• Emily Trebek is the daughter of Alex Trebek, the long-term host of “Jeopardy!”
• Emily has an older brother, Matthew, who opened a Mexican restaurant “Oso” in 2015
• Emily graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2015 with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, and has since become an interior designer
• Emily has appeared in a special episode of “Jeopardy!”, and co-founded E&S Interiors with her fellow interior designer Sam Schwarze
• Emily’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000 and she is set to inherit some of her family’s property


Emily Trebek is mostly known for being the daughter of Alex Trebek, the long-term host of “Jeopardy!”, the popular US TV show produced by Sony Pictures Television.

Early life and family

Emily Trebek was born in 1993, in Southern California USA. She holds American nationality. Her zodiac sign is unknown since her precise date of birth is still kept low-key. Emily is the younger daughter of Alex Trebek and his second wife Jean Currivan Trebek, a former assignment supervisor and Real Estate project manager. Emily has an older brother, Matthew, who was born in 1990.

Matthew is quite a closed person, and he is not active on social media platforms, however, in 2015 his name got into the headlines of several tabloids, as he opened his own Mexican restaurant “Oso”, located in Harlem, New York City, with Emily, Jean and Alex appearing at the grand opening of the restaurant. Matthew’s mother is said to have invested an amount of money into her son’s restaurant to make the opening possible. Jean also helped Emily to take her first steps in her interior design career.

Father, Alex Trebek

Emily’s father was born as George Alexander Trebek, on 22 July 1940, in Sudbury, Ontario Canada.

The son of a Ukrainian immigrant, chef George Edward Trebek, and a Franco-Ontarian, Lucille Lagacé, Alex grew up in the house where multiple languages were spoken. He got his first job at 13, in the hotel where his father worked as a chef; Alex worked as a bellhop. After graduating from the University of Ottawa in 1961, Alex started his TV career with the program “Music Hop”. In 1973 Alex moved to New York, starting work as a host of “The Wizard of Odds” TV game show. Later he hosted such popular game shows and TV programs as “Jeopardy!”, “Wheel of Fortune”, “To Tell the Truth”, and many others.

Alex Trebek

In 2019 Alex was diagnosed with the fourth stage of pancreatic cancer, and had to quit hosting “Jeopardy!”, however, he returned to his work after undergoing a treatment course and feeling better.

Mother, Jean Currivan Trebek

Emily’s mother, Jean Currivan Trebek, was born on 3 September 1963, in Huntington, New York State USA. In 1982 she matriculated from the Harborfields High School, enrolling at some local college. After her graduation, Jean worked as a real estate project manager, becoming a valuable member of the company. Later she became a member of the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science, also holding the position of President of the Board of Trustees, and as of 2020, she has overall responsibility for the organization’s management.

Jean has recently posted a short blog article about her daughter, Emily, stating that she is her true hero, as Emily donated hundreds of sandwiches to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The workers of the center have been working hard, fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, so Emily felt happy just knowing that after a hard working day, the doctors and nurses would have a nice dinner waiting for them. ‘The quote, ‘Happiness is found in helping others’ is definitely true for me’, Emily shared her feelings.

Educational background

Emily matriculated from her local private high school in Southern California in 2011, then enrolled at Loyola Marymount University, graduating in four years with a BA in Psychology and Philosophy in 2015.

Nevertheless, Emily’s passion for decorating, building and repairing was so strong, that she passed some courses and became an interior designer.


In 2017 Emily appeared in the special episode of her father’s TV show, “Jeopardy!”, to tell the story of her warm relationship with her dad, Alex. She shared that he took her with him to see him doing all work at home, including carpentry, fixing sprinklers, solving electrical issues, etc. Emily admitted that his passion for doing everything by himself inspired her to start her career in the sphere of flipping houses.

The story appeared on TV in the special episode on Father’s Day.

As of 2020, Emily has obtained some strong experience in such fields as property development, residential design, etc. She works as a real estate manager in Los Angeles, the most prospective areas being the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, the Hollywood Hills, Brentwood, etc.

Emily is also the co-founder of E&S Interiors, along with her fellow interior designer Sam Schwarze. Emily works as a builder and designer in her company.

Personal life

Emily hasn’t revealed any details about her private life, so there is no information on her previous or current relationship.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Emily’s favorite hobby is cooking; she likes spending time in her kitchen, trying new dishes and serving meals for the whole family, as her parents often visit her house. She also likes skiing, swimming, dancing and listening to music.

Appearance, clothing style

Emily has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5ft 7ins (1.70m) tall and weighs around 145lbs (66kgs); her vital statistics are not available. Emily doesn’t have any tattoos. As to her clothing style, she prefers dark shades in her outfits, wearing a lot of black turtleneck sweaters, tops, etc.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Emily’s net worth is reported as over $500,000, while her father’s fortune is quite impressive.

Alex Trebek has accumulated a net worth estimated at $75 million, now earning around $18 million per year. The Trebeks own multiple residences, including a 10,000 square-foot mansion located in Studio City, California, which the family purchased for $2.15 million in 1991. They also owned a horse ranch of 724 acres in rural Creston, California, which they sold for $10 million in 2005. In 2016, Alex Trebek listed another house: a lake home of 30 acres, located in Nacimiento, California, which he bought for $1.4 million. Emily is probably going to inherit at least some of her family property.

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