal stubble. He is muscular, a contributing factor to his military career, and attractive. He has an extremely expressive face, and can adopt any persona from goofy to deadly serious. Gabriel Brown is 5ft 6ins (1.70m) tall and weighs 160lbs (73kgs).

Net Worth and Salary

Like many YouTubers, Brown earns a substantial sum for his monetized videos and content. He and Michelle Creber also have an online store where they sell apparel and other items for their extensive fan base. He also earns the royalties from his music albums and compositions.

As of mid-2020, his net worth is estimated to exceed $1 million.

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