• Erin Angle is the wife of actor Jon Bernthal and has a net worth estimated to be over $2.5 million.
• She grew up in Pittsburgh and studied nursing at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
• Her husband, Jon Bernthal, is of Jewish descent and is known for his roles in “The Walking Dead”, “The Punisher”, “Baby Driver”, “Ford v Ferrari”, and “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
• She and Jon have been married since 2010 and have three children.
• Erin is the niece of retired professional wrestler Kurt Angle.


Who is Erin Angle?

Erin Angle was born on 14 February 1976, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, and is a nurse, but best recognized publicly for being the wife of actor Jon Bernthal. Her husband is known for his fame in the entertainment industry, working in various high profile television and film roles. Some of his most notable projects include “The Walking Dead”, “The Punisher”, “Baby Driver”, “Ford v Ferrari”, and “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

The Riches of Erin Angle

As of mid-2020, Erin Angle’s net worth is estimated to be over $2.5 million, earned through a successful career in the medical profession.

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While she’s earned good pay from her work, she probably benefits from the success of her husband too, as Bernthal has a net worth estimated to be over $8 million.

Early Life, Education, and Career

Erin grew up in Pittsburgh, and at a young age set her sights on a career in the medical field. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she took up a degree in nursing. After completing her degree in 1998, she began working at the Georgetown University Medical Center as a trauma nurse.

She later continued her studies, enrolling at the University of Southern California to complete a master’s degree in anesthesiology; developing a specialization and increasing her skillset would mean a big increase in salary. While working on her master’s, she also served on the staff of the University of South California Hospital. She continued working in the trauma sector, but eventually moved away from work following her marriage to Bernthal. She focused on supporting her husband and raising their children behind the scenes, often appearing in the filming of several of his projects.

Husband – Jon Bernthal

Jon was born in Washington, DC, and is of Jewish descent. His father worked as a lawyer while he also had lineage within the performing arts with his grandfather working as a musician. He grew up alongside two brothers who would pursue vastly different interests. His family later moved and settled in Cabin John, Maryland, where he attended the nearby Sidwell Friends School. At the time, he wasn’t spectacularly academic, and was often referred to as a troublemaker during his youth. After matriculating from high school, he moved to New York to study at Skidmore College, but eventually dropped out.

He then pursued an interest in acting, following the encouragement of a teacher. He moved to Russia and joined the prestigious Moscow Art Theatre, while also earning a bit of money by joining a professional baseball team, serving as a catcher over the next few years. During his time at the performing arts school, he was discovered by a theatre director from Harvard University who helped him get a start later on in New York City. He initially moved there to participate in stage plays, performing in mainly off-Broadway productions.

Rise to Fame – Jon Bernthal

After appearing in over 30 productions, Bernthal moved to television, cast in guest roles in projects such as “How I Met Your Mother”, “Boston Legal”, and “CSI: Miami”.

Jon Bernthal

In 2006, seeing more opportunities for on-screen work in Los Angeles, he moved there and gained a regular role in the sitcom “The Class”, but which was short-lived as it was canceled after a season. Even then, he continued gaining work thanks to the opportunities in LA, and appeared in films such as “World Trade Center” and “Day Zero”. He also had regular roles in shows such as “Eastwick” and the miniseries “The Pacific”, which aired on HBO.

In 2009, he achieved his breakthrough after he was cast in the television adaptation of “The Walking Dead” in which he portrayed Shane Walsh.

A lot of people came to know him in this role as he was given a lot of exposure thanks to liberties the show took in differentiating itself from its source content. After the end of his run with the show in 2013, he continued taking other projects, becoming a prominent supporting character in “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”, “Mob City”, “The Ghost Writer”, and “Small Engine Repair”.

Recent Projects – Jon Bernthal

In 2013, Jon started a string of highly successful film projects, further establishing himself as a star in the industry. He worked on the Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, and also alongside Brad Pitt in “Fury”, being praised for his performance along with the other cast members.

In 2015, he worked on the film “Sicario” alongside Emily Blunt, and the film won numerous awards and added to his ever-growing resume. During the same year, he was cast as a recurring character in the Netflix series “Daredevil”, portraying the Marvel Comics character The Punisher. His performance was commended, and it led to a spin-off show named after his character, which was also praised.

Despite the success of the Netflix Marvel shows, they were later canceled. Following its end, he returned to film, showing versatility with dramatic roles and independent film projects. In 2019, he played the role of business magnate Lee Iacocca in the film “Ford v Ferrari”, which depicted the car company Ford’s venture into the racing world to try and topple Ferrari’s success.

The film also served as an autobiographical piece centering on the life of the late Ken Miles and his partner, automobile designer Carroll Shelby.

Personal Life

Erin married Jon in 2010, and the two have been together since, and have three children. Bernthal recalls a time where they nearly broke up, just after he had moved to Los Angeles with her in tow. The two met during a party in New York and lived together for some time. He made a few mistakes while in L.A. that drove them apart, though he worked to win her back, bringing her to concern and convincing singer Willie Nelson to dedicate a song to them.

She is the niece of retired professional wrestler Kurt Angle who is known for his time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Due to this association, Kurt is also acquainted with Jon.

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