• Andy Baraghani is a food journalist and cook, best known for his work with Bon Appetit magazine.
• He has an estimated net worth of over $1million.
• He struggled with his sexuality as a child and experienced bullying due to his femininity.
• He is of Iranian descent and had to hide this for a time after 9/1•
• He is now an established social media star and is single with an interest in photography.


Who is Andy Baraghani?

Andisheh Baraghani was born on 27 November 1989, in the United States of America, and is a food journalist as well as a cook, best known for his work in the prestigious food-focused magazine “Bon Appetit”, serving as the company’s senior food editor. His fame with the publication has translated to fame online, as he became a highly followed individual on social media.

The Riches of Andy Baraghani

As of early-2020, Andy Baraghani’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career in the culinary industry.

While he no longer works professionally as a chef, he’s earned significant income from writing about food, and his online fame has also opened numerous opportunities for him.

Early Life and Struggled with Sexuality

Andy grew up in an Iranian family – at a young age he apparently struggled with his sexual identity. As far as he was concerned, his only love was for food which was sparked in him by his mother’s passion for cooking. He learned various Persian recipes at home, and started cooking during his preteens.

As the years progressed he developed more skills, and ventured into more luxurious and technical cooking. He studied cookbooks, and made dinners that were very difficult to create. As a child, he proved different to other boys – he had a soft demeanor about him, and wasn’t interested in sports in any way. He made a lot of friends who were girls, but had no desire to kiss them. This led to a lot of bullying during his youth, often chased by other boys. He experienced being locked in a bathroom, and became accustomed to running away from possible beatings. He didn’t know the term at first, but he later realized that he was gay.

Andy Baraghani

Struggles as an Iranian

Baraghani later left to attend a new school, and found a new start. He began hiding his sexuality, learning to become more masculine and not giving away his inclinations as he did when he was younger. During high school, he began learning from several professional kitchens where he worked in small roles to improve his culinary skills. One of his earliest experiences proved inspirational, as he worked in a kitchen that didn’t discriminate in gender, headed by a gay chef.

Things started turning for the worse once more in his life after the terrorist attacks of September 11.

People looked at Middle Easterners, including himself, with a lot more scrutiny, which meant that he had to hide the fact that he loved Persian food, and lied about being of Persian descent, stating that he was only half to avoid any conflict. He began working in the culinary field after graduating from college, and worked in kitchens while also writing about his love for food. Many years later, he would open up once more about his heritage, after he wrote an article for the publication “Saveur” which showcased his life in Iranian cooking. At the time, he was working as an intern for the company.

Opening Up and Bon Appetit

By the time Andy was a young adult, he was already confident in his orientation and his career. He first admitted to his mother that he was gay, to which she wholeheartedly supported him. She kept the secret for over a year as he was not ready to tell his father, but eventually opening up to him, talking to him about how he was dating men, which his father accepted him. Historically, the two had trouble communicating with one another.

His biggest job came when he was offered a chance to work for the publication “Bon Appetit”. It is a monthly magazine that offers various types of culinary content from recipes, ideas, and reviews.

The publication has been in existence since the 1950s, and has found a resurgence through interest in their digital presence. He quickly made his way up the ranks of the company, and became their senior editor. He was responsible for writing and editing content, contributing to both print and digital platforms. With his help, the publication would found a home channel on YouTube.

Social Media Star

His participation online and in print helped with his career significantly, as he quickly became one of the most recognized talents in the company. His social media accounts such as his Instagram gained hundreds of thousands of followers; many noted him for having a lot of attractive qualities, especially for gay men. He had the physique, good skin, and an amazing talent for both writing as well as cooking.

He began being featured in publications, as well as using his online platform to talk more about food. He also incorporated other aspects of his life such as travel and lifestyle. Apart from his work with “Bon Appetit”, he held a job as the editor for the company Tasting Table for around a year – the company focuses on drink and food, and produces a newsletter which he managed during his time there. In 2017, he created the program called Healthyish which is a part of “Bon Appetit”, the goal of which is to bring light towards healthier options when it comes to food. He’s since built a community with many interested in this food lifestyle. Healthyish also has a significant following online, including on Instagram.

Personal Life

Andy has admitted to having relationships in the past, though does not share many details. His first relationship happened when he was a young adult, and at the time it felt like they were going to be together forever; however, things eventually ended as most first relationships do. It is believed that he is single as there are no signs of him currently dating or being in a relationship.

Apart from writing, he also has an interest in photography, having developed this skill so that he could take great pictures of the food he prepares.

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